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  1. Roxy

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Im sorry, but you are you really suggesting that multiboxing make up for a significant portion of the population on darrowshire? Multiboxing even on servers where it is allowed doesnt have so many multiboxers to make up a big part of the population, but on this server it is? Why dont you report them if you see so many? Right now it just feels like you are making things up just so you got something left to argue with. Unless you got any proof to back up your claim
  2. Roxy

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    They are going to break Elysium into 2 TBC servers, so there will be a transfer of some sort anyway. why not include a transfer into Darrowshire to that, and we will gain the players who don't want to play in the overpopulated servers? TBC Zones are larger than vanilla ones, but they are not comparable to the size of the entire Vanilla. People are a lot more spread out in vanilla than what they are in Outlands, just imagine a Shattrath with 5k players inside, it would be a crazy lagfest at all times. People will be farming rep and doing daily quests at the same places, which are not THAT many places to spread out the daily activity. 3-4k players are Max of what will be enjoyable in TBC, anything above that and its just a constant fight for resources and quest mobs. Darrowshire is at a medium population when it come to Blizzard standards, which is a decent population, and with TBC starting fresh on all servers, the PvE server will be a viable place to be for new players, instead of chosing the newest server which is Elysium just because they don't want to miss out on anything.
  3. Nelythia again on a rampage to make everyone else suffer because HE does not want to reroll his character, rather want everyone else quit the game so he can keep his precious welfare rank 14 title going into TBC How do you know there is no demand for a PvE server? You keep trying to shut down anyone voicing their opinion on keeping Darrowshire because of your biased reasons. Altough i do agree that a poll is no good, because such a minority of the players actually use the forums, in addition to no restrictions on who can vote in the poll so we will never get a true vote in a poll like this.
  4. Glad to hear that you will disable world buffs for new content, will make the race for server rankings when Darrowshire gets AQ40 much more fun when we dont got worldbuffs that lets us stomp the place. Now strategy and recovery speed matters much more, than how fast you can sprint trough the majority of the bosses.
  5. Roxy

    Copying Bank toons and low levels.

    Okey i read the post above the one i quoted. And you made some decent points there, but you completely missed the part where if things are expensive, you can sell your stuff expensive as well, so it doesnt take much longer to farm 1000 gold with inflation, than what it will take to farm 100 gold with no inflation. It just means that the farming methods change, killing mobs for the gold that they drop / vendor items will decrease in value, and farming crafting materials will increase in value, WHICH IS A GOOD THING. cause less gold will be created by the server, and more gold will be traded inbetween players, and then used for repairs or other gold sinks, which eventually removes a lot of gold from the echonomy, and decreasing or at least slowing down the inflation. but one massive flaw, is that you seem to think that players with a lot of gold has some kind of advantage in the game, and that is simply not true. Gold has it's function very early in the expansion, where you may want to purchase crafted items, but after the first 2 weeks everyone else has it, and you are the same as everyone else, no supiriority there. And who the hell care if a very few people don't get to experience "the struggle" that is farming for your flying mount? Players with a lot of gold has done their struggle with collecting said gold, why should they do it a second time? And your suggestion to make a 0 gold cap, and remove all sellable items is hilarious, why would people want to play on this server when they could just go to any other instant 60 TBC server and play? cause if you are going to remove anything that can be sold, there is nothing left but the gear you will replace whithin 2 weeks, and whats the point in a PTE experience if nothing you do in vanilla will carry over to the next expansion?
  6. Roxy

    Copying Bank toons and low levels.

    This post just reeks of jealousy. Do you really think that if you set the cap to 0, its those with a lot of money that is going to rage? No, its the average player that is going to rage cause they worked for their gold as well. And you are completely mistaken if you think its the few rich people that are causing the inflated echonomy. The inflated echonomy is caused by the average player having more gold than what the game was originally designed for. Cause of 12 years of knowledge about farming methods. A lot more gold is being created than what gets removed from the game, due to not enough gold sinks. In fact, the people that has massive amounts of gold actually helps the echonomy. Cause most of the gold they carry is not being used, it just sits on a character rotting which is almost the same as gold being removed from the game. Although some of these players uses their gold to manipulate the market which can hurt the echonomy. The blow to gold sellers will be minimal at most, or actually it may even help the gold sellers due to the increased value per gold coin, and a higher demand for gold so more people will be tempted into buying. And there is still many ways to work around a cap like this, having several accounts full of items with a high vendor price for instance
  7. Roxy

    Copying Bank toons and low levels.

    Making restrictions is completely pointless. Set a gold cap: people with large amounts of gold will just create more accounts and divide their gold out over their accounts. Set a level cap for characters that gets transfered in addition to gold cap, and people will just level up to whatever the cap is. And this is for a thing that will have a very small effect on the echonomy unless you set the cap crazy small, which then will cause a massive uproar in the community. Most players do not have massive amounts of gold, its a few very rich people that does. and those people will be very rich after a while anyway with a gold cap
  8. While it is supposed to work like that, its not how it works on the server Priest mages and warlocks all are able to get in a autoattack inbetween every cast if you are standing in melee range with the mob right clicked. Unless they have fixed it very recently.
  9. The update to TBC is not a clientside patch. nothing at all is being done to the client. Only thing is that you need to download the 2.3.4 client instead of the 1.12
  10. Not going to happen, since that would require a clientside patch.
  11. Roxy

    Race change?

    I read it, and i completely understand what he means. And faction balance was not why he made this suggestion. It even took him 4 posts to make a real argument
  12. Roxy

    Race change?

    You are still telling people to read? Try to make a reasonable post. It took you 4 posts to even make a half reasonable argument for your cause thats not out of complete lazyness, and the following posts are telling people that they cant read when its pretty obvious that they simply just dont think its a very good suggestion.
  13. Roxy

    Mindblast additional Threat

    While it would be really nice, this is not something the majority of vanilla lovers would like, simply because it would be a pretty major change in how Vanilla wow works to change class abilities into a custom mode, and it would open up doors to other suggestions like this And suddently, we're a complete custom server with nothing resembling vanilla wow with the exception of the zones. Yea i know that i put it quite extreme, but one change may lead to another and then nother and so on. Expect to see a ton of hunters rushing in the doors to get changes, elemental shamans, moonkins and prot pallys (No wait, prot palas are best tanks in vanilla #Killerduki)
  14. Roxy

    Race change?

    Why do you even bother posting things on a DISCUSSION forum, if you have no intention of discussing things? I guess you just wanted to come here and be praised for such a awesome suggestion and handed first borns as a reward for your heroic deed?
  15. Roxy

    Race change?

    Assumptions? Putting any thought into it? you have been so vague about everything you have said until that post it is impossible to not make assumptions about what you really want. "Race change" "Please stop" and you expect people to get a clear meaning of your posts? please, learn to express yourself proper to begin with. The points you made in the OP was "it would be a shame to have to reroll" and "Even retail had race changes" The first point is one out of lazyness, and the second i proved you wrong on, since race change wasnt available until WotLK The die hard pvpers will probably reroll horde anyway to get the absolute best racials, doesnt change the fact that it is such a minority of players that will reroll to get these racials that it is a complete non issue, though it is impossible to know for sure. and giving people race changes is just a way to please a minority based on ASSUMPTIONS of people going to reroll. This is a RPG game, you're choices early in the game is supposed to matter if you want to min max