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  1. Did you check if they were on?
  2. I have had the pleasure of double speed dragons recently. 5 ony deep breaths in under 1 min and stuff. Seems something is up on occasion.
  3. This is super vague. Are you trying to say they aren't working outside instances?
  4. This has gotten way too long. There are a decent amount of R14s who have probably had super awesome stats at the end of a bg. If that was all he was doing, he would still have his acct.
  5. The news article I saw was that the law in China was effective immediately. Either way, if you've ever played with an Australian, you'll get a real good reason why they use VPNs.
  6. Mealticket

    1.0 talent trees

    Why do you want 1.0? Vanilla gaming has a 1.12.1 talent trees on the database.
  7. Mealticket

    XP Lock for Twinks?

    Step 1, have 60 clear a path in your preferred instance at greater than 100yds in game distance. While standing outside Step 2, stand at the entrance while boss x is killed with ffa loot on. Step 3, check for desired loot. It's not the easiest thing to do, but you are creating your own game after all.
  8. China banned VPNs. The numbers were inflated by the character screen not timing out. There were never good times to farm anything, welcome to a more pure experience. Imo, 6-7k at peak is a sweet spot for getting all manner of things accomplished. Anymore than that and you flood every zone at all hours and the view distance on Anathema has improved by quite a bit.
  9. Mealticket


    I'm wary of the authentication tool simply because 90% of the time for me is hotspot off my phone and occasionally WiFi I pick up in various parts of the US, including my home (that I'm usually not anywhere near). I'm all about security, but how many hoops would I have to go through if I'm in an area with poor cell service and I want to play at, say, a hotel?
  10. Mealticket

    Question about future of server

    Blizzard didn't shut down the server. It was more of a bargaining tool used by Nost to get blizz sponsored vanilla servers.
  11. As a fisherman who plays without game sounds, I never hear it. Doesn't bother me 1 bit and didn't notice. I got a trunk the other day... Low drops gonna be low.
  12. Honestly, you can view the Nost server as progression post ZG, so half content is available when you start. The Elysium server is straight progression from 0. That's why the timeline exists in the first place. Personally, servers with all content and servers with 1 year time lines don't interest me at all.
  13. You mean to tell me that there are downsides to a fresh server? Like lack of content? Man, sure wish someone had brought this up months ago... All sarcasm aside, it is entirely blizzlike to spend months in a raid before having anything else to do. If you want the "level playing field", it should also allow for others with less than 10 hours to play each day to keep up, at the very least, with raid time lines. In my opinion, the time line should resemble the blizz timeline. Even after 7 months, you may not get that bis item you've been after. No need to rush through a finite content game.
  14. Mealticket

    Debuff slot confusion

    No one tell him that mindflay is also a debuff.
  15. Gonna share this everywhere like the other one to prove server gonna be lit with 720 players.