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  1. Greetings everyone, The below is an announcement specifically for our Chinese community. It's to help them create tickets and get support faster and more efficiently. 广大的中国玩家,你们好: 在过去的半年里,我们服务器团队,尝试很多种方法来帮助中国玩家并提高游戏体验。其中一个方式,就是招募中文GM,在游戏里回答玩家的问题,并给予帮助。但是,在过去的一段时间里,我们发现,由于中文GM严重不足,堆积了大量的无法及时回复的求助。所以,经过认真的讨论,我们觉得需要找到更好的方式来帮助中国玩家。 因为GM能说中文的很少,我们无法及时地回复中文求助,所以我们希望大家统一用英文发求助。为了指导中国玩家用英文填写游戏内的求助,我们编辑了这份文档。根据经验,以下这些内容,基本上包括了玩家可能遇到的大部分的问题。 1. 战场AFK 玩家 Tigerhunt 在战场里AFK。 Player Tigerhunt was afk in a battleground. 2. 双开 玩家 Tigerhunt1 和 Tigerhunt2 双开。 Player Tigerhunt1 and Tigerhunt2 are multiboxing 3. 脚本 玩家Tigerhunt 使用脚本。 Player Tigerhunt is botting. 4. 安全区利用bug杀人。 玩家Tigerhunt 在藏宝海湾安全点bug杀人。截图的链接是:https://imgur.com/ Player Tigerhunt is safe spotting in Booty Bay. Here is the screenshot link: https://imgur.com/ 注:这里一定要注明地点。如果可以,尽可能的提供截图。提供截图的方式,是将图片上传至网站,比如 https://imgur.com/,然后拷贝图片的链接。 5. 种族歧视。 玩家Tigerhunt种族歧视。这里是截图:https://imgur.com/ Player Tigerhunt was being racist. Here is the screenshot: https://imgur.com/ 注:必须提供截图。 5. 外挂 玩家Tigerhunt 在藏宝海湾使用飞行/速度 外挂。 Player Tigerhunt was Fly/Speed Hacking in Booty. 6 发送垃圾信息(买卖金币网站,升级服务等) 玩家Tigerhunt 发布买卖金币/升级服务的广告。 Player Tigerhunt was advertising gold/leveling services. 7.恶意破坏 玩家Tigerhunt 恶意破坏我的任务。服务器时间从7点到7点30, 历时半个小时。 Tigerhunt was griefing while i was in the middle of my quest for 30 minutes from 7:00 to 7:30 server time. 注:恶意破坏,前提是主观的,长时间,持续性的恶意干扰。请正确区分恶意破坏和PVP。 8. 恶意破坏猎人/牧师史诗任务 玩家Tigerhunt 恶意破坏我的猎人/牧师的史诗任务。服务器时间从7点到7点30, 历时半个小时。这是有战斗记录和恶意破坏的截图: https://imgur.com/ Tigerhunt was griefing while i was in the middle of my hunter/priest quest for 30 minutes from 7:00 to 7:30 server time. Here is the link to the logs and the griefing screen shots: https://imgur.com/ 9. 卡死 我卡住了,请问,能否将我传送去藏宝海湾。 I am stuck, would you please return me to Booty Bay? 10. 团队副本boss无掉落。 我们打掉了奈法利安,但是没有掉落物品。这里是击杀过程的录像。副本id 888. We killed Nefarian but no loot was awarded. Here is the link to the video, our raid id is 888. 注:录像是最为重要的证据,如果没有,恢复申请被拒绝。 11 虚弱buff 我有一个长达7天的虚弱buff。 I have res sickness for 7 days. 注:再死一次,用精灵复活,就会消失。 . 12 战场逃离buff 我有一个长达7天的战场逃离buff。 I have the deserter debuff for 7 days. 注:只有玩家在线的时候,才能处理。 13 任务出现bug 如果,发现任务出现bug,请先尝试 禁用插件,删除WDB文件夹,放弃并重新接受任务。如果,都没有解决,请你去网站github 或者我们的论坛发帖,寻求帮助。 14 物品恢复 我的任务物品 棍子上的胡萝卜 不见了 请帮我恢复 棍子上的胡萝卜 物品id 11122 任务id 2770 My quest reward Carrot on a Stick is missing Would you please restore it for me? Carrot on a Stick id 11122 Quest Gahz'rilla id 2770 注:我们只帮助恢复重要的任务物品,而且只有一次。在恢复前,我们要进行必须的检查,而这些检查只有在玩家在线的时候才可以进行。如果滥用申请恢复物品的权利,比如删除旧的奖励更换奖励,申请恢复没有完成的任务奖励,等等,将会导致相应的惩罚。
  2. Greetings everyone! Unfortunately, due to recent events regarding our lead developer Staden and the unfortunate lightning attack upon his home, we’re forced to temporarily delay the release of patch 1.8 on Darrowshire. This, alongside multiple performance and core fixes that will help stabilize the realms (and eliminate crashes) will be applied upon his return. (Further information regarding Staden’s situation can be found here: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/50801-explanation-for-the-server-crashes/) Sincerely, Elysium Staff
  3. Cogfather

    Conduct of CMs

    Of course, our goal is to be liked and well-received by our players at all times, as our job, of course, is to work with them, provide and receive information, and actively gauge our communities reactions to announcements, posts, etc. It's difficult to do this if we're all unlikable individuals with sticks up our nether regions who can't crack a joke once in a while. With this in mind, we try to keep a professional nature, and of course, abide by our own ToS. Speaking of our ToS, it directly states that we openly accept any and all constructive criticism, which I believe was essentially the point of this post, although it's difficult to change our actions, specifically in cases like these, without any direct examples or evidence of wrongdoing. If you have further complaints, now or in the future we have a direct forum subsection for reports, specifically for senior members of staff. (Found here: https://forum.elysium-project.org/forum/494-complaints-about-the-administration/) Please take advantage of this feature. <3
  4. Cogfather

    Herb spawn buff is gone

    Greetings! With the latest patch, we introduced an unnoticed bug that affected the spawn rates of multiple herbs. (Black Lotus, Plaguebloom, Dreamfoil, Gromsblood, Mountain Silversage, Ghost Mushroom) We are addressing the issue and will be implementing a fix within the next few days. Apologies to any and all affected by this bug, and thank you for the feedback.
  5. Greetings everyone! Effective immediately, we have implemented a new section of our Terms of Use titled “Organized Cross Faction Collaboration”, under Section D, “Griefing”, disallowing any large-scale, organized collaboration between opposite factions on all of our servers. (https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/21966-terms-of-use-rules-regulations/) We have kept a close eye upon the current situation at hand, with guilds and groups of the opposing faction working together to attempt to hold, or actively holding a monopoly on world boss spawns. We believe that this behavior, to it’s current extent, is no longer within the spirit of the game.) Example of cross-faction collusion: Alliance guild A engaged boss Horde guild B and C wipe Alliance guild A. Alliance guild B engage boss, Horde guild B and C ignore/assist Alliance guild B. Example of cross-faction collusion: 15 players have cross-faction alts, their main is Alliance in guild B. Alliance guild A pulls boss, players from guild B logs on their alts and wipe Guild A. Guild B pulls the boss/event/mob and the horde alts log off or do nothing. Sincerely, Elysium Staff
  6. Your Reddit post was removed on the sole fact that it did not abide by our ToS, and was inappropriate for a post on one of our official platforms. (Jakira's, not Ash's) actions were in good spirit and were not meant to harm or offend anyone. We apologize if our attempts to promote members of our streaming community hit a sore spot, as it certainly was not intended that way. (The chat was only muted for 3 minutes during server downtime, and would've been locked regardless of our "monthly streamer" event.) Certainly disagree, we're promoting a member of our community who, as a hobby, promotes our server to the general public. The least we can do is provide the same service back to them. As this is a monthly event, the "Streamer of the month", this is not the first nor the last time we will promote members of our community, regardless of guild or other affiliations.
  7. Cogfather

    Hardware, servers, and funds

    Going to temporarily lock this thread. As a quick statement, the PayPal account that is used is an account tied to the project that only very select members have access to, and is "safe" legally and physically. (These members do not include Shenna, for the record, who is no longer with the project.) I cannot answer the questions related to transparency with our PayPal, or other forms of payment, as it is difficult from both a legal and technical standpoint to implement, although it is something, again, we can look into and investigate possibilities. Feel free to contact the Communication team via DM here, on our forums, or over discord, and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you/anyone else may have. We want to, from the bottom of our hearts, thank everyone for your continued support to the project. <3
  8. Cogfather

    Future of Elysium

    Going to go ahead and lock this thread. Feel free to contact me with questions, and i'd be more than happy to answer them one on one. /end
  9. Cogfather

    The Future of Zeth'Kur

    Dear Zeth’Kur Community, While server population has a natural ebb and flow with content release, Zeth’Kur’s population has diminished to the point that the playing experience is being affected. Delivering a quality playing experience for all players is our number one goal. To ensure that this is the case for the Zeth’kur population, we are: Opening transfers from Zeth’Kur to: Anathema (PvP Patch 1.9 — AQ) Elysium (PvP Patch 1.3 — Same as Zeth’Kur) Darrowshire (PvE Patch 1.6 — BWL. You have to manually flag to have world PvP) When is this going to happen? Before we can provide a hard timeline we will need to resolve several technical challenges, not the least of which is ensuring the destination server’s performance is not negatively impacted by an increase in population. Select members of the development team will spend the coming weeks working on this project to ensure a smooth transition. Can I split characters on an account? No. All characters on an account will transfer from Zeth’kur to the same destination server. For example you will not be able to send some to Anathema and others to Elysium. What happens if I do not choose? If you do not choose a destination server, your characters will be moved to Anathema. You will need to ensure there are enough free character slots on the destination server (10 characters max per account per server), as we will not be able to assist you in finding lost characters due to the slots being full. As additional details are finalized we will keep the community updated. Discuss! (https://forum.elysium-project.org/forum/433-general-discussion)
  10. Starting after the maintenance on Wednesday Black Lotus, Plaguebloom, Dreamfoil, Gromsblood, Mountain Silversage, Ghost Mushroom and Icecap will spawn in far greater abundance. We will be closely monitoring the impact this has on the server, the purpose of this change is to return consumable prices to a more normal level. This may require tweaks up or down in the respawn rates. As always, we heavily encourage feedback from our community, especially with changes such as these. As of right now this change will only effect Anathema and Elysium.
  11. 1.) Will we get updated timelines in the near future? When will Darrowshire get ZG? We are still on track to release it this month. 2.) Can you get rid of these custom changes to BRD/DM/LBRS/pickpocket/Anti-Gold Farming? The main reason the changes were implemented by Nostalrius was to reduce the gold farming ability that specific classes had access to due to how MaNGOS is scripted. Rogues/Hunters for instance, have the ability to farm 100g+ an hour, by basically skipping content completely and never having to interact with anything in the instance and that blizzard addressed later on in future expansions. We nerfed these instances to reduce the amount of gold that was able to be generated from 100g+ an hour by certain classes, to about 50-75g across the board. 3.) Will Zeth'Kur be merged into Elysium? We are assessing the possibilities of what can and can't be done, and the possible outcomes. Doing a server merge is NOT an easy task, as it can have major effects on many features of the game (Economy, specifically). The 68% in favor of a merge will, I'm sure, be ecstatic if we go through, but it will more heavily affect the 32% who are not in favor. The bottom line is we're aware of our communities opinions on the matter, and are effectively evaluating our options. We'll do our best to update the masses throughout this process. 4.) Is communication going to change now that Shenna has left? I would love to hear a bit about how communications are going to be managed both internally and publicly after such a big change in staff The communication from the team both internally and externally will still continue the way it has been for the past few weeks, and will see no major public changes. Internally, we have made a few minor adjustments to organization and ranks, and help universally streamline information. Most Elysium staff can be reached via our Discord, or PM’d directly on the forums. 5.) Is the Elysium team in control of the OVH account used for hosting the servers? You guys have said in the past that Vitaliy was the OVH account holder. If he/she/it truly left, does that mean you guys have complete control over the OVH account and his name name or credentials are no longer attached to the account? Vitaliy has not been involved with the project in months, and to be clear, no longer holds any sort of position on the project. This was not forced action by us, he chose this path independently. We have full control over the OVH server box and all other related accounts. 6.) What was meant with Anathemas "autocomplete feature" for the War Effort? And how exactly will it work? A certain percentage of completion will be added per day, until the Anathema War Effort is completed. 7.) Do you have any commercial goal to try to regain the 8, 9 or 10k population ? We do not have any “commercial goal” with this project. We have no need to advertise, as we do this for the love of Legacy and nothing else. 20,000 players or 1,000 players, we receive the same benefits, which is zilch, as we are all unpaid volunteers.
  12. Please note, these are the development updates for upcoming maintenance at 11:30am GMT +1, AKA Server Time, 5/4/2017 General Improvements to the melee leeway mechanics have been made Fixed a bug that was causing negative stats to be displayed in the level up message for some classes Duel mechanics have been substantially improved Trade windows should no longer require spam clicking trade Group leadership should no longer change players when zoning Transports (boats/zeppelins) should now function for Mac users Despawn mechanics have been improved, fixing a number of quest issues involving summoned creatures Fixed a bug that was causing set bonuses to not be applied when swapping gear pieces Players should now be able to walk on water in ghost form after dying inside an instance (Onyxia's Lair, for example) Mountain Lions in Hillsbrad Foothills will no longer be stealthed Skeletons now only immune to the following: Charm, Fear, Sleep, Bleed, Polymorph, Banish Quests that teach the player a spell or ability will no longer display the Samwise placeholder icon (for example, The Affray) Fixed a bug that was causing Argent Dawn Commission to not be applied correctly in some circumstances Shift-clicking quest loot has been fixed Items Target Dummies should now drop various engineering detritus Linken's Boomerang has had its proc rate adjusted Hand of Justice no longer has an internal cooldown on procs Rogues will no longer dodge or parry their own Bloodfang set bonus proc The priest and mage tier 2 bonus buffs should no longer be displayed as a Samwise placeholder icon on the player's buff list Itemization for Anathema, Elysium and Zeth'kur has been updated to reflect their patch levels Raids & Dungeons Noxxion's damage school is now nature rather than frost Vaelastrasz's introduction speech timing has been improved Stratholme Postbox have been implemented The Spirit of Zandalar world buff now persists through death Classes & Abilities Periodic damage spells will no longer consume Improved Shadow Bolt charges Tranquil Air Totem is no longer in French Tauren druids' aquatic form appearance has been fixed Sweeping Strikes and Execute will now do full damage to both targets if both targets are below 20% HP Curse of Recklessness will now remove fear effects Players may now carry multiple ranks of Healthstones in their inventory Blackout will now only proc on shadow damage spells Polymorph health regeneration has been reduced from 33% per tick to 10% Flurry will now reapply itself on the last charge when getting a critical strike Tranquility channeling will no longer be interrupted by a player dying or going out of range of the effect Quests The Warchief's Blessing event has been implemented, granting the 'Warchief's Blessing' buff upon completion Compendium of the Fallen is now available to undead players Extinguishing the Idol's escort has been improved Letter to Stormpike now requires a prequest, Encrypted Letter, to be completed Archmage Xylem's gossip has been made available Fixed a bug where some quests were unable to be completed without abandoning and accepting the quest again (for example, the Blasted Lands consumable quests) A Humble Offering has been disabled on Anathema and any recipients of the reward ring will have the item removed, with an Abyssal Scepter being mailed as a refund Corrected dialogue in Woodland Protector Horde can now accept the Hive in the Tower quest in Silithus Fixed typos in quest dialogues involving Fandral Staghelm Fixed typos in Beer Basted Boar Ribs Fixed typos in Grimtotem Spying Misc. A number of corrections to NPC stats and abilities have been made Open Source Almost a month ago, now, we announced that Elysium would be going open source. Through all of this, it’s been a wonderful step in the right direction for both the Elysium project, and the legacy movement in general. We wish to continue and reach out our arms to new, aspiring developers as well as veteran developers, to join the Open source community we have established. We'd like to thank all of our contributors to the open source project for many of the fixes provided below. We've been encouraged by many of the excellent fixes submitted and issues reported and look forwards to continue to work with our community on improving the project. As a final note, we'll be running Ahn'qiraj testing this weekend with guilds selected from the Anathema application process.
  13. The amount of tickets we receive versus the amount of individuals actively participating in this sort of behavior is not favorable for the GM's. We certainly do our best to moderate this sort of thing, but our team cannot be everywhere at once. We most definitely need the assistance of our players in a matter like this.
  14. Cogfather

    The Zeth'Kur problem

    I think I should apologize for not keeping everyone in the know, so let's quickly address this. We are assessing the possibilities of what can and can't be done, and the possible outcomes. Doing a server merge is NOT an easy task, as it can have major effects on many features of the game (Economy, specifically). The 68% in favor of a merge will, I'm sure, be ecstatic if we go through, but it will more heavily effect the 32% who are not in favor. The bottom line is we're aware of our communities opinions on the matter, and are effectively evaluating our options. We'll do our best to update the masses throughout this process.
  15. Cogfather

    Elysium Delay problem

    We have had very few reports of major latency issues not associated with the downing of our proxy. I've passed it along to our development team who will further investigate. Thanks for the report! :)