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  1. I am realy not sure if enchanthing is harder than BS. They are both very hard to even get them to lvl 300. U need tons of g and effort. There were many blacksmiths tho in nost i don't think it was that hard to find someone with mithrill spears or similiar recipes. But the Lionheart helm, sulfurion hammer, stronghold gaundlets in BS and some other enchants were so hard to find that u had to make ur own acquaintances to get them. If u had recipes like that u could be "the" moneymaker
  2. Arigatos

    Black Lotus

    Here is the thing i totaly agree with the "u don't need flask" thing. U don't need it like u will never clear the raid but in matters of competition and hardcoreness the guild forces the players to buy them, even the not so hardcore guilds. It is compulsory. U needed to stack 10 flasks and 120 NR pots for AQ and it was commandatory to do it or eslse u wouldn't raid. It is something that a lot of ppl don't get. It is not aboutwhether u "need" it or not. Its about the requirements of the guild. If u want u can go to a mediocre guild wit ha mediocre raid leader + newbies and make one month at least to clear molten core. And i am saying this overexcesively cause even mediocre guilds used flasks (not in MC ofc). Also the 4 lotus p/h (if u are lucky) distributed to 3 ppl after tons of tryhard, possible pvp and contesting 100 gold farmers and players around u, is 1.3 lotuses per person. Do u know how many u need to go progression runs? A lot!!! I didn't knew not even one single person playing in hardocre guild not having at least 3 flasks or lotuses on their bank. Idk in which server u guys played or if u played in blizz, but, apart from the fact that in blizz vanilla almost noone cleared nax, here in nost the non-flask theory is a fairy tail. The difference between the nonflask vanilla and the flask vanilla is that ppl here are going FULL tryhard.
  3. Arigatos

    Greek Community Page

    Βλέπω 42 views στο thread αλλά καμία απάντηση... Ελάτε παιδιά μη ντρέπεστε xD. Πείτε μας παίζατε nost? Θα παίξετε elysium? Τι char name θα βάλετε? Σε πέντε μέρες ανοίγει οld nost και ούτε φωνή ούτε ακρόαση που είναι το hype σας?
  4. Arigatos

    Black Lotus

    There are many intresting ideas till now. Multichannel, green drop%, dynamic spawns based(which already exist). The vendor thing is a bad idea in my oppinion cause it will ruin the blizzlie experience, also the population cap is a bad idead cause chinese population which is 30% of the ppl is not actualy raiding so they will just take the spots of other players who wanna raid. Also the dynamic spawn thing based on the population will be greatly abused by gold farmers. Another idea is make a function with Conditional Probability in black lotuses the more u get the less chance to drop. The less u get the more chance to drop (per herb). Also Vaccine man "Why would any raider ever NEED a flask?" i consider this question as a joke. Right?
  5. Arigatos

    Black Lotus

    Well the idea of BL markets is not bad in matter of economy but in matter of the vanilla experience. But still they will manipulate something elses price if black lotuses are not enough for gold farming. I also agree with the idea that mounts etc are not a good gold sinks. If they are a bout to make a BL vendor they could just make the spawns much more common.or make a new function forthe spawn places and randomness in order not to camp them. Idk im out of ideas as well
  6. Arigatos

    Black Lotus

    Guys i think there must be a multy-solution. A fundamental change in the server operation that will fix several problems caused due to the overpopulation and one of them and major one the black lotus distribution and price. The multichannel system in my opinion is a great solution. This servers were made by blizzard to support 6k max in matters of resources and we are having 10 - 15k. Dynamic spawns are obviously not enough. Well the vendor think, its not so good for the server experience, flasks will be so easily created and raiding will be much easier as well. Also most of the herbalists will stop farming the lotuses in order not to contest the gold farmers since the vendors will work as an easy solution for them. As a consequence all the remaining lotuses will be owned by gold farmers and they will make enough profits from that to control other prices as well.
  7. Yeah as a priest i had lots of premades for dme but u have to consider that dme is not released on the earlier patch. But even then u had to farm farm for insane amounts of time considering that u have to split the earnings. The last week for example i famed 30 hours and i made 1200g which i had to split in half. If u consider i needed 10 flasks and 100 NR pots only for Ahn'Quiraz this amount of money is a joke. Also as the time was passing the enchanting materials ere loosing their value due to the material inflation on the AH. What u said is true tho, u can farm ur own materials for ur enchants.
  8. Arigatos

    Black Lotus

    OH YES!!! U THOUGHT THIS WAS NOT GOING TO BE POSTED YET!! UR WRONG!! What is it going to be with the black lotuses in the new Elysium? What u bet the prices will be on the new AH considering the overpopulation? What will gold farmers do? Meeeeeehhhh, what a hard topic to bring on and to discuss about, all this in game capitalism is bringing our farming efforts to a dead end. Ofc raiding without flasks is not possible but god knows how everyone is going to get his flask in time? Are there going to be dynamic spawning for BL? Are they going to use the multichannel system they announced a while b4 they were shutdown? Any info on that? #Askurchinesefriendstheymayknow
  9. Well from my experience in nostalrius, creating a char for the 1st time in wow and lvling with enchanting was a pain in the попа. It was time and money consuming as hell. Although it is easier to lvl it up after u hit 60, it will be even more expensive in my point of view. Another difficulty I encountered in late game with enchanting is that it is not as proffitable as I imagined. Even though the profit cap with enchanting is literally huge it needs tons of work and farming to get recipes and to farm materials that can be sold for a descent price in the AH. Most of the "profitable" recipes are rare drops from world mobs, recipes gained from reputation farming, or raid recipes which u will never get , the materials can be obtained through dungeon farming which is very time consuming and straining. I am not posting this to panic newbies or someone that he is clueless with enchanting, anyway rumours said that blacksmithing is harder due to the enormous amount of ores u need to farm. I am posting this to hear oppinions on this issue and to warn u that u will have to use some kinda guide. Enchanting has many pros and many cons, the fact is that u have to work a lot on it to make the pros come to work. Guides, tips and tricks, info, intel everything is welcome
  10. Arigatos

    Greek Community Page

    Καιρός ήτανε να φτιαχτεί και ένα Ελληνικό subthread νομίζω. Έπαιζα nostalrius Arigatos λεγότανε ο χαρακτήρας μου ήμουν και εγώ στο "Clockwork" και έκανα raiding ως priest μαζί με άλλους Έλληνες. Ωστόσο όχι "μόνο" με Έλληνες καθώς δεν πληρούσαμε τον επιθυμητό αριθμό για να raidaroyme. Ο Elysium μου κίνησε το ενδιαφέρον ξανά διότι υπάρχουνε φήμες για hardcore Ελληνικό guild! Δεν ξέρουμε το όνομα ακόμα αλλά όποιος ενδιαφέρεται ή γνωρίζει κάτι ή σκέφτεται να φτιάξει guild να το μοιραστεί. Δεν με νοιάζει αν θα υπάρξει ένα hardcore ή πολλα μιρκά ελληνικά guild αλλά τουλάχιστον για μία φορά κάνουμε και κάτι δικό μας. Άσχετα με τα guild γράψτε ο καθένας char name που είχατε ή θα βάλετε στους chars να κάνουμε καμία γνωριμία να λυθούν απορίες κτλ κτλ Ας προσπαθήσουμε να κάνουμε το community μας μεγάλο και λειτουργικό #HYPED