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  1. Reddakh

    <We Did It> ALLIANCE

    Our player base is a compound of both US and EU players. Raids will most likely take place on weekends in order to assort a happy median for both NA and EU players, as well as for some of the AUS based players.
  2. Reddakh


    I actually retreat my words for you might be right.
  3. Reddakh


    1500 will be totally fine. To confirm your concern, there will be a lot of PvPers. Best Regards; Reddakh
  4. Reddakh

    <We Did It> ALLIANCE

    We are Alliance. It is stated in the topic though.
  5. Reddakh

    respwant time

    Now that we have seen the population dynamic respawns are no longer needed. Turn it back to normal so we will not experience inflation later in the game.
  6. Reddakh

    <We Did It> ALLIANCE

    <We Did It> is seeking for devoted and experienced players who aim to become top PvPers as well as PvErs. The guild is led by two Vanilla pioneers with illustrious background whose ambition is to establish a loyal and competitive roster. The guild name is originated as a sequence from the official announcement for LEGACY servers we have been given this Blizzcon. If you are looking to get to know with your ideal class, spec for the Official servers so and to pick up the missing knowledge for Vanilla - you are more than welcome in our guild. What can we offer you? Stability – Our maturity and expertise towards the game is immeasurable. The leadership duo is composed by two RL friends who had known each other for 10+ years. Organization - We aim for the top and being organised plays a huge part in it. We will have our own Discord where you can find lots of information conveniently gathered and categorized and officers striving to help you in-game. Appreciation - your contribution to common goal will not go unnoticed. Our officers are keeping tabs and your effort will be rewarded! What do we expect from you? We expect our members to aspire to be the best at their class. A reasonable level of both written and spoken English. We all enjoy jokes and there are no set rules that forbid from expressing yourself, be it joy or frustration. But we expect you to be mindful of others - your freedom stops where another's begins. Be positive, constructive in criticism and don't get angry at other criticizing you. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. https://discord.gg/UNHfQ5d
  7. Reddakh

    Launch with patch 1.2

    How was WoW retail in the beginning?
  8. Reddakh

    Can we prevail?

    We have PREVAILED in even more formal way! Congratulations to everyone!
  9. Everyone will go retail. Vanilla private servers are going to die. That is a fact.
  10. Applause to @orwell ! Words on place.
  11. Reddakh

    Can we prevail?

    Only if we go back to 11.2.2016 (the day Nostalrius announced the release date) and see how unified the community was - we would now wish to drown in despair of how people and things have reversed over time. However, in order to see a person's real face - you just need to grant him with wealth and power. So and the community was given that. We did not manage to integrate it and thereafter sustain as a whole. Instead, we kept piercing behind each other's backs which stationed us in this delusional condition, if I may say.
  12. Reddakh

    Can we prevail?

    Time will tell :)
  13. It is quite saddening how LH fanboys are all over the Elysium forums effortlessly trying to convince players to switch over. What's wrong with the banned accounts on LH? Why did the team itself banned them? To not be able to restore their characters here? Don't be silly @cybaster
  14. Server will evolve to TBC after a certain time so no worries, it will be the most populated server in the long term :)
  15. Reddakh

    Can we prevail?

    Does this mean we should quit life as well?