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  1. meridaw

    Vanilla Macros

    I think it can be done, but i don't know how to make it.
  2. meridaw

    Vanilla Macros

    This one should work with SuperMacro: Sadly macros can't check if debuffs are from you or another warlock in vanilla.
  3. I bet most action bar addons can do that. I used to do it with bartender2 in a macro using something like: /bar bar1 show
  4. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    ancient addon from the time when vanilla was fresh https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/48555-addon-cooldown-modified/
  5. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    14 TrinketMenu 7 LazyScript
  6. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    4 FishingBuddy 6 CoolDown 11 SpamThrottle not sure about the rest
  7. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    2 Detox, 3 oRA2, 4 Guild Event Manager v2, 7 WIM, 8 pfQuest.
  8. check if you got better luck with this one https://github.com/isitLoVe/SuperMacro
  9. works fine when i try it
  10. meridaw

    An addon like WoW-AutoGratzer?

    It looks like that Wow-AutoGratzer is for the warlord of draenor expansion.
  11. You should write a issue for that on the github. https://github.com/laytya/vQueue/issues
  12. meridaw

    [AddOn] RingMenu

    To change skins you also need to have the cyCircled AddOn, and follow the instructions in the RingMenu readme.
  13. meridaw

    [AddOn] RingMenu

    you can't drop abilitys on the ring?
  14. meridaw

    [AddOn] RingMenu

    Works fine when i try it, maybe you got another addon that is causing problems with RingMenu.
  15. meridaw

    Git Vanilla Addons

    noticed, already added it 🤘