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  1. meridaw

    Does /targetlasttarget not work here?

    /run if not buffed("Lay on Hands") then CastSpellByName("Lay on Hands") end
  2. meridaw

    Does /targetlasttarget not work here?

    /run TargetLastEnemy()
  3. meridaw

    Does /targetlasttarget not work here?

    /run TargetLastTarget()
  4. meridaw

    [Question] ToggleAutoCast-macro

    You can find pet macros under general macros here. vanilla-macros
  5. meridaw

    Quest addons

    VanillaGuide, pfQuest and TourGuideVanilla
  6. meridaw

    Automatic bag sort

  7. meridaw

    Ingame Addon Button doesn't appear

    Close the wow client, copy the addon folder that holds the .toc file (some times this folder is inside another folder), then past it into the interface addons folder, and make sure the addon folder has the same name as the .toc file.
  8. meridaw

    Mouse over add on

    LunaUnitFrames is nice for mouseover healing, or you can use Clique.
  9. meridaw

    LF Shaman totem addon

    No idea what addon that is, but you could try TotemTimers-Enhanced, ArchiTotem or CallOfElements.
  10. meridaw

    Addons Issue - Mac OS X

    Copy the !Questie folder from inside the questieDev-master folder, and past it into the addons folder.
  11. meridaw

    Github Vanilla Addons

    I think Logonz just use Lgmail to mass send his crap to his alt banks, not ment for others to use.
  12. meridaw


    Removed it, sorry about your stuff. I dont realy try out all the addons, only the ones i want to use myself.
  13. meridaw

    Github Vanilla Addons

    Im not sure about Whohas, never tryd it. It Looks like it only got OptionalDeps. CharacterProfiler, Possessions, Baggins, myAddons and SellValue. I think Engbags lets you look at alt items, but not in tooltip.