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  1. a naked warrior with 5/5 deflection and shield block up is "unhittable" by white attacks. mob special attacks are indeed on a 2 roll system though which means that a broodlord mortal strike for example can land as a blocked crit. The only way to avoid this is to get the 440 def cap. so yeah its true
  2. vido

    Dual Wield OH Question

    dw fury with a thrash blade is optimal until 60, sitting down to proc enrage becomes a real chore though. ideally you should also have a good 2h for cleaving 2 mob pulls.
  3. vido

    BRE nerf

    BRE was buffed in patch 1.10 to the 3 stack proc.
  4. vido

    2h fury warrior

    the hit cap is 9% with 300 weapon skill, this is going by the source code. additional weapon skill decreases the cap. +5 gives 6% hit cap past five it's 0.1% hit per point assuming that the mob defense/attack rating difference is more than 10 of course.. .
  5. vido

    Blocked crits?

    block and crit does not overlap on the attack table. yellow attacks are on a two roll system just like caster spells, first roll checks for a hit/miss/crit then the second roll uses the attack table.
  6. vido

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    Herioc Strike cooldown i.e. frequency and Execute DPS is calculated using RagePS. Nice one for catching that.
  7. vido

    2Handed warrior specc?

    nah, it's cool in MC with all the cleave fights. it can get rage starved in pre raid gear though.
  8. vido

    Fury PvE Endgame Rotation

    Funny how in reality it's better to sit in battle and skip WW than sit in zerker and skip OP. Even more so with world buffs since OP scales better, and you have a effectively higher crit cap in battle stance know that i mention it
  9. vido

    2Handed warrior specc?

    keep in mind also that 31/5/15 made more sense before 1.10, when shield slam sucked. 2h fury with 4/5 imp slam is cool, but it's hardly a dps increase since you don't have many windows of opportunity to use slam effectively in conjunction with flurry. Now arms spec is super fun to raid with and using slam becomes mandatory for good dps, you'll even use it during execute phase between swings. Come up with an excuse for you raid leader like you're ranking, and then enjoy yourself. Topping meters in MC is easy with all the cleave fights, and it's amazing in BWL for p1 Nef.
  10. vido

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    WhiteMHConnects is wrong, I used WeaponSpeed/FinalSpeed to account for the fact that Windfury is a WhiteMHConnect for example but it can't proc Ironfoe (assuming scripts are blizzlike). I've roughly worked out how to calculate an exact average BRE stacks/uptime, I think the proc rate is 10-15%? Also what exactly are you trying to accomplish with 2h, one of the main reasons I worked on the sheet in the first place was to get a good figure on 2h dps and optimal slam/execute rotations.
  11. vido

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    I took the info from the page and jigged the formulas so they look similar to the source code and added bonus weapon skill to take into account the 0.04% per rating gain from gear/racials. Ill edit out the >0 formula, I made a mistake, it's wrong. For all skill differences greater >= -10 it's the same calculation. ELI5: Weapon skill rating that is capped by your level and trained affects yellow and white miss chancie by a factor of 0.1 or 0.2 per rating difference while bonus skill from gear/racials is modified by only 0.04 per rating added.
  12. vido

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    Thanks for the link to the source. After seeing that mess with my own eyes, looks like I'll have to add my own 2 cents. I'll start with hit. Here are roughly the correct formulas http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Miss?oldid=356356 It wasn't written to the last detail, so you'll have to put some brain cells to use to figure out where bonus weapon skills come in. Looking at hit formulas that were given by blizzard in later expansions is a good start if anyone is interested. Miss chance for player/mob attacking player: 5% - (BaseSkilldif + BonusSkill)*0.04 where BaseSkilldif is (attack - defense rating) and BonusSkill is the sum of attack rating bonuses from equipment. Miss chance for player/mob attacking mob: If (BaseSkilldif <-10): 5% - BaseSkilldif*0.2 - BonusSkill*0.04 Else: 5% - BaseSkilldif*0.1 - BonusSkill*0.04 Notice that bonus skill from gear is only affected by a 0.04 modifier. In 2.0.1 patchnotes only the glancing effect was nerfed for weapon skills, so the logical conclusion is that the miss component of bonus weapon skill must have had a small modifier at best (0.04). Miss chance for player/mob attacking a level 9 or less mob: 5%*(MobLvl*0.1) Dual Wielding adds a flate rate of 19% miss to the white attack table. Now on to glancing blows, here's another page from the same source (Beaza) http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Weapon_skill?oldid=349298 . Ignore everything apart from the glancing blow section, the rest is incorrect information from older revisions before Beaza's edit. These formulas given from back in 2006, agree entirely with the information that we've only since learned on glancing blows in TBC/WoTLK. The differentiation of caster class glancing blows was kept until patch 3.3 in WoTLK http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/672431-Patch-3-3-Patch-Notes-Update. Also WoTLK glancing formulas based on maximum and minimum damage factors are given in Landsoul's compendium. Let's distill the formulas from the source: Chance of a glancing blow occurring: Melee classes: 10% - 2%*BaseSkillDif. Mages, Warlocks and Priests: Levels 1-10: 0% Levels 11-29: (Lvl - 10) * 3% Level 30 and higher: 60% Percent damage dealt by a glancing blow is randomized between a maximum and minimum factor: Melee classes (Skilldif = base+bonus defense - base+bonus attack rating) : Maximum Damage Factor: 0.2 <= 1.2 - 0.03 *Skilldif <= 0.99 Minimum Damage Factor: 0.01 <= 1.3 - 0.05 *Skilldif <= 0.91 Casters: Maximum Damage Factor: 0.2 <= (1.2 - 0.03 *Skilldif) - 0.3 <= 0.99 Minimum Damage Factor: 0.01 <= (1.3 - 0.05 *Skilldif) - 0.7 <= 0.6 The average reduction is (max+min)/2.
  13. vido

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    I think I spent 2 solid days going through the calculations in the spreadsheet and doing it my own way to make sure everything was accurate and then fixing stuff like heroic strike, rage efficiency etc. I spent a lot of time after I finished determining optimal execute rotations, if slam is viable and making bis lists. Weapon skill formulas differ between servers so I didn't bother about that, anyway you can only polish the turd of the original spreadsheet so far until making a new one would make more sense. I planned on reworking landsoul's wotlk sheet, but I don't have the time or a motivation. I thought no one would go through the formulas I wrote in detail, but here we are. Btw the miss chance formulas should differentiate between base weapon skill (determined by level and debuffs) and +skill from equipment (0.04% hit per point). Perhaps it's just butchered on this server and +skill on items are being treated the same as level differences or debuffs, or it could be more likely that there's more going on in the source that your guildmate missed. Make sure he looks at the white attack tables. Yellow attacks are on a different two roll table (think of them as melee spells), weapon skill shouldn't affect this. Basemiss should only take into account base weapon skill, then later miss calculations on the white attack table can take into account +skill from equipment, 19% DW miss, + hit% from gear/buffs. While yellow attack table just uses basemiss with hit% added.
  14. vido

    [2h Fury] questions about 2h fury for levelling

    go for imp slam, 30-36 it will be your bread and butter. Especially if you land the 4.00 spd from the alteric mountains rare ogre.
  15. Your offhand will always glance, windfury will glance, ironfoe and hoj procs will glance and you won't necessarily have 100% HS uptime either. Which means that crit capping is an issue due to the attack table priority of glancing blows, dodges, parries, misses. In naxx gear with world buffs, 20 agi is only equivalent to roughly 15 str assuming that the extra crit wont put you over the cap.