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    Lets see how many kill him next reset now that they are fear immune. PS: alliance masterrace
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    There is other reasons lotus is still high ^^
  3. No. Release it on schedule. There is No reason to delay the opening. Nil.
  4. Plask

    Corrupted Songflower

    Every casual guilds use it aswell. So make that most of the raiding population. Also Zanza potion is an item, not an object. Making it subject to itemization patches. You may very well be right, though I'm certain this is about as likely to happen as 24 hour onyxia buff CD. Nobody wants it because raiding without buffs is totally not fun. EDIT: Just saw you got debunked by Slicy. nvm.
  5. Will the ballistic missiles be used to assert glorious might and dominance against the communist scums in china? +1 if so
  6. https://gyazo.com/821853913042e5b001e4d8fdd2869375 I tested Thunderfury yesterday. It has a stock mangos procrate when is this getting fixed?
  7. Allow elysium players to xfer to ZK. No harm done
  8. Plask

    Your donations and you…

    Since you're a filthy casual why dont you go and play retail then?
  9. Plask

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    I been on another server that tried to do what Elysium been doing with War Effort. It killed the population big time and ruined the whole event. As for reasons to quit.. There is many and it would probably be a combination. For example look at the itemization. Thunderfury nerfed. Then buffed. Then nerfed. The pvp items going back and forth. ED dragons being completely broken back and forth the last months etc etc. I can make a list if you want.
  10. Talking about itemization changes.. Thunderfury is broken again even after staff changing it recently.
  11. Final as in final for the week? "Hmm, what procrate should we put on TF this week?"
  12. Plask

    Weaponskill & hit according to the source code

    I tested it with recap on bosses and I dont miss specials with 8% hit. I do when I run less nost was the same. As I Said from observation, if you got a different result feel free to post. Or the last 0.6% doesnt matter enough I Guess.
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    I understand why you guys quit but why drag the rest of us down?
  14. Plask

    The War Effort Reborn

    What you need to understand is that for majority of stockpiled mats is players who have no incentive for turning them in. The same reasoning was used on ED where they for some stupid reason assumed that every player would turn in mats to the war effort. It seems we are living in a fantasy world here, do you honestly believe that everyone turned in materials in retail? Some servers took many months and needed artificial boost. They fucked up and should have tuned down the War Effort IMO. Yes it should have been bigger than retail War Effort, but this War Effort amount was just.. Take a look at the world, even if all the rich people could end starvation and war does it look like they've done that =) ? The players are humans, not AI's playing farming simulator. EDIT: You think 1,5 million copper and 400k firebloom are based on what some guild hoarded? I have no words.. Donald Trump is probaby less delusional.
  15. Plask

    The War Effort Reborn

    Why is every private server so obsessed with making these absurd war effort numbers? Yeah ED all over again for sure. The custom event probably will give a good push I assume but I still don't understand why they didn't just lower the amounts. That's what the community would have wanted I think.
  16. Plask

    The War Effort Reborn

    You're asking a 3k pop to farm materials for 10k pop. I would rather see the problem solved by adjusting the amount instead of custom events. Just focus on AQ and the quest chain etc.
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    Filthy casual.
  18. If it's true tank and spank theres no way ppl pull aggro x) i only see it happen on brood, chrom
  19. Plask

    Does anyone have a AQ bis list for warriors?

    Lol adeline, dream all u want about DFT that item doesnt exist :)
  20. Plask

    Weaponskill & hit according to the source code

    This. If I run less than 8% hit I miss special attacks as human. The cap for specials is def not 9. I think it's 8. Just My observation as human warrior tank. Im aware some sources state that diff weapon formulas are used depending on wep skill vs def skill but this was never the case on nost.
  21. As some Thunderfury (TF) users probably are aware of, during 1.9 patch release on Anathema TF received a stealth nerf reducing it's procrate from 25% to 15%. While it actually got nerfed for 2 patches by blizzard to 15%, it got buffed again later on as it simply wasn't worth using after the nerfs. Current state of TF would make sense if the itemization patches were consistent, but we have for example buffed PvP gear that didn't come until later patches as it would remove the incentive for PvPing otherwise. Also there is the fact that TF was never in it's overpowering pre 1.8 state where the proc was around 25-30% and could proc of ANYTHING. On Nostalrius, TF started out at 15% procrate but later on got buffed to 25% to match their other itemization choices (such as PvP gear for example). The important thing here to note is that since the weapon was never emulated in the strongest state nor did Nostalrius have the intention to do so, they choose to not emulate it's worst state. To Summarize 1. Considering the PvP Gear are kept at their latest version according to Nostalrius item patches, Thunderfury should be no exception. It should have the procrate 25% that it had on Nostalrius (It used to be 15% but they buffed it to 25%). 2. Thunderfury was never at it's pre 1.8 state where it could proc from maelstrom, HoJ, poisons etc with procrate of 30%. It's worst state is being emulated while it's best state never was. If you cannot emulate the best state you should not emulate the worst either. 3. Nost intentions was never to make Thunderfury useless like blizzard did, nor keep it overpowered as in it's original state. They instead choose to put it in it's 1.12 state as a compromise to still make it useful. 4. No itemization patches alters the PPM of Thunderfury, and Thunderfury has stock mangos 5.24 PPM (source: Elysium database https://github.com/elysium-project) I suggest the following two solutions: Nerf all gear that are using itemization newer than current patch 1.9, such as PvP gear which got buffed in Naxxramas patch Buff Thunderfury to 25% procrate I made a bugtracker post https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/issue/3649 for the issue, if you also want legendaries in this nostalgic game to actually be legendary, feel free to upvote and contribute to it! Suggested fix: UPDATE item_template SET spellppmRate_1 = 7.8945 WHERE entry = 19019; It would either need to be applied to every itemization patch from when TF got attainable or just manually applied to the database. Since there is no patch altering TF ppm at all any of those should work. /out
  22. Does anyone know if you get muted when you have enough negative reputation, so we can have this thread back? @Shenna @Pottu