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  1. Taking BoE items from mail has some random chance to make them soulbound. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/pKUBQ I wrote a GM ticket. The GM Lynck said that GMs are unable to fix these soulbound items. I got told to make a bug report. WHAT THE FUCK
  2. EinBaum

    Ban Appeals Section

    I agree, potential cheaters could see those 1000 pages of appeals and got scared. Also you could secretly laugh when you saw someone writing an appeal... someone that you have reported. FeelsGoodMan
  3. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/53358-new-hardware-funds/
  4. EinBaum

    Queue at 9k

    Don't blame your bad internet connection and lack of skill on the server. There is no delay. Bye.
  5. EinBaum

    Queue at 9k

    That is not true. The game is perfectly playable at 9k, there is no noticable ability delay. Personally I'd like to see an increase in the queue max. size. The large amount of players makes the world feel very alive. It's fun to meet people everywhere (to either talk to them or to do world PvP).
  6. EinBaum

    NA/EU Whats your MS?

    More like 2k ms
  7. EinBaum

    NA/EU Whats your MS?

    3 ms - Central Germany
  8. EinBaum


    I have fixed it. New version: https://github.com/EinBaum/SP_Overpower
  9. EinBaum


    Works for me, homie. I've also uploaded an update where you can set the bar size and alpha. To fix your problem: Send me a forum PM with a screenshot of your combat log where a yellow attack is dodged. Thank you!
  10. EinBaum


    Please be real
  11. EinBaum

    World PVP in Bird Culture

    I think you should kill everyone.
  12. EinBaum

    Keeping addons up to date

    If that's the case then you can't update them with my bash script. But there's a solution (it's too bothersome, I haven't done this): Clone the Atlas addon somewhere else (not in Interface\Addons) and create symbolic links to the 3 separate addons inside the Addons directory. No problem.
  13. EinBaum

    Keeping addons up to date

    I use git bash. Of course my script only works if you have cloned the addon repositories using the "git clone" command. Doesn't work with addons that you've downloaded as a zip file. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljEP7mS7x8Y
  14. EinBaum

    [AddOn] MapTarget

    I've updated the addon and I'm looking for hunters to give me some feedback. Short video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RwBYzuGHRo