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  1. it's the exact opposite of that you lose title don't have to rerank for gear
  2. maggot


    delete yourself kiddo
  3. its rais auto shot timer addon take it off and try zerking aimed shot it should work (sorry don't know the fix) edit ~ zerking only runs 10% haste constantly and doesn't work off of your health totals as it should
  4. maggot

    Horde is so bad in this server

    need some young fresh talent everyone quit lol
  5. very sad indeed my friend
  6. maggot

    BG dodging

    the feels on this thread /10
  7. maggot

    BG dodging

    how feel 1-10
  8. welcome 2 the internet I'm tired of the social justice warriors
  9. yet realmplayers was literally the reason you even found out about this in the first place l u l
  10. maggot

    LF Players going R11+

    full screenshots of proof please