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  1. killerduki

    Best Protection Paladin Guide in Classic

    In future , perhaps
  2. Releasing official Classic will swallow huge amount if not 90% of Vanilla Pservers Players within a time. There will always be some players who are going to play Pservers, regardless , but not as it used to be until the release of Official Classic day . As for Pay2Win , deal with that , Pservers will always have form of P2W , nobody can stop it , nothing is for free , you have this "free donation" , but to run a server it require money and time , you are here as "Client or Visitor" , nobody force you to do it , but it's also all up to you if you do it or not. From my experience P2W is big problem for Pservers and it cost them huge loss of Fans or Players , but it's their ownership , it's their Server regardless if it's a Pirate or not , it's up to their policy whether they are loosing or getting profit or servers running. If you like = play , if you don't like = make your own server or join another , so simple and democratic. Nothing is forever , but there always will be something as alternative from Official. /Kind regards Killerduki
  3. There are some problems with his explanations and ideas, some of them are not even clear. But i would say there are issues with Elysium resistance, which is flat and not variate even. Keep in mind , it will not make it closer to Blizzlike , it will instead make it further away into Wrath of the Lich King , as his explanations leads towards that. Last is that, this will have Huge impact against Holy Resistance and Paladins , which will cause unnecessary problems and will make it Non Blizzlike with lots of Bugs. More of that is Ragnaros and Elemental Mobs who are going to be affected by this , which is again going to cause lot of issues and bugs too. -Edited- , i misunderstood some of their explanations tho , it might instead improve the stuffs , let see the responds from the qa/dev there.
  4. killerduki

    Kel'Thuzad HP Poll

    My suggestion is to review every single Boss that exist in Raids and to fix the "little things" like wrong working,non working ,bugged mechanics which is going to make the difference , instead of doing something out of touch. Watching this Video : I can see that Mind Controlled Players does not Buff or Heal Boss at all as main priority , they less likely cast Crowd Controls which they should. Mobs in P3 does not time to time "reset all aggro" . Perhaps i missed more , but my suggestion above the Video remain . /Kind regards Killerduki
  5. killerduki

    Does SoR count as a swing on its own?

    Apparently there are 2 sides of this story , one of them is Blizzlike , other one is mistaken and in favor bugged. 1st side is that SoR is supposed to count as a swing on it's own , proc Judgement of Wisdom too. 2nd side is that SoR is not supposed to proc Shadow Oil or anything outside of Weapon Procs and JoW/JoL procs , the patch note is clear that suppose to only proc Weapon Procs , not Trinkets ,not Enchants or any other kind of Buff/Item. Hope this answers your 2 questions. /Kind regards Killerduki
  6. You forget about 2handers will not have to use crap weap skill items and instead they are going to have 5.6% miss instead of 8.6% miss + bad items duel wields will have to use in order to get that hit rating for their white swings. /Kind regards Killerduki
  7. I had to do this once for all , to bury this "Anti Hybrids" mantra. With this formula all this "warrior fury/rogue top dps" , "warrior arms/retri/shaman suboptimal dps" will get buried. Since the Duel Wields will suffer HUGE , while 1hShield/2H will get overpowered. Hope you fix this and finally have Blizzlike Values regarding "some mechanic" . Say hello to Shenna! /Kind regards Killerduki
  8. Good idea as alternative , but won't be bis forever 😉 /Kind regards Killerduki
  9. killerduki

    T1 plus Hand of Edward the Odd raid worthy?

    It is worthy , but i suggest Flurry Axe with T1 and JoL/SoR /Kind regards Killerduki
  10. killerduki

    Seal of righteousness double proccing judgements

    Yep , reckoning was the reason for the 3rd proc, /Kind regards Killerduki
  11. killerduki

    Killerduki is a Disgrace to my Legacy

    Unfortunately it was you who did something which was never even a Blizzlike , Weapon Swap for AoE , while in original Classic it will reduce the damage output if you swap it . Typical Feenix style (heh) Where are your Videos from Boss maintanking? Not Videos as Advertisement, but pure streams ? /Kind regards Killerduki
  12. killerduki

    Seal of righteousness double proccing judgements

    4:40 in your Video you can see (bit hard , using slow mode thru Chrome) double mana procs per swing . Double procs was removed in 2.1 Patch , which mean , in your Video it should exist and as i see it is there. Here is another Video with pre 1.9 Patch (early Vanilla) where Seal of Fury do double JoW procs per swing. Published on May 3, 2006 00:58 = Triple JoW procs. /Kind regards Killerduki
  13. killerduki

    Leveling Paladin can u guys help?

    I have found this very nice for leveling and fascinated me the most. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/22425-paladin-1-60-leveling-talent-guide/ /Kind regards Killerduki
  14. killerduki

    Leveling Ret, judging question.

    SoC didn't work properly in other projects like Kronos,Feenix,Nost because Mobs had Holy Resistance , the Ability did not scale with Spell Damage , It was not ignoring the Armor from Mobs , it was based of Spell Crit instead Melee Crit. Everything was fixed in this Project and in Original such bugs does not exist. So you can easy 1 shot things here using SoC and JoC. /Kind regards Killerduki