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  1. Leveling Paladin can u guys help?

    I have found this very nice for leveling and fascinated me the most. /Kind regards Killerduki
  2. Leveling Ret, judging question.

    SoC didn't work properly in other projects like Kronos,Feenix,Nost because Mobs had Holy Resistance , the Ability did not scale with Spell Damage , It was not ignoring the Armor from Mobs , it was based of Spell Crit instead Melee Crit. Everything was fixed in this Project and in Original such bugs does not exist. So you can easy 1 shot things here using SoC and JoC. /Kind regards Killerduki
  3. My YouTube Channel

    Amazing Video , just minor criticism if you don't mind , reduce the tone from the background music, it was really hard to hear what you say ;) . /Kind regards Killerduki
  4. Leveling Ret, judging question.

    It is fixed, you will see big difference between this Project and Kronos. Even tho it is not 100% Vanilla scripted to reduce each swing (it is quite impossible to make it 100% accurate), it is by far closest here according to Videos finding from Vanilla times . So unlike Kronos,Nostalrius,Feenix or whatever project you were before , this project have this Ability fixed. /Kind regards Killerduki
  5. Paladin mechanics

    He is good in these Hybrid Builds , i never bothered toward them much , i am just PVE Retribution/Protection Paladin. My opinion is such Hybrid Builds are PVP oriented (personal opinion) and the best person to talk about such Builds is @Theloras /Kind regards Killerduki
  6. Leveling Ret, judging question.

    I am afraid this is not correct explanation about SoTC , ill explain why is that: SoTC in bugged servers did increase Damage each swing instead of decreasing , some of these servers didn't decrease it's damage and was still doing fast swings, in Elysium this is fixed and it decrease the Damage when you use SoTC , which mean your DPS will be too low. That how it used to work in broken Private servers like Kronos , Feenix,Nostalrius , mainly because everything was broken with Paladin Abilities. Unforunately this wont work in fixed Paladin Servers like Elysium and Original WoW . SoR with JoTC do more dps than SoTC , SoC also do more dps than SoTC. SoR and SoC can do procs too with project where Paladin Abilities work (like Elysium and Original WoW) , but in projects like Kronos none of these proc or work properly. Judge Seal of Comand when target get Stun , you can 1 shot anyone with that. /Kind regards Killerduki
  7. Paladin mechanics SoC Build as Spell Damage SoR Build as Spell Damage Everything is viable , also keep in mind Kronos is really bad scripted project, nothing works properly there compare to Elysium or Original WoW . About Weapons , the slower the better for SoC Build and Proc Weapons are prio. For SoR Build , Thunderfury is op , but since it's hard to obtain well , you gotta check which one has highest procs Anyway this is just fraction of builds, there are many of them, i usually don't go for such Hybrids Builds, you might ask Theloras for these builds (for me it's a pvp builds) and he is good with such builds. I am pve oriented mainly. That is not truth , Int is very important stat, not just for Crit (which with the Builds i shown is working good and is so viable to use) , but also it's good to survive with your Mana and RNG someone. You want to use Meteor Trinket and Proc Trinkets as they also scale with such Builds + Enchants that proc + Weapons that Proc. /Kind regards Killerduki
  8. Paladin mechanics

    Seal of Command is 70% flat weapon damage + Spell Damage Coefficient + 14AP = 1 dmg + increased damage by bonuses like Sanctity = Damage that can melee Crit and is affected by Melee crit. It is called Elemental Melee school , which i under Melee Elemental table like Ragnaros swings, Elementals in Ungoro etc. Which mean it can double Crit like melee, dodge,parry, miss , partial resist (only if higher level than you) , never block! /Kind regards Killerduki
  9. Paladin mechanics

    True and that how it suppose to work. /Kind regards Killerduki
  10. Paladin mechanics

    1. From Autoattacks it is affected lot by spell power and it cannot crit but also never miss or resist, it can proc weap procs. 2. Judgement is affected by Spell Power , it can crit according to spell crit , can resist according to spell hit rules , it can partial resist according to level base resist. 1. Seal of Command is affected by Spell Power and it also increase from Attack Power at same time , it can Crit , it is not affected by Spell Crit , it is affected by Melee Crit and crit like melee 100% , It can do partial resist according to level base resist , it should never ever full resist , it can dodge/miss/parry if you lack melee hit, it can proc items/weap/veng etc . 2. Judgement of Command is affected by Spell Power , it can Crit , it is not affected by Spell Crit , it is affected by Melee Crit and crit like melee 100% , it can do partial resist according to level base resistance , it will full resist only if you lack Melee hit, it hit double damage on stunned target , it proc items from your equipment and vengeance etc . 1. It is affected by Spell Power only (attackpower is false and should never work according to AP). 2. Ticks can't and should never crit and is not affected by any crit and should never ever resist. 1. Those who have x Chance a proc should be affected by spell power , not those who have 100% proc rate, only those who have low chances or some chances. 2. Some yes , some not , depend on the weapon. 3. Yes, everything Holy Damage (not healing) should be affected by Sanctity Aura /Kind regards Killerduki
  11. Best solution is , change the company with Admission : Fuck off with your control over what i am downloading. This work extremely well everywhere in the world , when ISP company see that it is loosing it's customers , they will be forced to stop doing that. Replace it with new one and enjoy free , you should never be scared from that , they should be scared from loosing it's customers! Unless you want to remain like a flock and continue supporting what your ISP company is doing to you!. I do that and it work like shiny purple flowers! /Kind regards Killerduki
  12. So, what would you give?

    Nothing , because i like 1.12 patch ways , it's the most balanced and best to play with as a Paladin, but i know that nobody would share my views ;) /Kind regards Killerduki
  13. This is the reason why i warned that Fresh Server will never happen. Unfortunately , nobody did believed me. Now are you rather coming to Original Fresh Server or some Private Fresh Server? (Common sense). /Kind regards Killerduki
  14. I like how you openly break TOU rules , i am so sure you are going to be banned for Insulting this time. /kind regards Killerduki
  15. Transparent in my shits , LH is not transparent at all , they fake everything , it's just the ignorance by those who are emotional affected making it "transparent" . WK is just ordinary thief , scammer,gold seller and abuser . He is nowhere near to transparent at all . Then don't come back , who cares about you, neither your opinion is any valid about this project here in this forum if you are not coming back. Your main task is real , to troll the project , spill the toxic attitude against Elysium and spread the Toxic environment here. You should instead be banned. Not only that , they Ban anyone who has chosen to restore their accounts here and then they turn all the blame toward Elysium , it is well made scenario and pure dictatorship leaving no choice for people. "if you used Elysium restoration tool , you get banned from LH" ... Well it's not Elysium who is banning them , its LH and WK purely banning them hiding behind the scene and laughing at everyone. What they do this for ? Profit and personal gain for WK. /Kind regards killerduki