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  1. That is because I wasn't trolling, even if the respec cost were to be changed back to 50g it still wouldn't make a difference because the problems hybrids suffer are much more fundamental than a simple respec cost. Unfinished talent specs (ret pallies and enhancement shamans) and very poor itemization are much bigger problems than a reduced respec cost will ever be.
  2. This is not 2005 anymore my man. Hybrids are going to be undervalued even if the respec costs are 1000g each.
  3. Cornholi

    Striker's Garb

    @Drain It doesn't really take a while, badge gear is 100% drop rate. It took me just like two or three weeks to start getting some pieces because no one wanted them at that point.
  4. Cornholi

    Striker's Garb

    The T2.5 Hunter Set stand as the odd man out of the Hunter Sets in vanilla, stat wise it is a very slightly stat upgrade over T2, but in comparison to the massive stat upgrade that Hunters get with T3. It leaves the T2.5 as basically almost a side-grade in many hunter's eyes. In terms of overall hunter itemization for Hunters in patch 1.9, there are basically 5 ways to itemize your Hunter that are all pretty close to each other in terms of dps except for one. 1. T1 8/8: This might surprise a lot of Hunters, but with the advent of many more debuffs now being used by mages(ignite) and warlocks(more of them starting to use corruption) and other DPS classes beginning to outscale Hunters in terms of dps and gear, suddenly Hunters occupying up to 2 essential debuff slots (Expose Weakness and Hunter's Mark) does not sound very desirable at all if you are a raid leader. This is why T1 8/8 is still very much viable, it doesn't take up any debuff slots and and its bonus set is still amazing (the best bonus set Hunters ever get in my opinion). 2. T2 8/8: Standard item set that most hunters have when they enter AQ, stats are really good as a T2 set, the 3/8 and 8/8 set bonuses are really good as well. The more Hunters have this set the better as the Expose Weakness debuff essentially will have higher uptime which means more DPS overall. Downside is, as I already mentioned, is that depending on your guild you might not be allowed to wear this set anymore YMMV essentially. 3. Mix and Match: With this option you essentially take the best pieces in every single slot while trying to get as many good set bonuses as possible guaranteeing that the Hunter gets as much agility as possible. 3 out of 8 pieces of T2 are a must and if you have the blue pvp set it is even better because you can get the 20 agility set bonus from just two pieces (disregard this if the pvp gear is not updated). The purpose of this set is the Hunter is maximizing their overall damage without relying on procs or anything like that. The only downside basically is that you will literally look like a clown so you better invest into some noggenfogger or deviate fish. 4. T2.5 5/5: People will criticize this gear choice, but it is actually surpisingly useful. Stat wise every single T2.5 piece is better than its T2 equivalent and also the 5/5 set bonus and bonus spell damage are actually surprisingly useful in AQ40. For one fights will on average be longer in terms of duration (especially Ouro and C'thun) and also Hunters will have to get rid of the mentality that Arcane Shot is useless, it isn't, expecially when you are constantly moving on more than half of the boss fights in AQ40. 5. Epic PvP Set: If the items are updated and you have it, WEAR IT. This is the best set you can get for PvE until Naxx.
  5. Cornholi

    Crossbow of Imminent Doom vs. Rhok'delar

    Not true at all, also imminent doom is slightly better than rhok.
  6. OK fair enough, what is your rationale for using Alcor's though? Is it because the fights last such little time and you want to dump your 100 rage as fast as possible? Edit: Ehh, never mind what I just said, I just saw the end of your video LMAO
  7. Lol this guy... please literally explain to me how are you going to have 13k HP in BWL without ZG buff and spirit of zanza.
  8. Stat wise is it better than T2? While for some pieces that might be true (depends on what +hit offpieces you have), the set overall is still disappointing considering that it comes from the second hardest raid in the game, and while the 5 piece set bonus might seem nice at first, as boss kills get faster, the only boss that I can see it helping is C'thun.
  9. Cornholi

    "Mid tier DPS" just an urban myth?

    Not a myth, hunters in vanilla are a solid 5th place behind warlocks, mages, rogues and warriors, respectively. And the way I understand it is that raidstats already merges the pet's data with the hunter's data, even if the pet's damage appears in the meters.
  10. Cornholi

    Windserpent vs cat/raptor DPS

    LUPOS FUTUWU no but seriously, Lupos.
  11. Cornholi

    Hunter rotation guide [Forwarded from Wow-One]

    Damn this guy just copied to entirety of Lactose's theorycraft.
  12. Cornholi

    [A] <Blacklisted> [NA] Weekend Raiding

    Bumpitty Bump Bump
  13. I blame you Storfan :p for your guide, I mean seriously fucking Alcor's still gets sold for 800g...
  14. Cornholi

    [A] <Blacklisted> [NA] Weekend Raiding

    Still looking for competent Paladins, Priests, and Druids.
  15. Cornholi

    Is impale spec still the best threat spec?

    Wouldn't it just be better to just drop imp taunt from your second spec and put it into anticipation, making the defense drop not as steep (from 10 to 6) and not having to modify your gear setup?