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  1. I'm in the same situation. Definitely smells like buggerinos in here
  2. Blib

    About the ZK Transfer

    Why is a GM actively derailing a sensible topic like this, with unresourceful garbage for cheap laughs? Farming shit is easier on ZK due to the population. Should they really be rewarded for choosing the seemingly easy path/bad investment? Anyone with half a brain shoulda seen it coming that ZK would be the first to "die". I'm not saying strip their chars naked or anything like that, but there definitely shouldn't be any benefit to get from taking the easy path or not playing it smart.
  3. Looking forward to your pvp montage, you absolute madman
  4. No wonder you're broke, If you're using your gold on wizard oil while leveling
  5. Lol? Do you honestly expect a positive reaction after you do people dirty? Nice backwards rationalization. With that logic you can justify any type of slimy behaviour.
  6. If you're gonna take an unpopular stance on a topic, at least own it 100%. This "I was totally gonna give it to you, but then you were mean to me :((" shit is weak.
  7. Can't believe you bothered writing all this stuff because of a "hunch"
  8. It's not a bug, the runes are from AQ patch and most of the other stuff is in BWL patch
  9. Is this your way of owning it? loool "I was drunk, so it doesn't count" is the most hollow excuse ever and should only be used by chicks when they hooked up with a guy and don't want their lame friends judging them, not by a grown man. You took a calculated risk when you bought the gold and it backfired. Even though i don't agree with it, I can see why someone might be tempted to do it, why not just leave it at that instead of making these desperate bitch moves to save face? Most people see straight through the bullshit anyways.
  10. Do you honestly expect people to sit through 10 minutes of you ranting on about a topic, I assume you have no secret insider knowledge on? lol
  11. Guys show some fucking respect, he is a veteran.
  12. Blib

    [POLL] Need vs Greed

    Need and Delete on everything to keep inflation down
  13. What creative process did you go through to come up with such an innovative name?
  14. This thread makes me contemplate deleting my chars on old nost, being exposed to this amount of second hand beta faggotry can't be healthy
  15. You convinced me, HAES have my vote
  16. You got banned for breaking the rules, not because some GM is out to get you. +1 for relevant name though, stay bent.
  17. Are you related to duki the killer? I've heard he is the mightiest paladin in Azeroth
  18. Blib

    DM E not farmable any more?

    This is why "muh memory" isn't a credible source after 10 years Yea it's sped up a bit, but they're obviously running pretty fast, unlike on nost where they were barely moving before the fix. Every script improvement isn't some elaborate plan the staff makes to fuck up your gold gain.
  19. Blib

    Server First Loremaster!

    Why are you getting defensive about a title that you don't have, because it doesn't exist? lmao
  20. Leaked personal information... It's their fucking e-mails lmfao. "Ha! Got your e-mail, you better watch out cuz I'm coming for your ass" - said no one ever. Even if it was personal information, they kinda had it coming if they cared so little about their info that they would trust a shady ass website like that to care enough to keep it safe. The law won't save you from your own stupidity
  21. Time->XP->Gold vs Time->Gold whats the difference? It's essentially the same thing as conventional farming, unless your plan is to make the XP to gold trade far more lucrative than any of the other gold farming methods, in which case you're gonna fuck the economy up worse than any chinaman can btw what would stop the gold farmers from using this method as well? dogshit idea tbh mate
  22. If you spent your time on grinding instead of leveling herbalism without mount, you would have been past 40 with enough gold to buy it. You live and you learn m8
  23. Blib

    Where is Nano?

    Nano was like the only staff member I remember checking in during our BWL test runs aswell #FREENANO
  24. Blib

    Server First Loremaster!

    If you betray the gelkis and grind rep with the magram, won't you be able to do their quests aswell? No achievement for you dog