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  1. davfer

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    And these posts are exactly why you have the reputation you do.
  2. davfer

    <The Chosen> Alliance NA 8/8 BWL

    Some Core spots open Mages Warlocks Fury Warriors 1 Rogue
  3. davfer

    Voting System

    But dreary didn't he get holy resist right?
  4. davfer

    Polymorph griefing

    Refer to the thread directly below this one.
  5. davfer

    The War Effort Continues!

    I agree Taladril. I think it is early to completely pack it in and quit. While I think the numbers need to be adjusted, I think there is a bit of an over-reaction to the whole thing. That being said, It can be reasonably assumed by the current turn in rates that the 3-4 week long war effort is a dead idea and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, given the general doom and gloom in regards to the War Effort numbers.
  6. davfer

    The War Effort Continues!

    No one is asking for retail numbers. But the idea that some of these materials are marked up 2200% such as firebloom is asinine.
  7. davfer

    <The Chosen> Alliance NA 8/8 BWL

    Still looking for some Casters and 1 Rogue
  8. davfer

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    I mean whatever point you are making is moot. The people who run the server deem Win-trading against the rules and the devilsaur co-op not. What you think about it is ultimately irrelevant. But by all means continue, it is entertaining.
  9. davfer

    <The Chosen> Alliance NA 8/8 BWL

    Still looking for casters
  10. davfer

    losing combo points from changing targets

    welcome to vanilla
  11. davfer

    <The Chosen> Alliance NA 8/8 BWL

    Updated 2/10 Mages, Locks, and 1 Rogue