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  1. meridaw

    Vanilla Macros

    pfUI version of Stopcast healing if target is over 80%hp Interrupt if target is casting, else Sinister Strike (can't fully rely on the values that pfUI is guessing) Spammable channeling spell Spammable channeling aoe spell
  2. meridaw

    Git Vanilla Addons

    Added rewritten version of UberBanish just now, pfUI has alot of beta updates, AnnounceKick a day ago, SP_SwingTimer got updated 1 day ago, Aux and cdframes updated 2-3 days ago, BigWigs updated 5 days ago, SP_Overpower got updated 7 days ago, pfQuest got updated a week ago, added EngInventory and SpellAlert 9 days ago, added MobHealth3 15days ago, pfUI-CustomMedia added 19 days ago,
  3. meridaw

    Vanilla Macros

    /run s={"Create Soulstone (Major)()","Create Healthstone (Major)()"} if q==nil then q=0 end q=q+1 if q>getn(s) then q=1 end CastSpellByName(s[q])
  4. meridaw

    Vanilla Macros

    Create HS/SS /run s={"Create Soulstone","Create Healthstone"} if q==nil then q=0 end q=q+1 if q>getn(s) then q=1 end CastSpellByName(s[q]) Use Healthstone if combat, else use Soulstone /run for b=0,4 do for s=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b,s)do local n=GetContainerItemLink(b,s)if n and (strfind(n,"Healthstone") and UnitAffectingCombat("player") or strfind(n,"Soulstone"))then UseContainerItem(b,s,1)end end end
  5. meridaw

    [Addon] NotGrid

    Better open a issue on github and ask for it. https://github.com/gnwl/NotGrid/issues
  6. meridaw

    Vanilla Macros

    CastingBarFrame.channeling used in macros to make channeled spells spammable doesn't work if you use pfUI. Disable Module Castbar in Components tab to make it work.
  7. meridaw

    Basic commands

    Chat: Group: Interaction: Miscellanea: Guild: Voice commands: Emotions:
  8. meridaw

    Vanilla Macros

    I think it can be done, but i don't know how to make it.
  9. meridaw

    Vanilla Macros

    This one should work with SuperMacro: Sadly macros can't check if debuffs are from you or another warlock in vanilla.
  10. I bet most action bar addons can do that. I used to do it with bartender2 in a macro using something like: /bar bar1 show
  11. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    ancient addon from the time when vanilla was fresh https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/48555-addon-cooldown-modified/
  12. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    14 TrinketMenu 7 LazyScript
  13. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    4 FishingBuddy 6 CoolDown 11 SpamThrottle not sure about the rest
  14. meridaw

    Minimap icons of the addons

    2 Detox, 3 oRA2, 4 Guild Event Manager v2, 7 WIM, 8 pfQuest.
  15. check if you got better luck with this one https://github.com/isitLoVe/SuperMacro