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  1. Tyrrus

    Warrior Stance Stuck

    My Warrior Stances seem to be stuck or on cooldown. I can't use any abilities, because I'm not in a stance. I suppose it may be linked with the hearthstone cooldown issue, but just wanted to make you guys aware. I've tried relogging and disabling UIs to no avail.
  2. Tyrrus

    Financial Report: Hardware Costs

    ^This! XD Just gave some $! Will give more soon!
  3. Tyrrus


    I'll be there! Sounds fun! Is your guild doing this? Do you need a new member?
  4. Tyrrus

    Our population will grow

    I've decided to go to the PvE server and not the fresh PvP. I played Nost PvP and retail, but have been playing ESO since Nost went down. I've heard a lot of people say that this server is relatively new. How new is it? Time to go over to the guild recruitment forums and find a guild. If you guys have any recommendations, let me know! I'm in the US and will roll either faction.
  5. Are professions really worth doing in Vanilla? I understand that the benefits aren't really worth it and I also hear that modes will be extremely hard to come by due to low spawn rates and gold farmers.