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  1. Ntbud

    Leveling spec for duoing with a Warrior?

    What do you mean by Holy with AoE? Do you mean just drop a consecrate while healing? What kind of AoE does Pally have other than Conc?
  2. So my friend and I decided to start up a couple characters to level together with. I rolled Pally he did a Warrior, we plan on grouping / questing / doing 5 mans etc. all the way to 60. Well probably spend 90% of the time together leveling, won't be playing solo very much. Consider that, which spec do you guys suggest best for duo leveling with a Warrior? Should I go Holy and get the -70% push back on my heals, along with conc? Should I just go Ret as I most likely would if soloing and just throw off flash heals to keep our questing downtime to a minimum? Should I go Prot and try to do .... something? Which spec do you guys think would make leveling with a Warrior pal the fastest and in general would be the most beneficial?
  3. Ntbud

    Elysium PvP down?

    Edit: Nm back up! Woo!
  4. Just got 30 on my Shaman, so far I've been using a Dagger + Flametongue weapon and it's been working well. Would be faster leveling now for me to go grab a Corpsemaker now that I have Windfury? Or should I stick with Dagger + Flametongue?
  5. Seems like most horde guilds raid around 8-9pm EST, was wondering if anyone knows of any Horde guilds that started their raids a little later than that, like around 10:30pm-11pm etc. ? I checked the first 2 pages on this forum, didn't come across any, unless I overlooked them.
  6. This has got to be some of the lamest shit I've ever seen lmao. I wonder if after making the video he felt a sense of pride, like as if he actually achieved something? Lol.
  7. Ntbud

    About Pottu's message

    He's talking about the Blind Hunter rare spawn from RFK. It's a giant brown bat, looks like the Kraul Bats in RFK. It's not god like in leveling or anything like that, it's damage is what it should be. It's just that when you try to fear it or use other types of CC on it you'll get the "Immune" message. Pretty fucking amazing in PvP
  8. Ntbud

    My staff is a good one

    Lol this is awesome.
  9. Dude that works perfectly, thank you!
  10. Was wondering if there is a macro or addon that would allow me to dispell myself with the Felhunter ability without having to target myself first? Kind of like how the QuickHeal addon works where you stay targeted on the enemy but spam the macro and it auto heals people in your raid without targeting them. Currently I just use a simple macro of "/target self" then "/script CastPetAction(5);", which works fine. However when doing it quickly to get out of a nova for example it can sometimes take a second or two to get your original target back, especially in bigger group fights. So I was just hoping to find a way I could stay targeted on a specific person, then hit a macro to make my Felhunter dispell me, while keeping me on the same target. Any ideas?
  11. Nost 2.0 is just the test server for patches and updates to make sure they're working before being applied to the other servers. For example when AQ comes out you guys will iron out all the bugs and problems with it for a few months before it's in great condition and applied to the fresh servers for us. I for one thank you Nost 2.0 players for being the guinea pigs that give me the silky smooth gaming experience on Elysium. Nothing but love brothers. #Feelsgoodman
  12. Was wondering if there is any late night NA players who have been PvPing recently (all leveling brackets) around the hours of 9pm - 4am EST? If so, what have the queue times been like for you so far?
  13. Ntbud

    Elemental Sham 39 PVP

    Glad to see you doing more videos, looking forward to you @ 60. But yah, lose the MPQ cause they'll ban you for it here lol.
  14. Ntbud

    Warlock Leveling Advice

    Warlocks are insanely amazing at soloing both elites and multiple mobs. In fact I soloed all the Wailing Caverns elite quests on my own outside of the instances killing the elite slimes / dinos. You can do incredible things as a lock simply because of fear. I typically fight 2-3 mobs at a time and don't have many mana issues so long as I manage the spells correctly and don't get many resists, but even then 2-3 life taps and a bandage and you're back to enough hp/mana to continue going. I'll list a couple random thing's that might help with your leveling and take from it what you will. All the spells you use for leveling you get naturally as you level, you don't really "need" any talented spells so your leveling spec doesn't really matter to be honest, they can all do well. The only *must* haves are Improved Lifetap and Corruption, those are the most important talents for any build. Even going Destro is great for leveling and if you're on one of the fresh PvP servers I'd even go as far as recommending it because once you hit 25-30 there is going to be A LOT of PvP and having 1.5second Immolate / 2.5second Shadowbolts, 5% crit chance, 100% Crit dmg and instant cast Shadowburn is going to help ALOT when it comes to PvPing. However like I said spec doesn't really matter and you can level fine with any of them, just make sure you have Imp Corruption / Life tap. Aggro can be issue if you're not sure what you're doing and pull the wrong way. Never pull with a Shadowbolt, and you probably shouldn't pull with a wand hit or Immolate either unless there is other people around and you need to secure a mob tag. Instead pull with Agony or Corruption because they're instant cast and don't do any damage right off the bat so the first hit from your pet should pull aggro off of you, especially with Agony since it's first tick of dmg is really low. Also as soon as your pet is in range of the mob, use his taunt/aggro ability right away, then put up your other dots. However the more dots you do, the more mana issues you'll have. If I am fighting mobs my level or 1-3 under me, then I'll only use Corruption and Immolate. If I am fighting mobs 1-3 levels above me, then Ill use Agony, Corruption and Immolate. Toggle off auto cast pet taunt (just right click it on pet bar so it isn't glowing). If you have it on auto cast your pet will waste 1-2 taunts per mob that aren't needed and will go out of mana after 4-5 mobs, which will slow down your over all leveling time. Typically you only need 2-3 pet taunts total to keep the mob on your pet. As for actually killing the mob, DON'T rely only on spell / dot damage or you will have mana problems. Use your wand and just pretend it's another dot. Try to keep it updated to within 3-5 levels of yourself. Also don't start wanding until your pet's 2nd taunt has gone off, or else you will probably pull aggro on the 2nd-3rd wand hit. A typical kill rotation for something my level (or 1-3 under) when I am grinding and trying to be efficient so I can non-stop kill without any downtime is usually like this. Corruption > Send Pet / Pet Taunt > Immolate > Wait 1-2 seconds > 2nd Pet Taunt > Start wanding. The mob will usually die within a second or 2 after the dots have worn off, and you'll be at like 90%+ mana still with your pet's mana 90% as well. If the mob is 1-3 levels higher than me then it will probably something like this. Agony > Send Pet / Taunt > Corruption > Wait 1 second > Immolate > 2nd Pet Taunt > Start wanding > 3rd Pet Taunt. Depending on the level / resists the mob should stay on the pet until it dies, if it comes to you sooner just Shadowburn it (If you have it) or face tank it and finish wanding it down because once it's on you its not going back to your pet. For fighting multiple mobs it's pretty similar except you'll use all 3 dots on both because you'll have less wanding time, as well as having 1 feared. Also if you have your pet taunt bound to a key (NOT on auto cast) then you'll have to tab between the mobs every 5 seconds to get 3 taunts off. I'll assume you're doing that. A typical rotation for something your level would probably go like this. Pull mob #1 with Agony > Send Pet / Taunt > Corruption. Pull mob #2 with Agony > Corruption > Tab to mob #1 and Pet Taunt #2 > Tab back to mob #2 and Immolate > Fear > Tab back to mob #1 and Immolate > Pet Taunt 3 > Wand it down > Tab to mob #2 Send pet (no taunts) > Wand it down. You should be able to keep this consistently so long as you don't have many resists and you bandage / lifetap when needed. Don't worry about doing 3 mobs at a time because it isn't really needed and you'll have mana issues after a few pulls without decent gear. Speaking of gear, try to get "Of the Eagle" pieces or anything with Stam / Int on it. Prioritize Stam over Int because you'll inevitably be taking a few hits when a pet taunt is resisted or if a fear breaks early etc. Not to mention like I said if you're on a PvP server you're going to probably be getting in a lot of fights and HP is the only thing you need to worry about in PvP as a lock. That's should be pretty much it in regards to managing aggro and mana while leveling. Also there are multiple different ways to level as a lock (drain tanking, bursting etc.) and they all work, this is just the way I found to be most efficient to continuously grind without any downtime or other issues.
  15. Wondering if any of you know of some fairly decent Shadow Priest PvP videos, or maybe a streamer with VODs saved? Most of what I've found on YouTube is really old videos of people keyboard turning and clicking, with the exception of Zzi and Darthsotek. Anyone know of some others?