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  1. Again, if you had the the basic literacy level to read a sentence and the intelligence to think before you say/do, you wouldn't have posted this. I'll quote what I said Whether I'm against it or not, what is the communities view on this? Please don't take this as a whinge post, just want a discussion
  2. Its not a whine post because I'm not complaining about it, I'm asking people for their opinions. It took me probably five minutes to SS and post this topic? I don't get why you're being so negative, you still haven't posted your opinion on what the topic is asking for.
  3. Whether you're for or against the fresh server, it doesn't matter. The staff have made up their minds and have most likely planned whats going to happen already in their time frame. Whether you like it or not, new players are going to roll on Nost PVP and Elysium PVP while old players are going to roll on Nost PVP and Elysium PVP. The peak of a server/realm population back then was 3k players.. Nostalrius PVP on 17th December had around 10k - 11k. Splitting our huge population between two servers will be a good thing. No matter what side you're on, stop complaining and abusing everyone. Its too reminiscent of the toxic communities of games like League Of Legends. Just because you think you're right doesn't mean everyone else is wrong, read the quote in my signature and make sense of things.
  4. You're not intelligent enough to have a discussion. I said: "Whether I'm against it or not, what is the communities view on this? Please don't take this as a whinge post, just want a discussion"
  5. Yeah I understand but what is your opinion. Would there be things YOU would like to see changed, whether small or big or would like like it to be even more hardcore?
  6. Thanks for not contributing to any discussion.
  7. Go to the channel, report using the channel flag button, report for impersonation. In additional notes, link Frostadamus and Alexsensual's channel links.
  8. Whether I'm against it or not, what is the communities view on this? Please don't take this as a whinge post, just want a discussion (ps allie are bad at pvp). I'm all up for anything goes, thats why I joined the pvp server, I don't mind corpse camping either, even if I am being camped. Its vanilla wow and you need to make friends to help you. BUT I'm against crap like this, look at how many people this warrior has destroyed. So the level 22 warlock is luring people towards her and taking advantage of the "I won't see this person until I get close enough due to the server population" and then a warrior is one hitting everyone. Now its your turn, how do you feel about this?
  9. Forexal

    Warcaller Gorlach Missing

    Warcaller Gorlach in Orgimmar is missing, noticed when I tried to start 'The Ashenvale Hunt' quest. EDIT: Gorlach is roaming around Orgimmar, sorry about the topic. Please lock.
  10. "I really get sick of the amazing amount of toddlers in the starting areas being racist, sexist, and just plain rude to players" Download superignore and /ignore 'username' them. You have unlimited mounts of people you could ignore and it would save you a lot of trouble. "Would be great if there were some players with good judgement who could step in temporarily until a GM could review the situation at a later time" In My experience, this usually leads to bad things happening. A lot of people like to power trip. "Might not be like Blizzard, but at least it's a common sense solution that really doesn't take anything away from the core aspects of the game as no one would know who is a moderator, who muted them etc." Thats stupid because morals and offensiveness are completely subjective. The internet is full of trolls, drink some concrete. I get that its a good idea but its not hard to ignore people. Ignore them, move on and give devs more time to work on important issues rather than controlling a bunch of children who get kicks out of blabbering in the chatbox.
  11. Forexal


    I fapped, was an interesting experience.
  12. Eh, each addon has its own commands available and listed in the readme included with the pack. This is bartender, you'll be able to edit it by right clicking fubar (the bar at the bottom) and enabling bartender. Now a piece of text will appear on this bar that you can right click and change settings to change the bars.
  13. I feel like general chat is the perfect place to discuss real life. Its general chat, not WoW chat. Of course, you have the right to your own opinion but unfortunately, your opinion shouldn't take away the rights of others.
  14. Honestly, every single quest node on the map is full of people and if you don't live in Europe YOU LOSE TO EVERYONE ELSE, WHO HAS A BETTER CONNECTION THAN YOU I stood there for 20 minutes trying to get one damn mushroom. Also, if people reply, don't tell me to grind out mobs as its faster, I want to complete all quest chains. Theres TOO MANY PEOPLE, INCREASE RATES OF QUEST NODES FOR A WEEK
  15. I know man, it was satire. Probably shouldn't have said "griefing blah blah" but I thought it would be funny.