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  1. Hey, everyone, he must be a nice person becasue he knows he is!
  2. weemann86

    <Authentic> (H) NA Progression Guild EST

    Well lets start off that our fellow guildies were also complaining about the ninja stuff as well as many people in different pugs. You have a right to your opinion, but is toxic now considered everyone greeting and saying hello to everyone, welcoming all new guildies asking all guildies first about pugs, is today opposite day? On many occasions it has been said about you stealing loot, as well as you flooding our Discord with racist slurs and being a very abrasive person to others its not about shadiness, the guild decided it would be best. We dont want that kind of behavior representing our our good group, and we have right to do that. Behavior like that in our guild is not tolerated, and we cannot be blamed for doing what was best for the guild.
  3. weemann86

    <Authentic> (H) NA Progression Guild EST

    Sounds good, bump
  4. Yeah because what we need is even more people camping for the same mob to where most quests in the Barrens are already extremley difficult and tedious to complete! Great idea!
  5. weemann86

    <Authentic> (H) NA Progression Guild EST

    Still pretty low like accepting 1-2 more spots ATM, but your welcome and would have a spot on possible team 2
  6. weemann86

    <Authentic> (H) NA Progression Guild EST

    We dont really need warriors, but your welcome to apply
  7. weemann86

    [A] EU <Adept> Progressive Raiding: Recruitinng Now!

    You are bumping this way too aggressively :P
  8. weemann86

    <Authentic> (H) NA Progression Guild EST

    Tomorrow is the big day 1 day before we all meet up!
  9. weemann86

    <Authentic> (H) NA Progression Guild EST

    2 days to go. Wish I could kill time faster
  10. Seeing as nobody has even entered the server so far...... I'd just wait to see how things play out
  11. As of right now what I've seen in my guild is Druids are scarce. We are trying to recruit 2-3 Resto and 1 off-spec, but we don't have any yet so I see you being able to find a spot somewhere
  12. weemann86

    <Authentic> (H) NA Progression Guild EST

    Really enjoying what we've put foward so far, I'm excited for launch with everyone.
  13. weemann86

    <Authentic> (H) NA Progression Guild EST

    Come one come all
  14. weemann86

    <Authentic> (H) NA Progression Guild EST

    still rounding people up!