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  1. TheOfficialLion

    Alexsensual is an awful player

    There is something relaxing about it, less stressing and if the person you watch is either funny or just really chilled it is fun to interact with them. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwvBlnNJoP8EEUnR3laqbGg <- I think his streams are pretty chilled :) Greetings
  2. TheOfficialLion

    Elysium Core

    https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/ you probably want to mention your complaint here. Greetings
  3. TheOfficialLion

    The Best Forum Game Ever

    I am here for the plot. Greetings
  4. TheOfficialLion


    It worked before they updated the forum, so there are a few threads with colored text, but as far as I know it is not possible anymore. Greetings
  5. TheOfficialLion

    Where's the art?

    I do not create anything worth mentioning, but I would like to see your work :) Greetings
  6. TheOfficialLion

    Happy New Years Friends!

    Better late, than never. Greetings
  7. How long does one game usually take? Greetings
  8. TheOfficialLion

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Hey, first of all thanks Raziya for the great guide and the useful macros, my problems is, I can't use them, because they keep giving me error's. Do all of them work for the current state of Nost? I saw you said some where broken, did you fix them? :) Thanks for your time and effort. Greetings
  9. TheOfficialLion


    Or both. Greetings
  10. TheOfficialLion

    The Best Forum Game Ever

    I'm sorry to tell ya bud. Greetings
  11. TheOfficialLion

    Word Association

    Burger Greetings
  12. TheOfficialLion

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Bin mir nicht so sicher, wer weiß wie lange der hype anhält, wenn auf lvl 20 es nicht das erste Mount gibt für lau haben doch schon einige keinen Bock mehr. Wenn Leute einfach keine Lust mehr auf queues haben, ich glaube ein zweiter Server wäre suboptimal. Erstmal abwarten, mal sehen wie es läuft. Grüße
  13. TheOfficialLion

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Also bei dem momentanen unerwarteten Andrang gut möglich, das Elysium Team hat bereits Andeutung via Twitter gemacht. Grüße
  14. TheOfficialLion

    Alexsensual is an awful player

    Yes, I think some people really are. But some others just search for a person to project their hatred onto. Greetings
  15. Also egal wie, sieht toll aus. Weiter so, freue mich deinen Progress zu verfolgen. Grüße