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  1. Helzing

    Alexensual banned yet?

    I knew he was a fucking idiot from the day he banned me from his twitch stream for having a different opinion on PlayTBC launch.
  2. Helzing

    Alexensual banned yet?

    I would like to know. What announcement?
  3. Helzing

    Alexsensual's new video about Elysium.

    Whatever you say edgelord.
  4. Helzing

    Alexsensual's new video about Elysium.

    This is GD boy, I think posts like these are allowed.
  5. Helzing

    Alexsensual's new video about Elysium.

    This guy is kind of like that awkward friend of yours that started lifting, and became an asshole.
  6. Helzing

    Oldschool WoW Rage Memory Lane

    Lmao, this is fucking gold keep them coming Trumpnado.
  7. Walking through the forest is overrated be like me, and walk on the road and past the zeppelin tower. #zerofucksgiven
  8. Helzing

    Zeth'Kur wants you!

    Is it really that good? Do you think Zeth will retain its population in the future?
  9. Sup, y'all I am planning on rolling Darrowshire PVE Horde side, now as the title says, just how active is Orgrimmar chat and horde overall? Are there alot of raids/pugs, how fast are bg queues? I assume the bg queue is long for allies, can anyone confirm? Thanks!
  10. Helzing

    Chinese problem solved

    Implying only US players buy gold lmfao.
  11. Helzing

    No boss loot in Dungeons

    It's supposed to be like that, I believe.
  12. Helzing

    Chinese problem solved

    The joy of communism, right guys?
  13. Ofc, gz on 2180th post! That's a pretty entertaining video, Ming looks like a skilled player still I see red messages spam which I don't mind I just don't get the hate for Surprise's red messages.
  14. I love the fact that you mostly gank edgy UD kids, gj. Gz on 1000th post.
  15. @buttseks I feel your pain boi, shit happens to me so bad that I started to consider suicide, I just quit and I'm debating if I should move to a server with a lower population like darrowshire or zeth'kur as for the faction imbalance ya I agree we shall see the long term consequences in the future.