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  1. I was grouped. It doesn't matter because once you step in there, you don't get any down time. Casters will go oom, if you have a healer they will be oom in no time, and everyone dies anyway. Not THAT big a deal, but the spawns are definitely waaay too fast. On the bright side, it's hilarious watching someone running out of the tunnel with 9 angry kobolds on their tail.
  2. Bwer ner ner neeeeeeeeer!!! Now I have that song stuck in my head, thanks.
  3. This is the most annoying thing. Well, this and having some mobs spawn so fast you can't get away from them and die repeatedly. I'M LOOKING AT YOU FARGODEEP MINE... That place is like a roach motel for players. Noobs check in, but they don't check out.
  4. Papajimboh

    Dire Maul Open on Elysium

    LF Healer, VC North. #kappa
  5. Papajimboh

    Stop the password spam, please

    I honestly thought it was a new creative idea by the gold spammers to get people's passwords and had to go check the Discord (site was down) to see other people talking about it. It is sort of annoying. Having it pop up once when you log in would be more than sufficient, and not a bother. Even if it's every time you log in, at least it's just that once, like a guild message of the day. Why not do that?
  6. Papajimboh

    Factions Imbalance

    As long as the imbalance doesn't get out of control, I've found it leads to a better play experience for the side with fewer people. You'll see more people banding together to fight the larger numbers. You'll see tighter guilds that stick up for one another. You'll see lower queue times in BGs. People will be more likely to respond to gankers because they hate them as much as you do. It's a different style for both sides. I've played on both factions on both PvE and PvP servers over the years, and there are pros and cons to both sides. It's almost never 50/50 on a PvP server though. Look at retail. Some servers are pretty even, but a TON are so one sided it's laughable. Like 70% or more on one faction.
  7. Papajimboh

    I Support Nostalrius

    I don't support Nost because I don't support Blizzard. It's not the same Blizzard. I mean, it's ACTUALLY not the same people. The people who built the game, who poured their hearts into it, who loved it and the players who loved their creation. Almost all of them are gone. The people who are there now are... well I actually have no idea what they are because I have no idea WHO they are. But they aren't connected with the community. They aren't connected with the game. They don't seem to even know the lore, and they sure as hell don't know how to keep the game going in the right direction. So would I ever support Blizzard again? Sure, if they rehired the people who actually care about the game they created and the players who made the game so popular. As of right now, Nost and Blizzard can both suck it.
  8. Retail plebs coming over here to try and find juicy tidbits to post on their retail forum troll threads. All they're saying is "hurr hurr salt hurr hurr popcorn hurr hurr tears" repeatedly. lol Just showing again that sheep have no minds of their own.
  9. Papajimboh

    I don't know what's going on

    Maybe Nost's goal is to continue fighting for legacy from Blizzard, but honestly I don't even care about that any more. I'd rather play Vanilla elsewhere than pay Blizzard for it at this point. They've had their chance and brushed us off like flies for simply asking for something they are more than capable of doing. I don't want Blizzard Legacy anymore. I want pirated Vanilla servers where I can play the game how it was before they screwed it up so they don't get a cent from me for it.
  10. Well I hope the poll is accurate, because when I voted it was exactly 50/50 :D
  11. Papajimboh

    Transfer Char

    You said on Jan 1 you were level 22, and now you're 30, so you're still playing on the PvE server. If you had just rerolled then instead of continuing on that server, you could almost be caught up by now. Especially if they were helping you.
  12. Papajimboh

    A lot of people afk

    I had just assumed there already was too until I found out on accident there isn't an auto DC. It only sends you to the character screen. I was online and just left to go watch TV thinking it would log me out anyway, but when I came back a few hours later I was still on the character select screen. (Was on the PvE server, so I wasn't hogging a queue spot or anything.) There should definitely be a way to auto kick people who are afk, and especially if they are botting. Maybe regular resets every hour for the first week or a fresh server or something to bump the AFKers. Sucks if you're questing and get kicked, but also sucks when you're in a 20k queue while other people are already getting close to being able to run their first dungeon. lol
  13. Papajimboh

    So much for elysium VANILA !

    I wish they had the same fast respawn of lootable items. :D Fun when you have a quest item and there's only one on a 2-3 minute respawn and there are over a thousand people who need it at the same time. lol
  14. Papajimboh

    The duke needs time to think

    Wow, I was on the edge of my seat the entire ride. 5/7 would read again. Will the duke retire? Will he be back? Will he get some rest? NOBODY KNOWS!
  15. This made me actually throw my head back and cackle with glee. This person is the real MVP and wins the internets for the year.