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  1. Bump still need a core warlock and hpala.
  2. Bump. Guild introduction video added. Find it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj0fzXa-aX0
  3. All of us at Eternal wishes you good luck. Looking forward to seeing you guys in the BGs!
  4. 1x Lock, 1x Holy Paladin remain for the core group. Also recruiting 1 of each class as a sub!
  5. 2 Warlocks and 1 HPaladin spot left open!
  6. 3 Core raid spots remain! We will now start recruiting 1 of each class as sub spots. If you're interested in applying as a sub please list it on your application under the extra information question. Thanks! - Drenx
  7. Join our discord and ask to speak to me.
  8. Later down the line certainly. One of our hpriests will be rolling shadow post ZG 1.7
  9. Bump! :DDD Only a few raid spots remain! Also recruiting subs!
  10. Well okay then. Yes, we only want three dwarfs