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  1. Dreadwise

    Druid Balance wPvP

    Aye but surviving the nukes is something druids are quite capable of when they are played correctly (hard for you to do it in duels though due to limited range).The increased health means you need to burn more mana on the offensive. The more health they have, the harder it gets. Resistance sets turns the match in your favour and while you can beat said classes sometimes without it and with a bit of luck, it is handy to have ready with Itemrack.
  2. Dreadwise

    Druid Balance wPvP

    Decent vid, you seem to know what you're doing and it is always fun to see some exotic specs even though it relies on your foes being average. @Pichler: The factor of gear is in the druid's favour the weaker the gear era is. When the rogue/mage sits with AQ40/T3 gear the fight is likely to be over very quickly as the increased health on the foes / more mana burnt on healing/shifting will likely run the druid oom in no time. If you are to compete as a druid in the end game you need the R13 gear/AQ40/Naxx loot.
  3. Dreadwise

    PVP Queue System

    B-ard did just that - and look where that got them. Gear is never about skill these days. PvE is easy and PvP is easy. The difficulty in obtaining the R14 comes in form of being able to afford playing 16+ h/day. If you change that to say, require a rating like arenas, then people will just ditch PvP in favor for the easy PvE gear (which in time will become even stronger), resulting in longer PvP queues and even more premades in order to achieve no penalty, because all of a sudden there are fewer solo queuers. Let's not forget that this version of the game is very old and most people know how to play the game, I suspect that if you bring in some kind of rating system, it will just end with the PvP gear becoming even more common, thus removing its shine. As for the last line. There is nothing that makes you being automatically respected due to a higher rank or rating, how that is observed is strictly personal. Some people will respect you, others won't care and some will even think the rank makes you a weaker player, it is in the eye of the beholder.
  4. Dreadwise

    PVP Queue System

    Sorry to say this, but this is one of the downsides you have to bear with due to how the vanilla PvP grind works. The rush to R14 requires you to premade constantly and always go for easy honor and boring games over other premades or fun fights. Queue dodging, wintrading etc, it is all part of it. If you wish for a change to the issue of facing premades who drops queues vs other premades, then you need to change the entire PvP system. The only thing that can be done is to add numbers for the BGs, but even that will not always save you.
  5. Dreadwise

    A pvp video by Glemt

    Needs more disturbed/linking park.
  6. Dreadwise

    best player(s) per class

    No. Not really. We all know the bezt player was Desmontiq.
  7. Dreadwise

    PvP on PvE Server?

    There will always be PvPers regardless of where you roll. However, you can expect the main bulk of the PvP core to roll one of the PvP realms.
  8. Dreadwise

    best player(s) per class

    Well it was a while since one played heh.
  9. Dreadwise

    best player(s) per class

    The players I have found to be best/deadly/annoying: Druid: Vapid, Fermelina, Brtan, Lich. Hunter: Agatha, Myroxx. Mage: Iolwtf, Cache, Soviethammer, Vujke, Bax. Paladin: Mirox, Distiller, Ebonheart, Nizeone. Priest: Provida, Oidde, Veeruli. Rogue: Sarrik, Lithon, Kawasumiqt, Corps, Fallenwoozy. Shaman: Bloodskull, Schakalen. Warlock: Seuche, Wrathcaster, Dusch, Regn, Crashie, Chy. Warrior: Crackadia, Fishtank, Vouno, Gsom.
  10. Dreadwise

    hello friends

    Hey nice to see ya again Iolwtf, I certainly am.
  11. Dreadwise

    Shadowpriest in Vanilla PvP

    Shadowpriests are decent 1 vs 1 but most SPs tend to be horde due to Wotf greatly reducing your chances of winning. Your counters will depend on what time in vanilla you're at. You have far less counters in early vanilla but a ton during AQ40/Naxx. Your gear will also play a huge part as SPs run oom rather quickly. Warriors: You will sweep them unless they try really hard with reflectors/consumables (assuming you do not). Warlocks: You will have a slight advantage during early vanilla, but they will blast you to pieces later on. Demo locks will eat you alive. Shamans (if you are alliance): Enh/ele will be annoying due to their purges and their random nature for getting high bursts off + TT/GT. Resto can't really hurt you. Rogues: Regardless of what people say, a rogue with full CDs will destroy you in most cases, it gets worse when they get better gear. Priest: A mirror duel is all about managing your mana. A disc/holy duel is likely to come down to LoS/mana. Paladin (if you are horde): This one should be in the bag for you, but look out for paladins with a 4x reckoning stacked. They are annoying though due to their cleanse. Mage: Early game you kill them, late game they kill you. Hunter: If the hunter got brains he will trap you or pop AotC and outrun you while your mana pool goes down to 0%, while u can't do anything about it. No brain = You win. Druid: You will kill them if they stay within range, but you can't slow them down (apart from with MF) so a good druid will likely exploit this. In closing, you can beat a lot of classes and specs 1v1 but a lot will come down to your gear, your trinkets/misc items and the skill of the foe. Best of luck!