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  1. Are these others who are aware people who can do something about it?
  2. Same, except I've been waiting 4 weeks because my previous request was just deleted without any response.
  3. Gardash

    2FA removal request

    Hello, I posted 2FA removal requests for two of my accounts. I created two threads, one for each account. The other day when the 2FA removal requests were processed, only one of my accounts was unlocked. My second thread for my second account, which happens to be my main account, was simply deleted. I am still locked out of the account. Whoever processed the requests probably thought I had posted the same request twice, but they were two separate requests! I have re-posted my request for this second account. Please someone look at it soon and don't make me wait another three weeks!
  4. Gardash

    Request for 2FA removal

    I have absolutely no problem waiting a few days or even a week or even more than a week to have this problem fixed. I get it, people are volunteers etc. I'm not demanding instant service as if I'm some little brat who has been brought up on consumer capitalism and thinks that's how the world should be. But we're beyond that at this point. I, and others like me, have been patiently waiting more than 2 weeks, and we have only started to get noisy and whiney now, because of how long this is taking.
  5. Gardash

    Request for 2FA removal

    Yeah, no doubt it does, and we're grateful that people volunteer their time to run this project, but this is ridiculous!
  6. Gardash

    Request for 2FA removal

    Amen to that. If I ever get my accounts back, I'm not putting 2FA back on it. The lack of support is ridiculous.
  7. Gardash

    Request for 2FA removal

    When? Been waiting more than two weeks now.
  8. Gardash

    Request for 2FA removal

    Last week I started a thread with this topic and was advised that the 2FA removal requests would be "considered" today. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/52560-2fa-removal-requests/ It is now about 4:30pm eastern time, 10:30pm server time, and there has been absolute silence on this issue. Can someone please let us know what is going on? Really want to get my accounts back.
  9. Gardash

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    I always preferred "The Viscidus 500" like Indy 500.
  10. Gardash

    2FA removal requests

    Just tried logging in, the game prompted me to enter my PIN.
  11. Gardash

    2FA removal requests

    I posted a request to remove 2FA from my accounts a week ago. The stickies in the forum said that the process would take up to a week. I haven't heard a single peep about my requests. Can someone at least let me know that 2FA removal requests are still being looked at? Give an ETA on when it might be completed? I just want to know that my request hasn't faded into the void.
  12. Gardash

    Bubble Not Working on Party Members ... ?

    There's a related bug where you can't bubble a specific party member, but this is not a bug on your end, but on theirs. It's connected to the bug where certain characters cannot swim and just sink to the bottom of any water/lava/whatever.
  13. Gardash

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    A TBC server where we can port our toons will keep people around. If you can take your tier 3 character into Outlands, people will not just clear Naxx, but will farm it too.