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  1. Hello fellows, I love WoW Classic, the real classic, literally everything before TBC launched. Since I won't continue playing the official WoW Classic as soon TBC Classic will launch, I wonder, if private servers become popular again cos Blizzard's WoW Classic will come to an end soon since there won't be fresh servers?
  2. Looneytune

    Zeth'Kur rankers screwed

    Wew how someone can be that ignorant.
  3. Hello, guess you guys are annoyed and tired of those gold spammers. With this addon you can ignore and report them easily. Just do a right click on their names in chat and click ignore or report. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fy01898f69t9vff/EasyIgnore.zip
  4. Looneytune

    Account Data Base leaked

    Legit source? Please don't link to thread which also haven't a legit source. ;)
  5. Looneytune

    Zeth'Kur PvP Realm Official Release Date

    Well the queue of Elysium PVP is higher than the pop of the new realm.
  6. Looneytune

    Innocous ban ?

    unban him pls
  7. Looneytune

    High XP Rate Vanilla Server

    No! Never! Not here! That's not classic!
  8. Looneytune

    make the spawn rate normal

    Spawnrate is blizzlike.
  9. Looneytune

    Don't open 4th server

    Don't focus on the merge, dude. It's just to handle that amount of people who wanna play. See them both as one server. There must be solution. People can't wait over 3 hours to join the new server. There are a lot of people who just have three hours time to play. Don't be that ignorant. Of course the second new server has to release very very very soon for this solution.
  10. Looneytune

    Don't open 4th server

    2 new servers now, but merging them to one if the goes away in a few months would be a nice solution.
  11. Looneytune

    Collection quests at release?

    If Blizzard released fresh servers the spawnrate was pretty short. I guess Elysium will handle it in a same way to prevent problems.
  12. Looneytune

    Forum Theme

    Hello, of course it isn't that important, but in my opinion the forum theme isn't looking well and it also doesn't look like our game we love. If the head needs help to develop a WoW theme I would love to help. Best regards, Looney