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  1. Kern

    NA players

    Jess, from Detroit Michigan. I'll be Horde mage.
  2. Private servers will always have a place, even if it is a much, much smaller place.
  3. Plus there is a question of what the legacy servers will be like. We don't know until we see them. We can be hopeful, yes, but Blizzard and Activision are companies. There is one truth still, in spite of this. Many in the private server community have made friends we can't take with us to retail because we live in different parts of the world. That said, I'm sure private servers will always have a place, unless classic servers open up on an international level to allow for all of us to play on the same servers...which I doubt will happen. Some will choose only retail, but I'm sure the demand of a private server won't leave completely, as even hard working, well paying retail subs will still like to play with their other friends too.
  4. Kern

    First Topic

    I hope it will be more than that by the time transfers figure themselves out...
  5. Kern

    Let's Save Darrowshire

    ....perhaps the idea of merging all three of the hardly populated ones is a good idea... then we can make that into the "RP-PVP" server that some people are really gunning for. Then to fill the other voids we could have Elysium make a fresh PVE server, and then a fresh PVP server, and there we go....everyone wanting a particular server type has one.
  6. I'm now choosing to block you, as obviously you missed the point of my post, and any further conversation with you is absolutely pointless. My sexuality is none of your concern, and making assumptions only proves you do not wish to be accepting of other people in the slightest. I wish you the best of luck, and happy playing in the future, but I am refusing to see any more content from you from this point forward.
  7. Putting us down does nothing but prove your complete and utter vitriol of our enjoyment as we see fit... If you don't like Elysium Project, then fine, that's your choice. You're welcome to have it. However, don't put us Elysium players down simply because we choose to play here. You naysayers are also sitting in these forums, meaning that you are choosing to participate, at least on some level, with the people involved with the Elysium Project. Therefore, you are also part of the "lowest common denominator" and should also get some sense of dignity. Thank you for being such a pleasant human being, and have a nice day with your confused sense of moral high-ground...
  8. Kern

    Remove PVP-section

    Let's just be happy we have a server incoming that we can all go to and ply on...I believe that's the focus we should have.
  9. Kern

    [H] Future Mage seeking Guild.

    .....still seeking a guild....
  10. you're the one calling a group of people who are for the most part normal, as people who have a mental illness... according to the medical field, being transgendered has not been considered a mental illness for years... failing to know the facts, is what marks you as incompetent... I understand if you don't like the lifestyle, but know your facts. Thank you, and have a nice day.
  11. Kern

    First Topic

    if you don't want to play on it...don't play on it....moreover, don't be be calling the players on these forums calling us obtuse, when you are clearly here as well...
  12. Kern

    Remove PVP-section

    Again, I'll pvp on this server just fine....
  13. I don't agree with this statement.... you can believe whatever you want, but they do not have to be the same as what I think...
  14. Honestly they should make one TBC server, and one Vanilla server, and leave it at that, I think...for those who want TBC, they can have those instant 60 characters and play how they want on a TBC realm...i think that would be best, but i doubt it will happen....
  15. Well, a few 100 strong, provided they are active players, won't be so bad....