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  1. Not if you were a vanilla hunter who actually used Zin'rok.
  2. Software

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    So instead of you "throwing away" time on your main, you'd ask a huge portion of the Darrowshire population to "throw away" their experience? Many like me simply wouldn't play any more if this happened. Cool. The fact is, many of us like a small population, and we don't all want to play on ridiculously unrealistic megaservers with 7000+ people. That's not my issue that you decided to roll there and are too stubborn to make a new character.
  3. Software

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    You could, you know, just go play on the other servers.
  4. A valid point, but only to a degree. It's not 100% true. It's only partly true. The point I'm making is that there are a lot of players who play on PvE realms, and simply won't play or donate anything at all without one, because I (get this) don't want to play with the majority of you.
  5. I keep seeing the argument about splitting the community. Stop it. It's not valid. Many players like myself simply don't play if there's not a PvE server. The alternative isn't what I'm looking for. It doesn't matter how you attempt to rationalize it "Oh, well the ganking isn't that bad! There are flying mounts which kill world PvP!" Stop it. I don't care. I'm not interested in playing on a PvP realm at all. Not since retail.
  6. How do those players get into karazhan without doing those heroics?
  7. What makes you think they won't do at least two separate servers? At the very least, there will two. One PvE and one PvP.
  8. Agreed. A LOT of players skip green quests because they think they aren't worth doing. They still give xp and they're so much easier to do as well. Never skip green quests unless it's a single quest in a zone very far out of your way.
  9. I'm a bit foggy on the exact time before it's considered against the tos, but I do vaguely remember it being upwards of 24 hours.
  10. I don't want exploits in game. I do however want consistency with changes and fixes. I don't want changes based on "blizzard just never got around to it" unless that applies universally. DM trib runs were 100% solo farmable by hunters in retail, yet it's not any more here. That doesn't fly Hudson.
  11. You sound like you belong on the retail forums with a post like that, pal. You've added nothing to this thread. Go away, turd.
  12. If it wasn't fixed until Cataclysm on retail WoW, the team here shouldn't touch it. Assuming they want that "blizzlike" experience. They need to stop cherry picking shit like this. It needs to be all or none.
  13. "Working as intended... if you have evidence blah blah, submit a bug report elsewhere bla blah" Closed topic
  14. It was terribly slow even on Darrowshire last time I ran out to farm herbs. People will chime in with "well...that's how it was in vanilla!" and "people don't want to work for things! they think everything should just be given to them..." but those people are idiots. As a vanilla herbalist, I know the spawn timers are not accurate.