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  1. Im not sure if its allowed to ask on this forums... hope it is. So... is there any well scripted tbc realm out there or coming up which has: -1x rates -good scripting -no instand 58 or 70 or else -no transfer from other realms -no shop ? (read about hellground. sounded great and instandly got hyped until i read that ppl can chose 1x and 2x exp - so its sh!t)
  2. Geex

    Meeting stones

    back to retail pls
  3. i agree with you. i like a bit of trashtalk. but this...
  4. Geex

    [GERMAN] / DEUTSCH - Ein Tool sie zu knechten

    ok... would read again.
  5. im playing at the same resolution and i have no problem with using it on vanilla wow. update your grafic driver check your resolution on your desktop (im using displayport window mode gtx970
  6. right. i think 4k to 5k cap would be the best
  7. Geex

    Pottu, Transfers

    no transfers pls. thx. having only 2.5k to 6k online is great.
  8. dat moment when ppl think its only an afk problem xD thx for the realm
  9. Geex

    Increase population cap

    no not everyone loves 20k online. i hate it. dolower the cap to 6k.
  10. Geex

    Don't open 4th server

    old nost raised its players all the time even after 1 year. if ppl leave rhen because of the queue. i will stop playing also if the queue will be here for months. i also did quit playing on old nost after 8 or 9 month because the economy was fkd up and you werent able to farm cuz 15k online. my dream would be 5 or 6 realms and a cap of 4k to 5k