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  1. Milton

    [Addon][Battleground] Strategos

    Woblight knows his shit. He helped me with some difficult macros. :)
  2. Milton

    [Addon] NotGrid

    Let me rephrase: Can the same (of the 8 available) buff slots be used for both mark of the wild and gift of the wild or do I need to use 2 different ones?
  3. Milton

    What addon is he using?

    Thx for the help :)
  4. Milton

    [Addon] NotGrid

    How do I put more conditionals for buff square. For example I want a purple dot when the target has either Gift of the Wild or Mark of the Wild. How does the syntax work with those two conditions?
  5. What is the addon he is using? The one similar to TrinketMenu, but it also has his other items such as rocket helm etc.
  6. Milton

    Is Elysium down?

    it's back up.
  7. Milton

    Is Elysium down?

    Can someone say something to a GM? :/
  8. Milton

    Is Elysium down?

    I can't login. Stuck at "connected". Is it down?
  9. Milton

    Druid Bugs Are Back After Fix

    they reverted update due to lag.
  10. Milton

    Boomkin with good gear = ownage?

    Right now I have a boomy in level 59 with ok gear but I get stomped by most classes. I wonder if, with gear, that it's gonna pwn?
  11. Milton

    Powershift macro

    Great, and thx for your awesomeness.
  12. Milton

    Powershift macro

    You are my hero! Btw. for some reason I only had the extended lua with my cat form. I only needed to put it with cat form and the other macros worked, Moonkin, Bear etc.. Is that normal?
  13. Milton

    Powershift macro

    Oh fast reply :D. Yes pls. With CD check (so I don't stay in caster form too long).