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  1. you know whats competitive about pvp on elysium? that you need to know chinese or someone who speaks it if you want to rank up past 12 f*** your pvp system , you are just a loot w*** acting all righteous , like its all about "pvp community" LOL luckily your cries fall on deaf ears added to ignore list
  2. leave it blizzlike lets make aq progression even easier by giving all those r14 weapons and gear they were suppose to have AFTER AQ no i dont think so
  3. just got confirmation from Pottu that http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21309-WorldofEnhancedWarcraftENB.html is allowed
  4. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21309-WorldofEnhancedWarcraftENB.html this is looks way better than the sweet fx presets to me - especially the spell effects - but there was a topic of someone getting banned for it https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/27810-divineenb-allowed/ i msged pottu about it not sure if he can confirm or deny
  5. szuszak


    Cya - dont let the door hit you on the way out. great change
  6. doctor druid for druids - has option that when you press keybind it will cast inervate - whisper a player getting inervated and announce in raid , does the same with rebirth but it can be bypassed by just using different keybind with inervate/rebirth
  7. szuszak

    Sinister Strike / Backstab macro/addon

    lazyscript you can do way more with it so you can make a script with it that will cast sinister strike if your energy is above 60 but will use backstab otherwise there is a script check for when you are behind the target too - but it might still use sinister strike so making the script based of the energy would be more reliable and you can also add in the same script to use eviscerate if the target has more than 4 combo point on them as well and bunch of other things like auto interrupt when target is casting etc there is lots of commands and "if" additions so it takes a while to figure out - i cant provide any rogue scripts but here is an example of mortal strike macro i used on my warrior heroicStrike-ifPlayer>50rage battleShout-ifNotPlayerHasBuff=battleShout equipMainHand=Hammer of the Vesper-ifStance=defensive equipOffHand=Draconian Deflector-ifStance=defensive equipMainHand=Arcanite Reaper-ifStance=battle,berserk mortalStrike-ifStance=battle,berserk revenge-ifUsable=revenge here is example of mortalstrike/revenge macro with weapon swaps included and heroic strike if rage goes above 50
  8. szuszak

    Herb spawn rate.

    . dot DoT to the TOP
  9. what is this shit? http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Blackwing_Lair_Lab_Packs they keep on switching targets randomly regardless of agro
  10. szuszak

    Herb spawn rate.

    its impossible to get any decent amount of herbs outside of av weekends for icecaps and plagueblooms don't have av we are running 3x the server pop - herb spawns should be x3 or more as well
  11. looking for horde weekday raiding guild - wednesday / thursday would be best with dkp
  12. those 2 are one of the most important herbs for multiple classes in current patch and they become even better in zg and aq if you don't want to increase the spawn rates and add more spawn points to them than maybe add them to petals drop tables in dm e? you nerfed dm e to the ground https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/52946-removal-of-items-from-dm-e-and-why-it-should-be-reverted/ so if you dont want to add sellables back to the loot tables than maybe add plagueblooms and icecaps? this needs to be addressed