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  1. If I can transfer my Anathema characters to a TBC server, I'll do that. Otherwise, I'll just post stuff on the AH and logout -- and that's what I've been doing for (at least) six months now. I already raided Naxx40 in 2005-06; and TBC addresses most of what I dislike about Vanilla (faction balance, talent trees).
  2. What a helpful thread!!!!!!!!!!!! Any tips on how to do all the quests in The Barrens?????
  3. This is merely a theoretical problem in the mind of hybrid classes. Can you provide an actual example when a Feral Druid was "denied" a tank position in a group because a Fury Warrior said "Hey guys, it's cool -- I've got 25G in my pocket, I can switch to Protection and tank", but this exact scenario wouldn't happen if the respec fee max was 50G?
  4. Herbalism will be more profitable than Mining because the demand for raiding consumables far exceeds the demand for ores/bars/arcane crystals. There is no "best money making"; there is only "knowing how to make money". As a humblebrag example, my high level characters are 39 (on two accounts) and I have ~7000G between both. (No, I won't share all my secrets. but way back when I did resell fuckloads of copper, but only until I had enough bank to use that gold to make more gold elsewhere.) You're level 16. There's not much money to be made at that level, and there is no money to be made in Engineering. So if your goal is to "make money", then forget Engineering until you're Level 60 (or Level 40 after you've gotten your mount, at a minimum). Herbalism/Mining > Herbalism/Skinning > Mining/Skinning If you have Mining, sell copper, iron, mithril, and thorium. Vendor tin, silver, gold, and truesilver. If you have Herbalism, vendor Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Mageroyal, and Bruiseweed. Sell everything else on the AH. If you have Skinning, vendor Scraps, Light Leather, and Medium Leather. Sell everything else on the AH. If you have an a Leatherworking alt (and since you're 16, you probably dont), there are some leatherworking crafts that vendor for more than the cost of Light Leather (well, did -- but when Anathema was at its peak). Once you're Level 40 and you have your mount, you can potentially make more money with Alchemy or Enchanting (keep Herbalism). But these two professions will require considerable upfront costs (Enchanting moreso than Alchemy), so it will be a long while until you're making good money (again, moreso Enchanting than Alchemy). Alternatively, make a Level 10 alt and learn Enchanting. Send all your green junk to your Enchanting alt to disenchant (you can disenchant items up to ... level 50ish) with ~100 enchanting. Hoard the mats for your own enchants or sell them. Assuming you're not playing a Paladin or Warlock, you will easily have 100G by Level 40 and should have no great difficulty getting your epic mount when you're Level 60.
  5. Jeddite

    Green Whelp Armor abusing.

    For your next thread, could you cry about Warriors "abusing" the [Spider Belt] on your mage alt?????
  6. Jeddite

    Dotgov Aka Botgov

    Warlock v Warlock and nobody banishes a single demon.
  7. Jeddite

    Double report about players

    Are you seriously complaining about smacking a stealthed Rogue in Booty Bay? Seriously, Cattlefarm? LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULZ
  8. Jeddite

    Finding pick up groups

    If you want to run RFK but don't speak [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [], that can also increase the time investment needed to start a PUG.
  9. Jeddite

    Finding pick up groups

    Curiously, it is easier to find groups when you're playing a tank-warrior and logged in during peak hours than it is to find a group as a rogue during off-hours. Was that answer sufficiently non-empirical?
  10. Jeddite

    demon hunters in vanilal ?

    ~FINALLY~ a suggestion worth implementing on this BLIZZ-LIKE server PLZ POTTU MAKE DEMON HUNTERS A CLASS ON NOSTALRIUSLYSIUM.
  11. It's probably caused by Shaman rolling 'NEED' on [Robes of Arugal].
  12. Jeddite

    Bored, what do you guys do?

    log in, check stuff on the AH, post stuff on the AH, log out That's how I spent my last several weeks in retail when Cataclysm launched. By the time a TBC server arrives, I wonder if I'll still even be interested.
  13. Jeddite

    Keeping the chat clean

    Yeah, I have a suggestion: If you've only been playing for "two days" and you've already had the ignore list filled up, I suggest you find something to do that doesnt involve an internet connection.
  14. Jeddite

    Keeping the chat clean

    It's 2017 and some limps are still crying about Barrens Chat