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  1. meridaw

    really need help with macro

    yep, i don't use any addons for the macros in my git. I wanted to learn more about how vanilla macros worked, but all i could find was info on macros based on addons, so i started digging deep to find info and macros that would work without them, and started posting it hoping others would like to know more about them aswell.
  2. meridaw

    really need help with macro

    got to be outside of melee range for it to use the wand, tested the macro myself, worked fine. you can find auto target macros in the general folder in the target file, but casting spells will toggle off auto wanding.
  3. meridaw

    really need help with macro

    It works fine, but you also need to put "Attack" on your bars (doesn't matter what slot).
  4. meridaw

    Addosn not working

    when you get git addons you got to remove -master from the folder names.
  5. meridaw

    [Addon] NotGrid

    Better open a issue on github and ask for it. https://github.com/gnwl/NotGrid/issues
  6. meridaw

    Basic commands

    Chat: Group: Interaction: Miscellanea: Guild: Voice commands: Emotions:
  7. I bet most action bar addons can do that. I used to do it with bartender2 in a macro using something like: /bar bar1 show
  8. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    ancient addon from the time when vanilla was fresh https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/48555-addon-cooldown-modified/
  9. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    14 TrinketMenu 7 LazyScript
  10. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    4 FishingBuddy 6 CoolDown 11 SpamThrottle not sure about the rest
  11. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    2 Detox, 3 oRA2, 4 Guild Event Manager v2, 7 WIM, 8 pfQuest.
  12. check if you got better luck with this one https://github.com/isitLoVe/SuperMacro
  13. meridaw

    An addon like WoW-AutoGratzer?

    It looks like that Wow-AutoGratzer is for the warlord of draenor expansion.
  14. You should write a issue for that on the github. https://github.com/laytya/vQueue/issues