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  1. Holy Paladins in Leveling, Groups and Vanilla

    Not true, you hear only trolls confusing everyone with raid and dungeon comparison as it is false statement , pick some good weapon , Int/Agi mixed Gear (both stats in 1 like deadmine finger) or in 1 word = hunter gear. Use Blessing of Wisdom , SoC/JoC (depend on the weapon) or SoR/JoR , use Judges max rank on cd and crush these bones. Don't bother with consecration and you will do crazy big dps. /Kind regards Killerduki
  2. Retribution - give me back what's mine

    Same as Loatheb/Twins making it simple for Horde using Windfury , since threats are not working like any normal encounters there. /Kind regards Killerduki
  3. Questions about the BC core.

    Mangos as usual (hope i am wrong). /Kind regards Killerduki
  4. Questions about the BC core.

    It was released back in 2010 and used , today it will be same as it used to be with some extra bugfixes, (bugs with 2010 standards of knowledge). This might happen really soon (assuming) winter and i believe it will be straight live instead of beta . Maybe they will , but this could probably happen upon live release. Depend on Crogge , but i don't think so. (maybe). /Kind regards Killerduki
  5. Retribution - give me back what's mine

    This statement and decision was decided by devs/testers and quality assurance according to assumptions , none of them had any evidence for Judgements stacking removal between 1.8-1.12 , unfortunately and nothing is going to change/reverse their decision i am afraid. All the credits for "disappear and reappear" idea you can give to whole Crestfall , Crestfall beta testers (they was strongly involved in this) and the Elysium Quality Assurance + Phoosy + Hudson (supporting it). /Kind regards Killerduki
  6. Paladin Threat Generation

    This is also wrong , 130 Holy Damage / 4 = 32.5 base damage per block + 90% rf threat = 61.75 TPS + 20% by Holy Shield = 74.1 base TPS per block (without any buffs or anything i calculated , just base dmg). Spell Damage gives 5% coefficient per block. Sanctity Aura is 10% more damage per block. "Currently in server is bugged and can crit". /Kind regards Killerduki
  7. Paladin Threat Generation

    That's because of the base damage and coefficient is not 9.2% for 2h weapons as he compared the 4.0 speed , it is much higher. But then you wont get 4-8 tps from base SoR damage increase with slower weapons , they are much off and higher , tho you have some other calculations not included into the formula. /Kind regards Killerduki
  8. Paladin Threat Generation

    Additional thing to add (Which is bug) , currently in this Project Holy Shield can Crit and it work according to Spell Crits (which should not). "this is just to let you know since it makes some changes to the threats values" . Another spell needs to be taken into account is Holy Shock , since many go for it . This really need to get fixed , it is so much confusing and missleading to be honest as Consecration is not making 600 TPS to a single target , not even close to this (even with or without JoL) . I've never seen Consecration doing 300 Holy Damage per tick as a Tank , it is the reason why it is so weird to see this , Consecration so far i have done max with 400 SP was around 60-70 damage a tick = 140 TPS max. It would probably make around 150 TPS or 200 TPS by max if you have 1k sp , i still have no clear view how did you got Consecration doing such big amount , TPS = Threat per second , Consecration = Damage divided over 8 seconds = 1/8 of the TPS . /Kind regards Killerduki
  9. Paladin Threat Generation

    I am not sure why this was pointed at me , for some moment i tough i speak regarding this Topic. (All these formulas you guys speak about was discovered and reported to bugtracker by me ,otherwise not sure how people can forget the use of SoR previously where it was doing some flat random dmg with 10% coefficient regardless of speed excluding one-handed etc). The Problem with your calculation is : You said i need 1000 Spell damage to make 190 Holy damage for 1.6 Speed , while in reality i been doing with 400 SP = 190 Holy damage with 1.9 Speed. (This is why your calculations are wrong). This is also wrong and proven as wrong with evidence in the Bugtracker. There is a reason why your math was not added into account. /Kind regards Killerduki
  10. Paladin Threat Generation

    Where are those calculations and results ? can't see them. /Kind regards Killerduki
  11. Paladin Threat Generation

    Well for example , this matter so much , especially for Attack Power and White Swings where you didn't add the difference for Weapon Speed , you did calculate AP for white swings , but there was nothing mention about the weapon speed used etc , because "claiming xx TPS with xx AP" will give some bad conclusions with wrong math, this will end up trolls being fed again relying on wrong math. Another thing you might forget is , each time you parry , your next attack swing is reduced by (average) 40% , which mean with fast weapon like 4.0 speed it will work like 4.0 speed formula , but will swing each 2.1 second which is also TPS increasing. I think it should be the same as Healing TPS (for Paladins) 0.25 , might check Kenco threat Guide for confirmation. Blessing of Wisdom does not increase TPS, but Judgement/Seal of Wisdom does increase TPS when someone/you regen mana from it. His language barrier confuses you and he is usually Paladin Tank/Ret hater so , don't mind him too much else he will derail whole Topic. In fact "Overheals" as he try to say (regardless if Holy or JoL) will not give you any threats, only the "heal received" will do , but if your heals top just portion of target hp instead the full amount , it will count as the portion of target hp. /Kind regards Killerduki
  12. Paladin Threat Generation

    You forgot something here in this calculations. Weapon Speed , because it matters so much and makes extremely big difference regarding TPS and completely different values, different coefficients for both etc, sanctity aura missing too. Procs missing into calculations too . (For example with TF and 390 SP "included JoTC into SP") i was able to make 190 Holy Damage per swing with SoR , without Imp SoR . This will result into nearly 380 threats / 1.90 = around 190 TPS (without TF Procs and without Imp SoR). If you add the TPS from White Swings/Crits+TPS from TF Procs , this would been much higher per swing. There is something wrong with this calculations , Consecration is not doing 170 damage per tick in order to be 341 TPS. Sanctity Aura missing too. You are missing Crits and Sanctity Aura. You forgot Exorcism ,Holy Wrath , Hammer of Wraith, Judgement of Wisdom (it still makes threats per mana) . /Kind regards Killerduki
  13. Anathema PvP: Shadow of the Necropolis

    I am sure they could manage killing Sapphiron without Frost Resistance ? Blizzlike huh ? You know what Sapphiron without Frost Resistance was doing in Vanilla Retail ? 1 shot the shit out of the raid and tank. No clue, but i sense over 1k bugs in this project about Naxx. /Kind regards Killerduki
  14. Is Crestfall PTE coming in the near future?

    This reminds me on some old story : /Kind regards Killerduki
  15. Is Crestfall PTE coming in the near future?

    /Kind regards Killerduki