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  1. Fizzle

    Cannot Craft items I already own (heartseeker)

    At the loss of a bit of gold, you could sell the one you have, craft the other, trade it, then buyback the old one? If anyone else has a better suggestion, post now. If you believe it's a bug, why not post it on the tracker? :) Kind regards, Fizzle.
  2. Fizzle

    GMs are doing poor job

    That's a very unfair statement to post. Players don't get to see half of what the GM's are doing behind the scenes. They have a lot more on their hands than ban appeals to deal with.
  3. Fizzle


    Much appreciated :) A lot of the compromised accounts have been used for selling gold, which is what I assume has happened to your accounts. (Selling gold is against the terms of use.) Simply make a ban appeal in the sub forum if you haven't done so already and wait for a GM to investigate it. Kind regards, Fizzle.
  4. Fizzle


    It's very likely that your accounts were compromised. Read about it more here: https://elysium-project.org/news/1477152784+35
  5. On the main page, navigate to the control panel but do not login. Select the 'Forgot password' option.
  6. Fizzle

    Password reset page keeps reloading

    If you can get in game, use this: .account password oldpass newpass newpass
  7. Fizzle

    Download finished, but....

    Everything you need to know can be found on this post: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/29069-common-solutions-to-the-disconnected-error-and-english-client-download-links/ Following that, you should have no problems. If you still have problems installing, let me know and I'll go over it for you. :) Kind regards, Fizzle.
  8. Fizzle

    Difficulties Navigating

    There is a search button, it's at the very top of the page below the website logo. Log into the control panel on the main page, then go to the bug tracker to report server bugs.
  9. Anyone else that has this problem should refer to my post here: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/29069-common-solutions-to-the-disconnected-error-and-english-client-download-links/
  10. The best thing you can do now is to change your game account password through the control panel to prevent further loss.
  11. Try running the repair tool to restore the missing .dll file.
  12. Go through all of the steps on my post, hopefully one of them fixes it :) https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/29069-common-solutions-to-the-disconnected-error-and-english-client-download-links/ Done all of the steps already? Try starting again using my links and following it word for word. Kind regards, Fizzle.
  13. Fizzle

    Cannot use bug tracker

    To use the bug tracker, you must be logged into the control panel. Once logged into the control panel, go to the bug tracker tab and at the very top there's a button labelled 'Add an issue'. http://i.imgur.com/DxEUP9t.png Hope this helps! Regards, Fizzle.
  14. Fizzle

    account gone

    Although it will be a pain to do - I recommend starting over, following every step on that post. Kind regards, Fizzle.
  15. Fizzle

    Gold Missing

    This is likely to have been caused by the database that was leaked on another private server. Currency restoration is against the terms of use, in this case. The best thing you can do now is to go to the control panel on the main page and change your game account password. Sorry about that. Regards, Fizzle.