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  1. We’ll since they are apparently going to speed up Elysium’s timeline I think this suggestion should be implemented. One of the biggest flaws with the current timeline is nearly every guild has the content on farm status for months before new content comes out which doesn’t give a blizzlike experience at all. Instead of having this huge gap of the time between new content, new content should be released based on the server first final boss kills like described in the OP. This will make the realm feel more blizzlike because back in 2006 you didn’t have nearly every guild clearing all the content equally, you had a spread of guilds with varying progression. I think that’s one of the things that made vanilla wow fun was trying to reach that status of being one of the few guilds that could clear all content. Unfortunately, on Elysium (and old Nost) the timeline is too slow and instead you have all the guilds basically on equal footing when new content is released which I’m sure some people like but it isn’t blizzlike to have most of the guilds killing nef/cthun for months before AQ/Naxx come out. If the goal is to make the realm feel like how a 2006 realm felt then you should release content faster otherwise you just have these long gaps of every guild farming the current content. I guarantee you an AQ40 server first would mean so much more if guilds didn’t have 9 months of basically getting full BIS from BWL (which didn’t exist on retail vanilla because guilds didn’t have time to farm nef that long before AQ came out). Some people think making the timeline faster is going to kill the server. Maybe it does but maybe it doesn’t, we honestly have no proof either way since a server this massive has never gotten to Naxx. I personally think playing on the Naxx patch is the most fun patch to play on in vanilla WoW. I don’t really see a lot of people quitting until something like TBC comes out. An important thing to consider is people generally play vanilla wow because it is a very social game, you make friends with other players and I think most players will keep playing for that social experience that doesn’t exist in retail wow anymore. If people cared so much about “new” content then they’d probably be playing retail since that content is actually new. Either way Elysium may eventually die but even if that happens they can create a fresh vanilla realm and do it all over again. I don’t think these legacy servers are only worth playing one time and never again. People enjoy the journey and I’d say making a faster timeline only enhancing that journey. I think everyone can agree content droughts are more likely to burn people out than keep them engaged.
  2. quasexort

    Spell Penetration Sources

    https://web.archive.org/web/20071212234737/http://elitistjerks.com:80/f31/t18441-mage_sweet_informational_thread/ https://web.archive.org/web/20130811112339/http://elitistjerks.com/f80/t17008-pve_raiding_compendium/ These are from TBC but it's basically the same for vanilla. Quotes from these two threads. "With a few notable exceptions (Felhunters in Hyjal, Supremus vs Fire, and Illidari Council) enemies have no resistances above 75. Therefore spell penetration is considered useless in PVE in the majority of fights." "Spell penetration is of almost no value at all, it's primarily a pvp stat." There's no proof at all that bosses had 145 resists to all. I guess if you want to do research to disprove this you can try to watch naxx videos and see how often casters are getting partial resists and see if that lines up with the boss having 145 resist.
  3. I don’t see how you can compare going for rank 13 when AQ is out to doing MC when AQ is out. Plenty of new players will do MC even when AQ is out but the only people who would even consider going for rank 13 are hardcore players. Hardcore players are extremely likely to be in a guild that can do AQ so there’s really no reason to go for rank 13 if you can get t2.5 which is my point. You guys believe the only way to make pvp alive and active is to give gear incentives but those incentives don’t really matter when AQ comes out so in your eyes pvp dies with AQ regardless of whether or not they update the gear. Like I said above, if you want an active community to pvp all you really have to do is get rid of the gate between pvp and pve which is the gold you have to spend to respec. If they made respecs 5g then anyone who wants to pvp for fun after raiding can easily afford to do it and now you have your active pvp community. I think a large portion of the community actually enjoy doing BGs with or without the gear incentive it’s just a majority of the people who are level 60 raid. The only way you can raid and pvp is by spending gold to respec and a lot of people just don’t want to spend gold to do it so they just don’t pvp that much.
  4. How would upgrading pvp gear now have any impact on pvp being alive or dead when AQ comes out. I mean regardless of if they update the gear now or later no one is going to rank for the armor if they can do AQ and get t2.5 way easier so I don't see why you think upgrading pvp now is going to help pvp when AQ comes out. I don't agree with your thought process either. I think a majority of people who queue for BGs do it because they actually like doing BGs, sure they don't do BGs 16 hours a day but I don't think you need a select group of people doing BGs 16 hours a day to have an active pvp community. Truthfully if they really want to increase pvp activity when AQ/Naxx come out on Elysium they should reduce the respec cost even further, maybe even Kronos style 5g. Raiders just aren't going to pvp that much when there's a cost associated with it.
  5. I really like the enable world buffs during DMF week only idea. One of the biggest problems with these private servers is trying to tune the content so that it gives the same blizzlike feel. The problem is if you make the bosses harder by buffing HP / other custom changes they end up requiring world buffs to kill which hurts casual guilds the most. I remember when they made C’thun harder, it didn’t really affect the top guilds that much but it made it so casual guilds would have a very hard time killing it. I think disabling world buffs is the best way to make content feel more blizzlike. I’ve really enjoyed doing Naxx without world buffs because it feels challenging. I think if they permanently reenable world buffs the game will get boring real fast, and will have a negative effect on the raiding community long term.
  6. Is there even a difference between 1.11 talents (Naxx patch) and 1.12.1 talents? Pretty sure by the time naxx came out the talent trees were in their final state and didn't get changed until patch 2.0.
  7. quasexort


    If you play hunter I think you have to have binds so you can kite well. Pretty hard to kite when you can't jump, spin, shoot, spin back around, and keep running forward. Requires you to use the mouse to turn and if you are clicking you can't do that since you're using the mouse to click.
  8. Maybe they could enable world buffs during DMF week and disable them when it’s not DMF week, seems like a good compromise to keep both sides happy. I think if one of their goals is to make content challenging like how it was in actual retail vanilla then this change seems like a very good way to achieve that goal.
  9. quasexort

    AQ40 Fire Mage PvE specs

    Can respec or do low damage. I do BWL with fire spec and do low damage on bosses but it doesn't really matter if the bosses still dies. Also fire is pretty good on trash in BWL.
  10. quasexort

    Arcane Spirit Power (exploiting the 5 Second Rule)

    What is the purpose of this spec? You say PvE but PvE can mean anything. Is it for grinding mobs, or doing dungeons, or raiding, or all of these? I don’t see this spec being good at all for raiding compared to the cookie cutter builds.
  11. If you think it will significantly shorten the lifespan of the server then you basically agree that people don’t want to go slow. Anyway, I don’t agree that it will shorten the lifespan. The only thing that will affect the lifespan of the server is opening a new server. Right now, anyone who wants to play vanilla WoW has basically one option, Elysium PvP. There won’t be a shortage of players until something new comes out to attract players away from Elysium PvP. Players who want to go slow, like yourself, can still go slow if new content is released. I honestly don’t think people want to go slow. But even if they do, you can continue farming MC/BWL for as long as you want. New patches don’t take away old content so if you and your guild truly enjoy taking it slow then I see no reason why you can’t continue that.
  12. I’m curious, how does releasing content faster affect the people who “actually enjoy taking it slowly”? If you enjoy taking it slowly can’t you just continue doing that? You aren’t forced to do new content if you aren’t ready for it.
  13. Yeah but caster t2 doesn't get updated until AQ
  14. Guess it depends on the class but caster t0 has no damage stats at all so it's clearly worse than the lvl 58 blue set. Also the caster t2 is awful right now and doesn't get updated until AQ, yet I don't see any threads asking for them to update it even though by the time AQ is released caster t2 will be obsolete. It feels like if they update pvp gear now then the whole progressive itemization philosophy becomes inconsistent. Couldn't someone just say why not add the patch 1.10 dungeon items since by the time patch 1.10 hits they will be mostly useless since most lvl 60s will have done MC/BWL/ZG/AQ40/AQ20 and not worth the time investment to acquire? Why would anyone get the updated dungeon gear at that point, whereas if they released it now it would be way more useful. Or do we only do custom itemization progression for pvp items and not dungeon items which have a far greater affect on the player base since only like ~0.1% of the population will get to rank 10+? I think what they originally planned on doing was updating the pvp gear 2 weeks after AQ is released which seems like a good solution. I know in order to be blizzlike it's suppose to get updated in 1.11 but I think updating it shortly after AQ has pretty much zero impact on pve and the updated rank 13 pvp gear is more on par with t2.5 than it is for t2, especially since caster t2 doesn't get updated until AQ patch.