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  1. On one encounter where you can use concecrate to hit a shitton of bugs all the time. Sure, that encounter is decent for retris even though the best ret is still 500 dps below the best furys. Gauged over entire raids, they're useless. Your own previous example, the mighty Smiter with his truly great gear does not even break top 1100 on avg dps in BWL, and this guy doesn't heal or dispel at all in BWL judging from his logs. So cudos to fluffydrake for his nice performance on Fankriss, but having a pala spec retri to be decent on one boss that also happends to be the possibly easiest encounter in the raid and highly underperforming on most other encounters doesn't seem very worthwhile. Edit: After reading through the entire thread I see he was tanking for that encounter. Same principle still applies though. And by the way, it's quite rich of you to blame people for blindly trusting logs and not considering what they actually say, when you yourself keep lifting him up as "#40 melee dps" on Fankriss when all his damage done to drones is basically useless damage since it takes the raid one global to aoe them down which they will do maybe twice during the encounter.
  2. Adeline

    Fury PvE Endgame Rotation

    Cleave is a lower threat albeit worse option, but I would assume almost anything is better than OP even for horde. Myself and all of the other good ranked furys I know on ally (on Anathema) don't even spec into imp. overpower and I rarely use it in raids, usually mostly if I've lost world buffs. Besides, in AQ you are rarely limited by threat and in BWL horde are also clear to nuke fully on at least the black drakes regardless of how bad your tanks are. Promoting heavy use of overpower is because of that reason promoting bad gameplay and I doubt that all of the people reading this will make the differentation. Despite threat being a non-issue on Ebonroc/Flamegor, horde melees are still slacking behind allys in rankings with their windfury. Maybe they're all stance dancing away their rage? ;)
  3. C'thun plus all of his tentacles did have 8k armor and something like 300 all resists on release day. He was also sadly nerfed on that same day after only one guild managed to kill him in three weakened phases.
  4. Adeline

    Fury PvE Endgame Rotation

    Nice way to completely obliterate your heroic strike uptime and as a consequence gain way more glancings than you otherwise would.
  5. Adeline

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    https://github.com/elysium-project/server/issues/802 Looks like there may be a bug fix coming in for stacking different ranks of judgment. Good job boys!
  6. Wow, if a wowwiki article and Theloras convincing Feenix devs is the only actual support for seal twisting being functional in vanilla maybe that needs to be looked into as well. @Imbaslap could have a field day here. Good job guys! Let's hope for a pull request on the judg stacking soon!
  7. Adeline

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    If you can't do it then why do you believe that you are entitled to the rewards? There is nothing preventing you from heading out in the world to do some world PvP, raid a city or gather your guildies up and play a few bg's for fun.
  8. Adeline

    When does agility become better than strength ?

    It's not worthless, but it gets less valuable once you reach the soft crit cap. The soft crit cap means that all your white swings that hit and are not glancing blows will be critical hits and thus your white hits don't benefit anymore from higher crit chance. It still affects your yellow attacks though.
  9. Adeline

    Tanking in UBRS as Warrior

    Get more tps gear. You don't need full mitigation for anything on Elysiums current content pretty much which I assume you mean by full pre raid bis.
  10. It's a graphics bug that existed in retail vanilla as well. As you say it has to do with mounting up turning you into a brighter color and it persists even if you dismount.
  11. You're right actually, it does. Among low skilled players the warrior usually wins, the opposite holds true for equally high skilled players.
  12. https://twitter.com/elysium_dev/status/859241649142198273 Coalitions kill shot from the server first C'thun, sporting no less than three night elves and one dwarf among the furys. You'll do fine.
  13. The NA proxy still connects him to darrowshire, only with different routing that has helped to lower the ping for some US players.
  14. Adeline

    [GER] KRAUTS - Alliance - Anathema

    Bump for top deutsche!!
  15. Adeline

    <Coalition> EU Nostalrius PvP