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  1. can you give us the link where the devs said this please? ill my searching isnt coming up with anything about wat u said. instead, all the researching is suggesting u cant buy the items once u derank..
  2. about the items; https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7323 seems the general idea is that the blue sets you will have to grind again to purchase the new sets but the epics will change automatically?? can we get an admin to confirm this?
  3. im 99% sure thats not correct. your title will stay forever so ppl will be able to see your highest rank, but if you go to the vendor and try to buy the item, it will say something like you dont have the required (current) rank to purchase this item.
  4. say for example if i get rank 10 with full blue pvp set, after the patch comes out that will change the blue set statistics, will my items I HAVE ON change automatically without me having to grind to rank 10 all over again to buy the "new" blue set? what ever the answer to that is, will it be the same for the epic set at rank 13? i hope the answer is the stats will change automaically. if we have to grind all over again to buy the new adjusted sets, what is the point of grinding so much right now? when ur gonna have to vendor them in the end? if we have to grind all over again, might as well just pve until the new set comes out.
  5. shibse

    Clearcasting and Arcane Missiles

    41% proc with arcane missiles. I loled in rl
  6. shibse

    Elemental spec for both pvp and raiding

    this is the elemental build i would go; http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#oZVgGzc0uZVVr0obth mainly relying on the instant casts, and scorch in between with rank 1 frost bolt (with improved frost bolt) for slowing ppl. but i really think u need a lot of gear to pull off an elemental spec.. without the ice barrier and no gear, ur gonna get rekt by everyone. and for pvp i really dont think u need hit chance right? get [crit % > dmg > stam] for pvp, for elemental i think. u really need dem fire spells to crit
  7. noooooooo everyone roll horde kthanx
  8. ive already stopped playing on the old servers, gonna just wait for the new one to come out. but i feel if it starts too late and everyone are back at work/school they're not gonna have enough time to get into it to get hooked into it.. i dunno why there is a delay to "maintain" the old server population, from reading the general chat while i was playing, general thoughts were the ppl who have already put a lot of time into the realm were gonna stay while fresh ppl who got on the hype train (like me) from all the publicity were all eager to start on the fresh realm. its not like we're gonna play for 3-4 weeks and reach a mediocre level and decide to stick with this realm... i can already see the hype train fading as time passes
  9. shibse

    which rank of nova to use?

    so as a frost mage, in pvp (mostly, but same goes for pve), what disadvantage would you get by using rank 1 nova instead of the max level? i mean the damage difference will be negligible, is there a difference in duration of disable? or difference in spell penetration? the advantage i can think of would be less mana u would need to use to cast?
  10. is the fresh server eta still 3-4 weeks away? ive tried lurking around the official announcements but no news on it >.<
  11. i was thinking of playing horde, please let us know before the server opens which faction the guild will be on so i can choose accordingly~