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  1. Taurior

    [GUIDE] 1.12.1 Warrior Macros

    Try doing it like this: /script if not IsCurrentAction(13) then UseAction(13) end; /cast Mortal Strike 13 being the number of the action bar slot you put the auto attack on. For me this works without any problems. Keep in mind that it's case sensitive, so don't forget any capital letters
  2. Thanks!, that's what I was looking for. I will use Clean_Up_GUI later though, not gonna risk having to wait in the queue because of a crash. It does indeed not work perfectly, so maybe I'll just enable it, sort bags and then disable it.
  3. I'm quite sure the answer is going to be no, as I havn't found any addon that does it, but here goes: Does any of those addons have a function to sort your bags with a button? or maybe another addon that allows for this. I'm lazy and my bags are usually pretty messy ^^
  4. Taurior


    What Attero said, if you want more proof : https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/29687-naxx-gm-weapons-question/
  5. Taurior

    Fresh Server Pvp-Set

    Just posted it in the other forum xD
  6. Taurior


    for warrior: http://web.archive.org/web/20051211003502/http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/itemset.html?setid=384 (scroll through the dates(top of page right side , the arrows) to get the version you want. this one is the unbuffed) for everything: http://web.archive.org/web/20050528011303/http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/itemset.htm Just ctrl-f to the set you're looking for,
  7. Taurior

    Fresh Server Pvp-Set

    The items that received their update at the BWL patch will continue to receive their update at the BWL patch, and those that originally received their update at the Naxx patch will be moved up as the announcement says. https://www.reddit.com/r/ElysiumProject/comments/5m948x/elysium_pvp_itemization_update/dc1s5uu/
  8. Taurior

    Fresh Server Pvp-Set

    There's 2 possible interpretations I believe, still kind of a vague announcement imo. Option 1(how I interpret it): weps will be BWL upgraded, Blue/epic gear together with the weps added in naxx will be after AQ Option 2: Weps will be BWL, blue/epic gear update after AQ, extra weps stays at naxx a bit more clarification would be loved :)
  9. Taurior

    Fresh Server Pvp-Set

    I know... and I'm not saying you're the one that stated this. There've been multiple people that said they want the gear to be upgraded in BWL, That's what I am against, and IF they would upgrade gear at 1.6 I said they should delay the weapon upgrade to a later patch to balance it out. Ofc this is all already stated in the previous posts multiple times. I also said I know weps are upgraded at 1.6 and you don't have to point that out 1000 times, not sure why you do.
  10. Taurior

    Fresh Server Pvp-Set

    I assume you mean: How should I know that you ARE quoting yourself from an earlier post. Maybe because I openened a parenthesis, followed by either "Stated here:" or by "Claimed here:" ( see the quote block below, I highlighted where this is stated so that you don't have to put any work into it.). How do quotation marks not mean anything in that context? what is the correct interpretation in that context it's as easy as I can make it without the quote option. they're called Quotation marks for a reason, to quote something. Anyway.... your apology is accepted. I don't know what the question is that you asked me twice, I probably overlooked it (if I did, my apologies), skimming through the last page I can't find any that I have not answered. but if you state the question again I'll make sure to answer it to the best of my ability. @bourbonpie. I am not trolling. I also never QQ about things being to hard, if anything I'd rather have harder PVE content. Getting better gear as early as BWL, as multiple people want, is making the game too easier. you're also the one that wants to go away from how retail vanilla was. You're also not reading the full thread, if you did you would know I would benefit from the gear change too, and that I don't mind that the gear upgrade comes earlier, just not at BWL, it'd be better to do this anywhere from ZG to AQ release, that's up to the devs to decide, if they choose to make the change. The only thing you're doing with your post is trying to make me look bad by twisting my words. I expected more from a GM of a hardcore guild with the experience you say you have.
  11. Taurior

    Fresh Server Pvp-Set

    Where did I state that r14 weps are not that much better than BWL weps, I never said that note the quotation marks rofl, looking back I forgot to put in the closing paranthesis, but is it that hard to see the quotation marks? It's not in a quote frame because I can't seem to get quotes from other pages working. Nothing more to say but: read before you reply, if you want I'll edit that comment and underline the quotes so you don't have to search for the quotation marks. Yeah, it makes no difference to say random shit that's not true. makes me think of how much other bullshit you're posting without knowing the facts, not gonna bother reacting to you anymore, it's pointless. Good point of jindo, NOPE rank 14 warriors have been on top of the guild runs damage wise, I've checked the last few BWL runs they did and in every run the R14 warriors are above the PVE wep warriors, sometimes by a far and sometimes it doens't matter much http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidList.aspx?realm=NRB&Guild=NOPE&InstanceFilter=BWL another example is Gilnash in Dreamstate, when he raids with them he seems to be on top. Anyway, there's always going to be examples that support one side and that support the other side. It's pointless.
  12. Taurior

    [A] <Praise> [EU] Hardcore PVE/PVP

    Release is getting closer guys! Let's keep those applications coming and be part of an amazing journey.
  13. Taurior

    Fresh Server Pvp-Set

    Can you please stop posting without checking facts? You can find a list of when people got their ranks here: http://realmplayers.com/PVPList.aspx?section=highest_ranks&realm=NRB You can find the BWL release time here: https://elysium-project.org/timeline As you can see by the time BWL released there were already 45 rank 14 players., the first being on 2015-05-27, just before DM released.
  14. Taurior

    Fresh Server Pvp-Set

    Nuke is maybe not the best word, what I meant was that you don't have to focus on things like threat, extra units other things like focus on interrupting, that sort of stuff. I've already corrected myself on this in my previous post as a direct reply to your post, so why bring the original statement back up again? "Assuming both players have equal/close to equal skill the player with MC/BWL weps won't outdps the R14 warrior. ruin may be a bit exaggerated, but it will still hurt the competiveness of that class in the raid. only in AQ is where the PVE weapons start to come close to the R14 weps, to a point where it's not making a big difference anymore." There's no denying that it'll hurt the competitiveness. It's BiS until naxx because they're not replaced until naxx, that litterally the definition of bis. Yes, naxx weps are a lot better, but I don't claim they're not. I've claimed that MC weps get obliterated by R14 weps, also that BWL weps are not close to equal to HWL weps(stated here: "Again, at the BWL patch (When the weapons are being upgraded) the R14 Weapons are not -that- much better than CTS, Maladath, etc" I've also stated that AQ weps do not replace HWL weps(claimed here: "Weapons will get replaced in AQ40, not naxx."). I have never stated that HWL weps are a lot better than AQ weps. I even stated that AQ weps are close to HWL weps, but still are a tad worse: " I can be wrong about the weapons but to my knowledge AQ doens't have weps that beat the R14 weps, they're still a tad worse(I'd love to see which wep combo beats HWL in AQ)." I get that all the posts make it hard to get everything right, but do a fact check before you assume what I point things out to be. What I did claim: HWL weps destroy MC weps after the update. HWL weps beat BWL weps after the update, the difference is smaller but they're still quite a bit better. HWL weps beat AQ weps by a tad bit.
  15. Taurior

    Fresh Server Pvp-Set

    Yes, I only took the nuke fights which have R14 wars, but that's what you would have done too, only show the fights that prove your point. There are fights where one excels over the other, this depends on a lot of variables. It's a fact that PVP weps are superior to any PVE wep pre-naxx for warriors/sword rogue(maybe dagger too, idk). You can't deny that. How does Firemaw not classify as a nukefight for warriors? all you have to do is make sure to not die by flame buffet, which is the same for everyone. Baron can just be nuked down, the only downtime you have is when he does his fire inferno, where every warrior has to move away unless he is assigned a healer so he can keep nuking. Everyone hides at the same time at chrom, other than that there's nothing to worry about, so this can also be seen as a nuke fight Vael is a fight where you have to watch your aggro carefully, if you overaggro you can wipe a lot of raidmembers. on this fight it's all about how risky you want to play. taking more risk means dealing more damage. Nefarian dps is dependant on whether you just nuke nef and let other dps deal with the skeletons/infernals or not. There will always be fights where a PVE wep warrior beats a PVP wep warrior, you can't see who uses which cooldowns etc. there's also the equal skill variable, which can't be shown in plain meters. I can guarantee you those warriors who used PVE weps will would be even higher if they would have R14 weapons.