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  1. Have you ever considered Crogge and Shenna are lying to you and keeping you from what they are really up to? Just like they did with the LH staff who used to work for the EP?
  2. But the betrayal of trust by Shenna and Crogge far exceeds whatever LH did. At least there is a thread of logic to what Whitekidney did, to remove the hands of the project from those who were abusing their position, for the betterment of the community. The only people that this project can appeal to are those who want a fresh server (sadly the dumbest type of people). Good luck to EP.
  3. You cannot play on this project again after what Shenna and Crogge did. What they did is simply too hard to forgive, the trust is forever gone. Good luck to all those foolish enough to play here.
  4. Amph

    Blue PvP gear update

    I'm not making it up... the "updated" rare pvp gear are new items with new item IDs, so you will need to re-rank to R10 to get them (lifetime rank does not count). The updated epic pvp gear is an actual update of the existing epic pvp gears stats, so no re-ranking is necessary.
  5. Amph

    Meanwhile in AB

    Excellent ninja/peel potential in that team.
  6. Amph

    Blue PvP gear update

    For the blue gear you will need to re-rank. For epic warlord set you won't.
  7. Given how unblizzlike the development team has been with other pvp changes (hello 3 man premade cap), it's galling how stubbornly blizzlike they are being with the release of the updated pvp gear.
  8. Amph


    Honorablecow should have killed and corpse camped you like a true member of the Horde.
  9. Amph

    Making money as a 60 Druid with no profs

    He has no professions.
  10. Amph

    Making money as a 60 Druid with no profs

    Don't expect to be able to afford an epic mount if you spend 95% of your time in BGs.
  11. It shows how much you actually read the suggestion board then, because there have been multiple posts to that effect on that forum.
  12. Hudson, could you explain this post by Shenna: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/30420-elysium-pvp-—-itemization-update/ "Final PVP Update The final PVP update will be 2 weeks after the release of the Ahn’Qiraj launch for all realms. The stat updates for the Nostalrius PVP realm will not be reverted. After much deliberation, we felt that we wanted to provide incentive for PvP players to participate in the game mode and feel rewarded without sacrificing PvE balance. As the updated PvP sets and weapons are intended to compete with AQ40 weapons and gear, this timing felt like an appropriate compromise. This decision is final and will not be adjusted any further." Timeline says Naxx, Shenna says AQ. Both are too late if you actually want rankers to bother playing here. For the good of the server I hope the devs consider making a non-blizzlike change and releasing it with ZG.
  13. Actually you're wrong, but not far off. Oyoyo puts three points into thick hide instead of feral instinct. You can see the talents he uses 20s into the second video, as Qabbani has already said.