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  1. lasttravel

    [2FA] Change of Instructions

    sounds great I will give a try
  2. lasttravel

    Win trading

    Hello dear community friends, I am here and I would like to talk about the recent banned accounts related to wintrade. I have seen all the replies in this thread including pottu's and people got banned. People got banned because the premade vs premade did wintrade. I have a question before we discuss about whether the ban is reasonable. What is wintrade? I think that is the most important and key part of this discussion. Upon the replies in this thread, the players who were in a decent premade will drive the other side gave up immediately. I am wondering if it was the reason that make the battle looks like "wintrade". I respect the work done by elysium stuff and GMs. You guys did a great job on building this fantastic legacy server. I really appreciate your work and the opportunity to stay at here. But it would be great if you could provide more details and proof about this BGs ban series in the past several days. Let us know what is the definition of wintrade or the proof of their wintrade ? I know the team is not responsible for providing the proof but obviously the "proof" will solve all the problems in this thread. If anything I said in this thread is inappropriate, please deleted it. Thank you very much ! Best,
  3. lasttravel

    Win trading

    Please show the poof of wintrade or disbanned.
  4. lasttravel

    Banned after using eye of the beast in dungeon.

    Hello Mimma, good to see you here. I am still using your DKP interface
  5. lasttravel

    Imported token but no nostalrius characters.

    My friend has the same issue. And awaiting for a response ?
  6. Like after several months or half a year. Any idea that they are going to have a cross-realm battleground?