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  1. Morathe

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    Lets hear it then:P
  2. Morathe

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    I wish:P Thinking Elysium would live same life as they do right now and have that kind of population on their fresh server if it were known to post-Nost community how they would treat their database in the future... now thats wishful thinking.
  3. Morathe

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    Yea practically every wow gamer I know that quit Anathema wanted to go Gummy real hard but after it went down everyone lost every remaining bits of confidence in future for tbc scene, as you said its both due to the poor scripting and now added bonus of being bombed hard by blizzard. Anyway you should already have learned that inheriting a database, core and scripts is one thing but implementing it and running it like OG is completely different thing. I don't have confidence in Elysium being a right hub to host the hype that is, especially now that they have virtually no team, major bugs are there unresolved for months now. I mean whats the point of releasing content patch if it completely wrecks previous content like Silithus... people can't even complete their rep rewards. P;S i spoke about confidence level of players that I know (fairly large crowd) have toward TBC, not about hype. I mean people been hyped about many weird ass things in a past... playtbc.com... ekhem... as history shown hype doesn't make things neither good nor lasting.
  4. Morathe

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    Yea... no that won't happen. Imagine some people rolled on vanilla server because they actually don't like further expansions. TBC is pretty much a raidloggers expansion + some arenas but whatever. There is no world pvp, no bg system to promote organized pvp there, just arenas. But thats even beside the point because its personal pref. Fact worth mentioning is that so many TBC across last 2 years died before they reached even 30% of their timeline that Its hard for me to believe anyone would consider Anathema going TBC any selling factor. TBC atm is like at the bottom of confidence level for potential fresh people.
  5. Morathe

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    Because at that time they still had obligation to Nost staff? If they didn't open Anathema first then its population would boycott the shit out of them in no time.
  6. Morathe

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    Nah man there isn't enough examples to say that this is all there is to the problem. I think majority of the people looked at what happened to Kronos and made decision based on that. I mean you can't really blame them cause we're talking about tens or hundreds days played invested into a char.
  7. Morathe

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    Before inheriting Nostalrius re-launch hype and before being backed up by "entitled refugees" they were the non-existant brand fighting for their lives for years. Shit dude don't cite what you don't understand.
  8. In other words if you want a fix then learn coding, fix it yourself and then still depend on QA not fucking things up. Vanilla 2k17 post Nost legacy right on.
  9. Morathe

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    Vanilla was unique in that manner that even tho Naxx was too hard for majority to clear or even step in you never really needed to be full bis high end geared to actually keep playing the game and remain competitive if you wanted. Thats due to poor class balance, you could pair tier 1 or tier 2 quality rogue vs full naxx warrior, mage, hunter and if rogue was top skilled he would still beat the crap out of them. I feel majority of people that play on vanilla servers today are a bit entitled in a way that if they smell that they won't be able to raid AQ or NAXX and by that fall off from competitive environment they just leave because they refuse to realize that its not lack of best gear that make them bad, its just having poor skill. But thats one group and so far its proven somewhat right. Then you have a second group in which I'm that would like to raid the crap out of Naxx with full dedication because I had no chance to do it on retail, unlike the first group this group realizes that Naxx is ultimate reward for ultimate dedication. Sadly those are not the only factors, Nostalrius shown us how crazy good server can be if community is there. Its hard to stick around on low pop server if you got accustomed to huge world pvps each day 24/7, constant drama, this made things much more interesting than raids or patch content. So NO... don't rationalize by trying to assume people just don't like "hard" because thats not the reason why shit went down here. Server died because many of many reasons mixed together... like poor management, releasing bugged content despite delays and ptr attendance, taking independence in implementing very anti blizz-like custom tweaks despite being advertised as blizz-like. All of this paired with release of a fresh server... thus cutting surplus of fresh players produced that result. Whats killing it even more right now is fact they have like no dev team left, they rely on open source contributors to do the job... thats why herb spawn rate and Silithus is fucked for more than a month now without a fix.
  10. Ait man enjoy the ride while it lasts.
  11. There is a reason why countries gives voting right to populace that reached certain voting age.
  12. Then what are you doing here if the content players don't involve themselves? I thought you were saying all over the place that Anathema is FINE and you're happy with its status. By your logic forums would be flooded by whiners without any1 to oppose them. Yet here you are doing that and by that you invalidate your own argument. Unless you are actually not content and its just your day job to fight what you consider trolls on forums and attempt to overwhelm them by your erudition and ability to copy irrelevant wiki links... in that case suit yourself fella. I guess none of us is free of insecurities eh?
  13. Not really but even if so then we can also determine how many people are against the merge purely by estimating how many people speak against it in those same topics... its gonna be you, toradh... give it a factor of 10 for silent agreement and it nets you about 20 players. Bitch please.. don't use arguments that can bite your own ass. You ruin the facade of intelligence you've been so busy building all over the place.
  14. Honestly even despite Anathema is dying for population right now its only reasonable to advice you to roll on Elysium. The way things are and the way management acts doesn't bid well for Anathema. So I'll say this... welcome on board if you wish but I won't say its not a risk at this point.
  15. Morathe

    How to save Anathema

    I've been pulling 15 hour a day when I grinded rank :P I contributed this way to help show a server as a place for dedicated hardcore vanilla players. Anyway I get it... all that control needed... it takes time to run an oppressive, controlled environment, with 800 people idling in capital cities. P.S Meeeerge it already. Everyone knows its the only way to save this brand by having one community that don't fight each other yet you still insist on showing your PhD on bullshit.