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  1. It took me too long to realize that I've got fooled Well played guys, well played...
  2. Wow... that was quick! Glad I didn't start there like I wanted to :-/ But still, salute to our fallen brother.
  3. Wirago

    Login server down

    Actually not really often. And if, its a matter of less than 1 hour... mostly. But from time to time it takes longer. But overall it is quite stable. At least this is my experience so far
  4. Wirago

    Warrior vs range

    Without insignia you are lost. Even with insignia ist horrible. Full duration fear/slow/root/sheep. Open world PvP is not funny for a warrior.
  5. Wirago

    Charge and intercept are broken.

    There already is a bug entry for that https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/issue/2162
  6. Its Wednesdey... there is always a downtime on wednesday because of maintenance ... EACH FUCKING WEEK
  7. Wirago

    After Disconnect you fall thru ground

    same happens if you die in a battleground. Die -> DC -> Fall through ground -> run to the graveyard
  8. Premade BG Groups always were quite hard (almost impossible) to counter. That is why you create you group... to win.
  9. No, we were not premade. As Suprfli6 said, it depends on your setup. I once had 8(!) hunters in the enemy horde team. Its gg. Alone those 8 pets are hard to deal with (was 20-29 bracket)
  10. Made 3 WSG Games Yesterday evening. Won 2 of them, but sorry, no screenies for you :(
  11. Wirago


    Oh the irony xD
  12. Wirago

    Elysium or Zeth'Kur

    Elysium has far too much population. Go Zeth!
  13. same shit happens on Zeth or Darrowshire. /ignore those trolls, problem solved
  14. Wirago

    Development Update 01.02.2017

    Charge still not fixed? :-/ Hopefully next time. Keep the good work up :)