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  1. Oakenlix

    Which class? Leveling in vanilla and ganking

    One thing I can say is that druid is the best class for avoiding any fights. Even when outnumbered, druid still has a good chance of getting out of a tight situation.
  2. We've seen some GMs do and say silly things, "GM is always right" principle simply doesn't work.
  3. It's just that the examples they give involve world bosses, but they never say it applies to world bosses only. To me the rules seem quite clear in that any organized x-faction collaboration is against the rules.
  4. Referring to this thread: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/56656-cross-faction-collusion-allowed/ @Zazabi The GM in question is clearly clueless, organized crossfaction collaboration is against the rules. @Vartonis, I understand that as a new moderator you want to be as active as possible, but you still don't have to close every thread for no reason, mate. Please, don't go full nazi-mode, let people discuss what they wanna discuss unless its breaking the forum rules.
  5. PvP server adds a lot of randomness to levelling speed, competing there would make no sense.
  6. Oakenlix

    Josip Broz = Dobar Skroz ?

    I don't understand anything. I don't like this.
  7. Oakenlix

    The grind LVL'ing

    I'm just 27 atm. I expect it to get much easier after lvl 40, having a mount and ice barrier.
  8. Oakenlix

    The grind LVL'ing

    I'd say the best way is to mix it. Do quests, but while you're moving to get your quest objective, grind mobs on your way. However, with my frost mage alt I went full AoE grind mode since lvl 20 and doing ok so far.
  9. Oakenlix

    About New Patch

    All the patch changes are server-side. The only thing you might wanna do is delete the WDB folder to clear cache.
  10. Oakenlix

    Best places to level pets

    Oh by the way, a great place to level a pet from 50 to 60 is north-west of Silithus, there are earth and wind elementals that drop valuable mats and aren't hard to kill.
  11. You go from saying that respec cost change isn't the only problem of hybrids (which I agree with btw), to saying that reversing this change wouldn't make any difference. I don't quite see the logic behind that. It would make a difference, just not solve all the hybrid's problems (which I never claimed it to).
  12. It's impossible to come up with such an example, but not because you're right and I'm wrong. I'm not claiming this change straight up makes people not take druids/paladins/shamans to a group (although it very well may, in some cases), but you can't deny that making specialisation classes more flexible without any additional drawbacks undermines the value of hybrids, makes them less appealing. To what extent exactly - I don't know, and its quite irrelevant. The point is - respec cost is an integral part of class balance, you can't change the first without affecting the latter, and this is exactly what has been done. Yet your trolling skill level is so 2005'ish.
  13. Hey. I'll make it short. Some classes specialize in something. Hybrid classes can do a bit of everything. Reducing the respec cost didn't just make the life equally easier for everyone, it also fucked up the class balance, because being able to change your specialization so easily undermines the value of hybridisation. As an example: easy respec from tanking spec to dps for a warrior undermines the value of feral druid who wouldn't need a respec for that in the first place. I didn't post it in suggestions subforum because I wanna see some discussion on this matter. So what do you guys think?
  14. Oakenlix

    Druid Leveling

    @Easy Waters I found using Shred to be the most efficient way of killing mobs, if you have Improved Shred talent. Here's the video: https://youtu.be/CAmdtw1-tho Missed some autoattacks there because of facing the wrong way, but it still is the fastest way to kill mobs IMO, and if done right you won't even skip any autoattacks.
  15. @Jannus oh yeah, so you think Horde players don't do the same in exact same proportion?