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  1. You should value growth and playerbase over this PVP/PVE discussion. Just merge Anathema and Darrow at some point.
  2. Agrillos

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    Would be nice if you could keep the AQ/BWL BiS gears in some kind of 'Spoiler' tab.
  3. We only got one of those, also lacking Garr bindings..
  4. Agrillos

    Ironfoe Testing

    It is live since noon - tested it a few hours ago. :) One quick question, if you would use a macro that cancel's the aura (dwarfish) wouldn't that also delete the 2 additional swings on the next swing? I mean, I like the procs, but they can be a bit.. annoying when you're in a random group 5man.
  5. Hello, Since I cannot take part in my guilds main-raid this week, I will be hosting a MC PuG on saturday afternoon. To save a spot, you can either send me a message or post into this thread. Date: 12th August Search and Invite: 15:00 Server Time Loot Rules: Reserve* one Item, rest is MS > OS. (*If multiple people reserved one particular Item, they will roll for it) (Recipes and Bindings locked) We will be able to explain Bosses to you, but advise you to install Bossmods, KLH Threat Meter. Use of consumables is appreciated. See you on Saturday! Agrillos from Against All Odds
  6. Agrillos

    Alternative to defense cap?

    +15 Agility on Gloves is better than +3 Defense.
  7. Agrillos

    to cleave or not to cleave

    If you got a high amount of crit (with world buffs f.e.) you'll apply deep wounds on multiple mobs which also helps. When you run into zul gurub and are tanking most of the stuff alone and have impale+world buff's you'll be able to spam cleave and make unreal amounts of threat on the mobs. Specific gearing also helps. If you got enough rage it can also help on pulls to hit both mobs (more than one) initially, which kind of save's you a gcd/autohit-wait to build threat on the second mob. Cleave definately isn't useless, but it's effectivity depends on your spec/gearing/buffs.
  8. Agrillos

    Development Update 19.07.2017

    Sunder Armor doesn't trigger procs. Bloodthirst and Execute seem to work now though. :/ (At least Omgdontdie is pretty certain they do, see the Ironfoe testing thread on warrior forums.)
  9. Agrillos

    Ironfoe Testing

    Confirmed. It doesn't proc on Sunder Armor. -.- Maybe the next dev update in another 2 months will finally fix this.
  10. Agrillos

    [A] Darrowshire - Against All Odds

    PUSH Edit: Close Pls.
  11. Wut? We had like 10-20 Band of Dark Dominion. Still 0 CTS, Vis'kag since relaunch tho.
  12. Thats actually not allowed, as far as I know.
  13. Agrillos

    Maladath, Runed Tank Sword of the Black Flight?

    Especially as a human tank it is NOT worth it. The basic +5 + 6% hit from gear is the better option, the only abilities that might miss are shield slam and revenge, on alliance it's usually not worth to exceed these values. You could wear maladath as a human when you got almost no hit for more white hit's, but as I said, better get accuria/don julio's/satyr's/t1 hands/wristguards to be covered for both yellow & white hits etc. Better options would be: Thunderfury > Ironfoe > Crul As a human you should leave crul for the other tanks and get if/tf, if you can't get one of those weapons you could use quel/razor-mace/mandokir's. I think that crul might outperform at least quel/razor and definately mandokir's (even as a human). But please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Agrillos

    You are not prepared

    I highly doubt that. Only with massive misfortune on some key-items.