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  1. Matt45

    Can't see loot rolls

    That is checked, first thing i tried.
  2. Matt45

    Can't see loot rolls

    I have lost my ability to see loot rolls :( I recently installed 2 addons: Luna unit frames and Z-Bar w/ Bongos. However when I uninstalled them the problem was still there. Any ideas? Other Addons: Questie Atlas package Auctioneer and Bigwigs
  3. Matt45

    PW change

    Hey that worked, thank you! I am also having a problem with Duo Mobile but will make a different post for that.
  4. Matt45

    PW change

    A game master has told me to change my PW and download 2FA. When I go to control panel and click PW change it sends an email to my account but when I click the email it just directs me back to the same page with no option to change my PW. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Matt45

    Cannot see Loot rolls

    I can on longer see Need/Greed Rolls in a party or a raid. My addons are Bigwigs, Luna, Zbar, and Gather. I have tried deleting all addons and re-installing and the problem wont go away. Any ideas?
  6. Matt45

    AP, Crit, and Hit

    Some time back I found this spreadsheet on Nostalrius showing your pre-BIS https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j81TgG0p_HrYKajiUiQfYIoSUx1culzy2u_Fc4wtiS8/htmlview?sle=true# I play a hunter and I have been following it but I have begun to question it a little. Exactly how much CRIT% and HIT do you need before you should just focus on accumulating Agility and AP. Thanks.
  7. Matt45

    Screecher Spirits

    Update, I dismounted and he suddenly appeared. So never mind.
  8. Matt45

    Screecher Spirits

    The quest giver for this is located in Steamweedle Port and she has disappeared. No one can turn the quest in to get the next part which is in ZF.
  9. Matt45

    Auto Pet Abilties

    @Fisher Thank you for that explanation it was very helpful!
  10. Matt45

    Auto Pet Abilties

    So I just got claw rank 4 on my cat, now I have Bite | Growl | Claw on my action bar. Before getting Claw my Bite would go off every time like a clock but now that I have Claw set to Auto (right click) my bite will not go off once it is up. My Growl is unaffected by this. Is there some way to make it so my Bite goes off once it is up?
  11. Matt45

    "Disconnected from Server"

    Changing the DNS got me in but now it is stuck at logging into server.
  12. Matt45

    Hunters and Racials

    Hi, I started playing just before BC and only a little of Wrath, didn't like how the game was going. I am so happy the Elysium Project is almost live but I have a question for the Vanilla experts. I am horde side player and I want to make a hunter to start out. I know the Troll is the best MM, bow specialization, and the Orc is good for BM because of the pet racial, but what about the Survivalist? Was the Survivalist utilized much in Raiding? Going to roll an Orc or Troll and I am just trying to make up my mind.
  13. Matt45

    Disconnected from the server.

    very cool, thanks for the reply
  14. Matt45

    Disconnected from the server.

    none of them say .exe. There is "Launcher" and there is "WoW" so I am assuming I should be using "WoW" I thought this got me into the stress test server?
  15. Matt45

    Disconnected from the server.

    I am having the same issue. I downloaded the game and extracted it to my program files. I then changed the name of "realmlsit.wtf" to "set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org" I am also getting the disconnect from server message. When I click on manage account to make sure my logon is right it takes me to battlenet. Also, not sure if this means anything, one of the launchers in the folder takes me to Legion's log on :/