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  1. Lawinn

    <Lost> Horde EU

    7/9 AQ40 at the moment. Currently looking for Rogues, Warlocks, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman Any exceptionnal player will be considered Apply here : http://lostpvp.shivtr.com/
  2. This would also bring us new players there. This is a very good idea
  3. Lawinn

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    Shut up Killer, I don't want to see any of your trash post anymore. You are an annoying useless troll and nobody cares about you, thanks. Alrighty thanks, well it's mainly for rings/trinkets and also R10 Head+Shoulders VS Jin'do's helm and Silithus MP5 (over intellect/spellpower) + hit shoulders, or for instance ZG Boots vs 1% ones (at 13% hit atm instead of 16). Yea well in ZG/MC I am considering to stop Mind Blasting on trash, it drains too much mana and 1 Superior/Combat Mana pot everytime it's up, while clearing trashs, isn't even enough in general ! Do you guys happen to have a PoV SP Raiding video just for the sake of Science ? :P
  4. Lawinn

    Player is speedhacking

    He's a Shaman, therefore have Windfury. He's level 15 on Armory so I don't know about his real level but if he killed you/you saw him while beeing equal or above level 40 it is totally normal.
  5. Lawinn

    Mind Flay only ticking 2x instead of 3x?

    I can confirm (as a SP raider) that mind flay sometimes only ticks twice on a full channeling duration, with or without any addon/macro. This is definitely a bug, probably due to a server-side latency, and it is REALLY frustrating. Bringing tons of consumables to compete with other DPS and you only have 2 ticks out of 3 on your main rotation spell is NOT fine. It would be great it this could be fixed before AQ40/20 gates are opened. Thanks
  6. Lawinn

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    Hey guys, does anyone have stats weight ? I have loads of items as a Main SPriest raider and I'd like to know how much is worth 1MP5 vs Spell power vs Spirit etc. That would help me a lot, thanks EDIT: My question concerns long fights mainly :)
  7. Lawinn

    <Lost> Horde EU

    <Lost> is a Hardcore Horde side and International Hardcore PvE-oriented Guild on Anathema realm. Our main raids occurs on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 20:00 to 00:00 ST (UTC+1). We're also doing additional Raids on pretty much every other day of the week. We are using a Loot Council System. Have a look at our Raidstats on realmplayers to get your own perspective about us. We're aiming for an efficient raid that strives on synergy, trust and fun. Building a relaxed community with good players, and compete with other current top guilds is our main goal. We will always have a look at exceptional players even if the recruitment is closed for your class. Feel free to leave an application here.
  8. Lawinn

    id banned

    Hello, You should edit your post and delete the Account name and keep it private. Also, please use this section for ban appeals: https://forum.elysium-project.org/forum/351-ban-appeals/ Regards. Druid -
  9. Lawinn

    How to join the server

  10. Awesome guide my friend.
  11. All paladin that got corrupted by the Shadow forces are called Death Knights, buddy
  12. Lawinn


    What the fuck is this thread. Cool story, very original, i r8 8/8 m8