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  1. Plask


    Lets see how many kill him next reset now that they are fear immune. PS: alliance masterrace
  2. Plask


    There is other reasons lotus is still high ^^
  3. No. Release it on schedule. There is No reason to delay the opening. Nil.
  4. Plask

    Corrupted Songflower

    Every casual guilds use it aswell. So make that most of the raiding population. Also Zanza potion is an item, not an object. Making it subject to itemization patches. You may very well be right, though I'm certain this is about as likely to happen as 24 hour onyxia buff CD. Nobody wants it because raiding without buffs is totally not fun. EDIT: Just saw you got debunked by Slicy. nvm.
  5. Will the ballistic missiles be used to assert glorious might and dominance against the communist scums in china? +1 if so
  6. Allow elysium players to xfer to ZK. No harm done
  7. https://gyazo.com/821853913042e5b001e4d8fdd2869375 I tested Thunderfury yesterday. It has a stock mangos procrate when is this getting fixed?
  8. Plask

    Your donations and you…

    Since you're a filthy casual why dont you go and play retail then?
  9. Plask

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    I been on another server that tried to do what Elysium been doing with War Effort. It killed the population big time and ruined the whole event. As for reasons to quit.. There is many and it would probably be a combination. For example look at the itemization. Thunderfury nerfed. Then buffed. Then nerfed. The pvp items going back and forth. ED dragons being completely broken back and forth the last months etc etc. I can make a list if you want.
  10. Talking about itemization changes.. Thunderfury is broken again even after staff changing it recently.
  11. Final as in final for the week? "Hmm, what procrate should we put on TF this week?"
  12. Plask

    Weaponskill & hit according to the source code

    I tested it with recap on bosses and I dont miss specials with 8% hit. I do when I run less nost was the same. As I Said from observation, if you got a different result feel free to post. Or the last 0.6% doesnt matter enough I Guess.
  13. Plask


    I understand why you guys quit but why drag the rest of us down?