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  1. It is similar yeah. Your link is great for those who want specific replacements in regards to FF. Thanks, this addon SOUNDTRACK lets you go further than that.. and assign music to subzones, and more. :) Thanks wulf
  2. So, im looking for someone to fix this addon from TBC to be usable in Vanilla. It allowed the player to use their own MP3s in game and override the currect selected track by Blizzard with their own. It also allowed you to script a song to play when you enter a particular area... say... Cathedral of Light playing something heavenly or Molten Core playing something more EPIC. The addon even gave you the ability to script music to Boss Encounters / Combat.... Like Mortal Kombat when you pvp or your favoriate emo screamo during a duel. Would anyone be able to look into this one? Ive loaded it in game, UI works... but the code is slightly off I think... I was using the 2.0 - 2.4 versions... if youd be keen on higher ones... id love you forever! https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/Soundtrack?page=112#t1:other-downloads Play your own mp3s inside the game. Assign music to entire zones or specific sub zones. The default music still plays in zones for which you do not assign music. Assign music when battling various levels of mobs, specific named monsters, or elite mobs. Set a different track to trigger at low enemy health for those intense final moments! Assign music to your pet battles based on battle type, continent, and enemy player or NPC name. A plethora of events that you can assign music: Victory, Flight, Dance, Stealth, Swimming, Level Up, etc. Expose the full World of Warcraft score in your library to assign Blizzard's music to your own events. Can be used as a standard media player. You can create playlists and play them using mini floating playback controls. Interface to assign music to events. See all your tracks, sortable or filterable by track title, album or artist names. Custom events allows you to create your own events through lua scripting. Only for very advanced users with scripting knowledge.
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    Blackrock Mafia
  4. Brisies


    Anyone got pics?
  5. Brisies

    Hello Mafia, Good Bye Mafia.

    Best popcorn show ever.... Got more?
  6. Brisies

    Lost gold after Recovery

    Generally, the GMs dont restore things like gold, however id put a ticket in and see what they say. Sometimes you might get lucky and catch them in a good mood... plus they can also find the hacker who took it.
  7. Brisies

    WSG Wall Climbing Exploit

    Your opinion will be heard and the issue resolved in a couple expansions... But, currently this is vanilla... not live.
  8. Brisies

    WSG Wall Climbing Exploit

    Allow me to chime in on this one... Official Blue posting on any so called "Terrain Exploitation" http://blue.cardplace.com/cache/wow-customer-service/11513.htm Now if this is okay for this one... Im sure using the other previously mentioned areas is fine as well, so long as programs were not used....
  9. Brisies

    report bots

    put a ticket up, this is somethign in game GMs will take care of
  10. Brisies

    Same punishment for all?

    How do you know they have <GM> s in the guild? I think <GM>s are supposed to remain anonymous with their personal characters or they risk being banned... and or removed...
  11. Brisies

    Authenticator problems

    Try to log into your account and then click the resend verification.
  12. Brisies

    Hacked with 2 factor auth

    @Sophet I personally use "Authenticator" by google inc. from the playstore. Could be a matter of wrong app?
  13. Brisies

    Taming the Beast Part 2 (Night Elf)

    Could it be that it is an area quest, and that you arent in the proper location while taming? Try these cords if you can... 63, 69.