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  1. Whiskra

    Anathema Updates 20/09/2017

    In what manner have they returned exactly? Was the intention to bring them back to the old levels before any alterations were made, or are there now only like 2 more pool spots per zone than the usual 3 or something we've had for ages? I went to check out my old favorite fishing spot and didn't find anything for like 30 minutes.
  2. Whiskra

    37.00% crit cap?

    The only scroll that stacks with any other similar consumable is armor. Crystal Ward also stacks with armor scrolls and other armor consumables.
  3. Whiskra


    So, was this a united decision by everyone in the guild or was the guild just about you all along?
  4. Pretty sure only Revenge (aside from auto attack and cleave/hs) procs TF for warrior tanks on this server. So it doesn't proc on Shield Slam or Sunder Armor.
  5. No, only the true elite are allowed to use such a macro.
  6. Whiskra

    What patch does deathbringer get buffed?

    It's either Dire Maul or Alterac Valley patch. Does Elysium have Dire Maul yet?
  7. Whiskra

    Spotted Yellowtail locations

    Very common in Feralas water at night.
  8. Whiskra

    Development Update 05.04.2017

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the trade delay implemented on old Nostalrius to prevent scamming? Or does it still work with a sort of delay?
  9. Whiskra

    Oily Blackmouth?

    Oily Blackmouth is easy as pie (somwhere in a LAND that's WET), however, Stonescale Eel seem very elusive to me. Do I need to fish them during a very specific time or have a very high skill, or am I just fishing in the wrong places?
  10. Whiskra

    Development Update 17.02.2017

    Slowfalling for more than two seconds will also disconnect you and subsequently put your character under the world.
  11. According to you, would joining the game during, say, Cataclysm and late Firelands, not be a "Cataclysm" experience because you missed out on the prenerf heroic dungeons and ridiculously overtuned 10-man tier 11 raids? Make no mistake, joining late is still part of the experience, but what you want is indeed the fresh experience of everyone starting from scratch.
  12. Well, there's just much more Arcanite around than what people have use for, I suppose?
  13. Whiskra

    hit rating

    Well, it's possible that Vaelastrasz will be the only fun fight left for Warriors after this rage nerf
  14. Whiskra

    hit rating

    I think vael of all fights will be the only fight not really affected by the rage changes.
  15. Whiskra

    Svenska / Swedish Thread

    En stor del av gamla <Flashback> från Nostalrius PvP på Alliance räknar med att komma tillbaka, men en del platser lär behöva fyllas innan vi kommer i raid-form igen.