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  1. ValarMorghulis

    Time to switch from Enh to Resto?

    Surely I'm not trying to imply the hybrid is better at healing than the proper resto build. But I do think that with the proper healing gear and awareness you are able to heal just fine, regardless if the tank is full T2 or just collecting their prebis. The HUGE advantage of not playing full resto is that you perform much better in solo play - farming stuff or leveling (as the OP mentioned). So if you are interested in more than only healing in instances, then I'd recommend a hybrid build.
  2. ValarMorghulis

    Time to switch from Enh to Resto?

    I have been playing elemental/resto hybrid since about 50ish and healing all endgame dungeons (including UBRS) without any issues so far. So I'd say its definitely possible just requires you to use healing gear. Gear > spec, it seems. Need just a few more prebis pieces and I'm going to try raid healing with this spec too :)
  3. ValarMorghulis

    Development Update 01.02.2017

    Yay for Timbermaw fixes! Great job overall, Team ;)
  4. ValarMorghulis

    LF a particular PvP addon

    Hey there! I'm looking for an addon I have seen one streamer using. While in a BG, it displays a tiny faction icon next to the minimap which pops up the BG's statistics (ranks, honorable kills, damage/healing done) just like in the retail wow. Anyone using it or knows it's name? Thanks in advance!
  5. ValarMorghulis

    Its the moment of merge.

    @Zotac Have you seen population on other private servers out there? Is any of them dead or dying? Some of them sure are compared to Elysium, but hundreds of people still play them and other people care enough to keep them running. 6k is a healthy number as is 3k or 2.5k. No need to panic. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure they have a backup plan of merging Elysium with Zeth'Kur if things go dire, as both servers share the timeline. Can't see any other mergers happening, though.
  6. ValarMorghulis

    Calling out Alexensual

    Honestly, everyone saying "dudu", "shammy", "pally" should go back to the kindergarten and stop talking about WoW. No, I'm not referring to Alex ;) And on the topic, I'm not trying to defend him or say he is perfect. But he is doing stuff some people enjoy or maybe learn from and probably contributing more to the community than any of you criticising him ever will. If you have issues with that yet still keep watching him, then I think it's probably some kind of mental condition already. Don't watch Alex if you don't like his content - why would you torture yourself like that?
  7. ValarMorghulis

    Shaman Healing Instances

    That's indeed some detailed and useful tips as I am finishing leveling my first shaman as well and been learning it through trial and error ;) Just wanted to add that +healing spells gear is available much earlier than level 50ish, just keep browsing AH every now and then. I think I got my first pieces around 30.
  8. ValarMorghulis

    Level 50 Sunken Temple quest not ingame?

    I have just done the quest in Anathema and the trinket reward seems bugged. It reads "restores 27 mana every 2 sec" while mine was just slightly better than the regular mana spring - restoring 10p2 instead of 8p2. Just so that you know, before you start the chain and farm all the mats which took me several hours. Totally not worth it, just saying ;)
  9. ValarMorghulis

    when are enough players enough?

    This problem has already been adressed by the staff and resulted in opening a twin server which is Zeth'Kur. As I am writing this, there are 11k players on Elysium and 4k on Zeth'Kur. I don't really think both can reach 10k population. If I wanted to start fresh, I would go Zeth'Kur.
  10. "All characters that have existed in the game world since Elysium’s launch until now will be maintained and all Nostalrius specific data will be wiped." What about new (i.e. not transferred from Nostalrius) characters created in Nostalrius PVP realm? Will they be wiped as well?
  11. ValarMorghulis

    Which skills can be skipped?

    To the mentioned above I'd also add: - Earth Shock above rank 1 - same as with Frost Shock, you only need the interrupt, not the increased dmg - most of the totems - while leveling I only use: Searing, Mana Spring, Strength, Windfury, Grace of Air, Grounding and the slowing one (binding?) - I would even argue you can skip Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning unless you wanna tryhard with elemental leveling ;)
  12. ValarMorghulis

    How Fast?

    You are not entirely right in here, as WF procs "grant you 2 extra attacks with X extra melee attack power". This uses the weapon dmg (not dps) which means the slower the weapon the bigger the procs dmg.
  13. ValarMorghulis

    Leveling: 2h Windfury VS 1h+shield Flametongue?

    For general soloplay questing it seems a fast dagger + FT + shield is pretty close to a 2h + WF overall. The former giving you more damage reduction (shield) at the expense of dmg. So it takes a bit longer to down the mobs, but you save more mana on healing (of which 2h WF needs more), which equals a bit less downtime. That obviously makes 2h WF superior for group play (such as dungeons) as the only thing that matters is your dmg output since you are not supposed to receive any dmg at all. Yet, I have to find a good 1 hander + shield and try it out for the midgame. Guess it might yield similar results but at the same time it feels the game offers more 2h options for shamans in general. Also, I don't know of any bugs or limits considering WF itself, I believe it is a plain 20% chance which, as you pointed out, makes you 2 shot some mobs and bore to death others with white attacks, but in the long run its just a buff anyways :)
  14. ValarMorghulis

    LF R11+

    Then you are probably in a wrong forum section and I'd advise you moving ;)
  15. ValarMorghulis

    <Void> [EU] Horde Nostalrius PVP

    Hello Void! Would you consider accepting a leveling shaman into your community? I'm level 44 atm and expect to hit 60 in about a week time. I am also an experienced wow player and a mature, sociable kind. Your raid schedule really suits mine and also noticed you are in need of shamans, so I thought I would just ask before applying. Let me know what you think and if you have any other questions. Best regards :)