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  1. Freshest realm, freshest thread, freshest people.
  2. Horten

    Fresh Realm Name?

  3. Accounts on an active high pop server would be worth some money, don't you think?
  4. Horten

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    It's time to stop.
  5. I'm talking about Diablo 3 when everyone was playing it, right around the original release which was the root cause of the majority of complaints, Inferno doesn't even exist as a difficulty since years. The game received some major overhauls thankfully since then and is an ok game with Reaper of Souls.
  6. Literally impossible to clear D3 vanilla Inferno without using the best items from the AH. It's a straight up gear check and the gear you got the majority of the time before Reaper of Souls and Loot 2.0 was unusable.
  7. You're clueless, Vanilla D3 was absolutely trash in terms of item drop rates, item affixes and general stats. You had to use the AH to find a useful item for your class/build/weapon and the game was clearly build around it. Good luck making it past Hell Act 3 without using the AH, maybe if you were extremely autistic and grinded for thousands of hours solo to get the one in 1000 rare drop of something that isn't Strength+Dex+Thorns+Pickup Radius as a Wizard. Nobody liked this system outside of the few people selling for real money and the clueless people that didn't know any better after doing the campaign once on Normal (probably you).
  8. Absolutely delusional, if you didn't learn your lesson at last year's BlizzCon there's no hope for you.
  9. Yes please keep them disabled, the whole song and dance to get them and staying logged out for sometimes days is nonsensical.
  10. Horten

    Anathema PvP: Shadow of the Necropolis

    It's only until the 27th that you can't have any world buffs in Naxxramas. Why are some of you sperging out like this? You can have your big epeen races on the third ID while being free from autistic buff management during progression. This is a decent solution to make things more interesting than just straight up changing encounters.
  11. If you don't want people to bring over their belongings into TBC, why even play on a transfer realm? Just play on some new meme fresh server and delete your Vanilla characters. Jesus Christ.
  12. Horten

    SM/ruin vs DS/ruin 16 debuffslots

    Why would you drop Gift of Arthas but add Hunter's Mark rofl