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  1. meridaw

    Github Vanilla Addons

    rename the folder to RogueFocus
  2. meridaw

    Github Vanilla Addons

    Yes, it's two different addons, one show how far your target is away, based on the spell ranges your class has, and the other one im not sure about, but i think it's for measuring speed, and distances. If you can't get them both to work, then try to rename all you can find of "Distance" in the one from Voidmenull. Folder name, .toc, and .lua files, as that one is a pretty small.
  3. meridaw

    question about UI

    you can also use TomTom with VanillaGuide for direction arrow.
  4. If this one does not work then i don`t think i can help, sorry.
  5. Did you try disable the actionbar module in pfconfig components tab?
  6. meridaw

    Does /targetlasttarget not work here?

    /run if not buffed("Lay on Hands") then CastSpellByName("Lay on Hands") end
  7. meridaw

    Does /targetlasttarget not work here?

    /run TargetLastEnemy()
  8. meridaw

    Does /targetlasttarget not work here?

    /run TargetLastTarget()
  9. meridaw

    [Question] ToggleAutoCast-macro

    You can find pet macros under general macros here. vanilla-macros
  10. meridaw

    Quest addons

    VanillaGuide, pfQuest and TourGuideVanilla
  11. meridaw

    Automatic bag sort

  12. meridaw

    Ingame Addon Button doesn't appear

    Close the wow client, copy the addon folder that holds the .toc file (some times this folder is inside another folder), then past it into the interface addons folder, and make sure the addon folder has the same name as the .toc file.
  13. meridaw

    Mouse over add on

    LunaUnitFrames is nice for mouseover healing, or you can use Clique.