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  1. Xylon666Darkstar

    Dealing with warlocks 1v1?

    Shadow Prot Pots, shred the succubus soonest chance you get. They're like lvl 30 clothies.
  2. Xylon666Darkstar

    How do Hunters do in PvP?

    Popping them whipper roots with 5k+ hp, ooming all the clothes and riding high edge of range while BT/Lupos eat all day. #FeelsGoodMan
  3. He is pretty funny, that rogue!
  4. Xylon666Darkstar

    Upcoming PvP Update

    Wrong change for the wrong reasons @ R14 changes. Why the hell would you do this? This isn't blizzlike. No other past vanilla private servers did this. Are you REALLY PURPOSEFULLY trying to kill the overall population health of this server that badly? Seriously? Because thats what this will do. Gold respecc being cheaper is also unblizzlike, but obviously no one can honestly say this is 'a bad thing' in the grand scheme of things. Just unblizzlike. Just like the retarded DM N King Teleporting changes, or DM east faster/more trash pats/lessened drops changes to 'discourage gold farming by Chinese'. Unblizzlike Elyisum trends.
  5. When the relevant patch of their release comes out.
  6. There is nothing wrong with Anathema.
  7. Xylon666Darkstar

    What's A Premade?

    Horde don't premade because they're all cringy cringers that cant stand one another long enough to work together towards playing and winning together in an MMO. They rather edgelord singleplayer it cus they feel "I IS DA BESTEST".
  8. Xylon666Darkstar

    Is there anything against multi-boxers?

    Provide screenshots, or better yet, video/gif of observed multiboxers.
  9. Xylon666Darkstar

    NA/EU Whats your MS?

    37ms - Spain
  10. Xylon666Darkstar

    Player harassment and how to resolve it?

    Use ignore. Welcome to the internet. No ones here to hold your hand. There is no safe space for your sensitivities, OP. Alternatively, if they're bring the TOU somehow, report them with a ticket.
  11. Xylon666Darkstar

    Warlock or Mage in PVP?

    Hunter + Engineering and viper all the blue bars while CCing all the things and running off. Almost as imba as druid.
  12. Xylon666Darkstar

    Weird Hunter Stuff

    If the pet moves out of range of the hunter, it despawns, but can be immediately respawned to hunter with Call Pet. Git gud.